They’re NEWWWWW!

The day of all the days… FRIDAY!

I’m super pumped today because I have some fun things planned for the weekend – pumpkin carving, a massage, and a date night! I can’t wait. 🙂

My plan for this weekend’s long run is roughly 13 miles (though knowing me, I’ll go that extra .1 to say it was a half marathon) and I’m especially excited because I got a new pair of shoes!


I got these a few weeks ago knowing my old Adidas Boosts were almost done for – and after this past weekend’s 18 miler, I knew it was time to retire them. My knees started killing me (and that’s not a typical ailment of mine unless my shoes are done for). May they rest in peace – they carried me through my first marathon back in March and I know this second pair will get me through my next. Yipee.


They are literally the exact same shoe but in a different color. I’m thrilled! And last night’s run was proof that I needed a new pair! Granted, it was just four miles and not 18, but still, everything started feeling back to normal. Also I took a rest day yesterday. By rest day, I mean I worked (sat in a desk chair all day), napped and watched TV. So yeah, a rest day it was.


And as I discussed on my IG picture last night, new shoes = faster pace. Every time I have a new pair I run fast. Funny how that works, right? 🙂 It was also frigid for the first time in a while this year so I whipped out my trusty ear/head/whatever band. Cute. I need to buy more of things like this.


Last night’s lovely and much needed run was followed by a trip to the store to purchase pumpkins for tonight’s carving but I was totally sidetracked by these:


You’re darn right I bought them. They.Are.So.Good.

Do you think you go faster with a new pair of running shoes?

What is your favorite cold running gear?

What brand of shoes do you run with? Isn’t it amazing how many different kinds are out there? It’s like there’s a shoe for EVERYONE! 🙂 And Sarah, I don’t know how you work surrounded in all of the wonderfulness that is NEW RUNNING SHOES!! I’d have no paycheck. 🙂 But I see that yours goes to races! 🙂 I don’t blame you!!


P.S. Have a fabulous weekend. It’s an order from this girl.

22 thoughts on “They’re NEWWWWW!

  1. I LOVE the new color… very lovely!! I love that they are ALL blue. Amazingness. Also have a great ‘half marathon’ this weekend! 🙂 And I’m also an Adidas girl. I’ve ALWAYS run in them… they are the only brand that doesn’t make my feet fall asleep when I run. Right now I use Adidas Bostons. Oh what a lovely name!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I freakin love your shoes and your purple capris!! At least you had your shoes already, I usually wait until I ache all over, then I’m too lazy to go get new ones haha I usually end up with a minor/soreness injury as the result that won’t go away for a while! Yum!! You must tell us how those M&M’s are! I’ve been dying to know, but too afraid to try them because I don’t think I’ll like them haha. Enjoy your weekend girl 🙂

  3. yay for new shoes!! i always do better in new shoes, they just make my feet happy, and then anything is possible 🙂 and omg candy corn m&m’s- what kind of sorcery is this? must. try. them. and i love your cold weather gear!

  4. ASICS are my go-to runners. Salomon for trail shoes. I have flat, square fred flintsone feet and asics are the only shoes that fit my retarded feet.

    as for cold weather gear, i don’t run in temps under 5C but I do wear my Buffs head cover, UA coldgear baselayer and my new asics gloves!!!!

  5. Right now I am loving Asics but with me, that could change in a heart beat. If they redesign my model, it is often back to square one. It was freezing on my run this morning so the scarf and gloves came out for the season.

  6. YES- those candy corn m&ms sooooo freaking good!! Yay for new shoes- I’ve had the same pair for years- but I don’t run lol Have a good weekend love!!

  7. I’m waiting til Christmas to get some new sneakers. I love yours! They’re motivating me to start looking for the ones I’ll be putting on my Christmas list 😉 Love those M&Ms too.. they don’t last long in my apartment haha. Have a great weekend, girl!

  8. Love your shoes! Im craving a new pair of Nano’s but I just got my other pair a few months ago so the husband is not really on board with it. Maybe I’ll get some for xmass. New sneakers are the best! 🙂

  9. They make WHITE CHOCOLATE m&m’s?! Holy lord I am in love. I am not a huge regular chocolate fan, but the white fake chocolate has a near and dear spot in my heart of hearts. Yay for new running shoes! I need a new pair too and I kind of want to re-buy my current Asics but in a snazzier color. Another reason we are twins. And looking at your Instagram photo last night I immediately thought you looked ADORABLE in that headband ear covering ma-jig. I want one. So athletic/sporty looking. I’m sure Lulu makes them and charges the soul of a small child for them. I will have to find an affordable option 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! Text me photos of your carved punkins! I’m needy and want to be involved lol ❤

  10. Oh my gosh you look so cute in that ear warmer! Isn’t it funny how new clothes/gear can give you that extra boost? I find even new workout clothes put me in such a good mood I usually do way better than normal! I love running in the OLD Brooks Pure Connect 2.0s. It was a dark time when they stopped making them. Now i have to search ebay for a pair if I need new ones. I also like Adidas Adizeros for shorter runs.
    I have to say, those M&Ms sound like they could either be really good, or really overly sweet and gross. I may have to buy some just to see….. Good luck on your run! Kill it! 🙂

  11. I had a feeling you were talking about running shoes when I saw the NEWWWWW! 🙂 I love that color! I would definitely say they helped you run faster! You look adorable in your cold weather running gear too.

    I run with Nikes but I honestly don’t like them all that much.

    Have a good weekend girly!

  12. Yea….. about those running shoes. I may have bought myself a pair yesterday. And compression socks today. And now I’m eyeing one of those garmin 10s. It was only a matter of time before i BUY ALL THE THINGS! I love getting new shoes though. They totally have powers to make us run fast 🙂

    Oh, and I would do the 0.1 extra to make it a half too. It must be part of the crazy runner brain 😉

  13. I’m a sucker for anything with thumbholes…and even though I’m not running my daily uniform is running leggings lined with fleece and my favourite roots sweatshirt with thumbholes. Could I be any more canadian?!?!

    You and beks were in my dream last night. We were eating pancakes with fruit loops in them and it was awesome. Wish I didn’t wake up!

  14. I’m hoping I run faster with new shoes! I am just going to tell myself that I do and that should work right? Also, I must buy those M&M’s ASAP. I haven’t even seen them. There will be a bag in my hand tomorrow after a nice run. Good luck on your 13.1!

  15. Yay to new running shoes!! I got new ones last weekend! I haven’t tried the candy corn m&m’s. I have tried the pumpkin spice ones, but I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t really taste the difference from the original m&m’s. Oh well, I am over it! 🙂
    How funny! I have 2 of your 3 things planned for this weekend, the pumpkin carving and my first massage in over ONE YEAR! I can’t believe it has been that long. Enjoy your weekend!!

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