There are few things better than an amazing weekend – right? Well mine was just that! I got to see some of my favorite people, I got in some great workouts and I ate lots of delicious food.

Friday was spent carving pumpkins and cooking up a healthy dinner with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. T’was cute – see below for proof.


Red quinoa stir fry with red peppers, onions, egg, mushrooms, sugar snap peas and cheese. We roasted green beans on the side – oh and the meat eaters grilled out meat and their plates were much more colorful than mine. 🙂






The final goods. They are all so cute!

Saturday morning was a slow one – and I enjoyed sleeping in only to wake up in time for a Swedish massage! Rebekah and I ventured out to a spa for an hour and enjoyed every moment of it. Next time, though, I’ll be getting deep tissue. Ain’t nobody got time for anything other than some deep muscle massaging.

Afterward, I was feeling ready to knock out my long run so that I could enjoy my day on Sunday. Let me just say this – I didn’t enjoy it. At first, it was all groovy and exciting but after the first 6 miles and the sun went down, I was over it. At least it was pretty.


photo (2)

I was thrilled as soon as it was over and my runner’s high was non existent. BUT, there will be runs like this and I was still very happy that I got it done when I had the time. And, plus, it justified this behavior:

photo (4)


And in that exact order is how those were consumed. Sweet things are priority, folks.

Yesterday was exactly what every Sunday should be – a day of relaxation and fun. 🙂 I got in a great 2,100 yards at the pool (which felt AMAZING) and then had a date night with my man.


We had a big ol’ dinner and then went and saw the Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra. Super adorable.

What’d you do this weekend? Races? 🙂

What do you crave first after a run? Sleep or FOOOOOD? I love food, first. 🙂

Have you carved pumpkins this season yet? That shizzz is so hard!


21 thoughts on “Wonderful

  1. I never carve pumpkins because you said it: that shizzz is so hard. But you guys are so cute with your fall activities and the final products look so gewddd. i’ve said it once i’ll say it nine thousand more times but you creatures and your men are adorable.

  2. We were supposed to carve pumpkins this weekend, but didn’t get around to it. Instead, I made pumpkin puree from a fresh pumpkin. Love your healthy dinner and I want a piece of that cake and pizza…yum!

  3. THE FOOD! All the pizza and cake in the world makes me a happy girl. I’m glad you had such a great weekend! I want to carve pumpkins. It’s been years since I did it but my roommate and I haven’t been home in weeks so it just never worked out. maybe next year… Also, swimming! Better you than me 😉

  4. Um Yum to all that food! And I 100% support your decision to eat cake then pizza. That is how I would do it. I always crave food after my workouts, then after I have a full belly, I crave sleep haha I’m like a bear. I have yet to carve the pumpkin that is sitting out still…..Taylor and I were going to carve it this weekend, but time just didn’t permit us to (we share a pumpkin because he would end up carving mine too because I’m not a fan of doing it but I like it once it’s done haha). So probably the next time he comes down, which will be in November, nothing like carving a pumpkin in the wrong month haha :D.

  5. First, let me say that I made red quinoa yesterday too! I go through phases with quinoa and I guess this week will be a quinoa week…I often have runs that I am happy at the end yet am missing the runner’s high. I wonder why it happens sometimes and sometimes not? Either way, I look forward to eating right after!

  6. Your pumpkins look awesome! I, for one, totally fail at carving pumpkins. As you said, that shizz is hard — mine wind up looking all lopsided and totally messed up, so I’ve decided that painting them is the way to go from now on. THAT I can do. 🙂

    It sounds like you had a marvelous weekend indeed — and now, happy Monday!

  7. You guys are too cute! Carving pumpkins and being all seasonly festive- you put Kyle and I to shame ;). Ohhh lordy lord could I use a massage right now. Actually, your entire weekend sounds pretty ideal to me… other than running. My stamina is in the poophole right now!!

    Happy Monday girlie!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend! I decided to not carve a pumpkin this year after many years of getting frustrated half way through the process. Seriously, its hard. My weekend was full of tailgating and so much food. It was glorious 🙂

  9. Here’s my order: food-sweet, food-savory, sleep. Glad we’re on the same page with this! And I’m obsessed with the fact that you and Beks basically got a couples massage together. I was looking into getting a couples massage for the bf and I a few months back and one that I came across offered a live harpist in the massage room. I think we should do that together…lol!

  10. Bahaha I ALWAYS eat cake BEFORE my pizza. It’s a must, and yes food comes first after a run. At times I need to wait a bit to have my body calm down though. As you know from my last few weeks of running I had some shitty runs and then my half was KILLER. Next week I see lots of runners high moments for you!! What a fabulous weekend!

  11. I am seriously the worst pumpkin carver ever. Last night my boyfriend (who is an artist BTW) told me I had to draw the face.. I swear it was all for his amusement. Well, my face turned out to be a snowman.. you know, big carrot nose and all. I didn’t even realize it until I was done! I’m soo awful. Grant then told control and it turned out lovely!

  12. funnnn! all of it just sounds so fun!! also my brain is no longer functioning because my new job took up all my brain power today so i can really only think and type in one word intervals and like, noises. like that “funnnn” was first “yeeee” but then i realized thats not even an internet word and i had to pull my shit together. ok im done taking up space with my nonsense. i LOVE THOSE PUMPKINS!!

  13. Wowwww this is seriously my idea of a perfect weekend! I am not celebrating Halloween this year 😦 because one again, I am living in a place that doesn’t recognize it! But I’m not a pumpkin carver anyway… I just like the costumes and candy 🙂

  14. You two and your pumpkins are so.darn.cute. And I would have gone headfirst into cake after that long-run too! I am loving your pink-black houndstooth on your date night!! Is that a scarf? or sweater? whatever it is, I LOVE IT!!

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