Don’t Ever Do That To Me Again.

What the heck. You guys can’t just take over a week off from blogging and not tell me about it. Seriously, un-cool.


Ok, ok, I apologize, it was me, not you! 🙂

I mean, does anyone remember who I am at this point? If not, totally okay. I would forget me too.

Before I delve into a few snapshots from the past week and a half, I have to make a few shout outs:

LINDSEY a SUPER congratulations on running your first marathon! I can imagine how troubling everything was for you and after reading your recap – I know you pushed through and I know you did a phenomenal job. I’m so happy for you for doing it!

NATALIE another SUPER congratulations on running your first marathon! I know you’ve worked SOOOOO stinking hard at it and it 100% paid off – your time was amazing and you sound like you’re doing just fine. Any chance you’ll run another any time soon? Haha! 🙂

ERIN your spaghetti squash bake is on the menu for tonight. I saw it while I was in Vegas last week and I had to wipe the drool from my workspace in front of my coworkers. They’re aware of my slob like behavior so this was no shock to them.

I’ve gotten in two long runs since we last saw each other, one was 16 miles before I went out of town and yesterday it was 18 miles. Pretty awesome. My marathon is quickly approaching and I am quickly getting prepared. Woo hoo.


I went to Las Vegas. Don’t get too excited for me – it was for work and was therefore treated as such. I didn’t get much time to gamble or have fun, or even workout. 😦


The Bellagio is such a nice hotel and they have such beautiful decorations. And fountains, of course.



But it wasn’t until Kristina  mentioned on IG that I should stop by and see this… The world’s largest chocolate fountain! That is when this hotel became my favorite ever.


Amazing. My reaction to this further solidified my boss’s belief that I am a candy-a-holic. No shame.

I’m still trying to play a bit of catch up – traveling for work is insane, I don’t know how you do it so much, Sara! Though, I suppose – Maui is Maui. 🙂

I missed a lot of working out and ate a lot of crap food, and I can certainly feel it! I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine this week! Bring on the monotony, people!

Have you been to Las Vegas?

What’s been going on for you?

Did you miss me or are you completely over me?


23 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Do That To Me Again.

  1. Glad you had a nice to Vegas!! Though sad you couldn’t have more fun! 😦 Happy you’re back :)!! Enjoy getting back into routine this week, I find after a week of craziness eating/working out I really love getting back in the swing of things!

  2. Aww thank you for the shout out!! I feel like a celebrity!! Of course I missed you! I kept checking your blog every couple days to make sure I wasn’t missing a post (sometimes my wordpress feed doesn’t show the most current posts)! I have been to Vegas (it’s only 3 1/2 hr drive from us)! We always go to see Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up!!

  3. I misssssssssed you!!!!!! But do you REALLY have to tempt me with the vegas chocolate fountain? I mean, come on! That’s a dream come true for me! I’ve been looking for a reason to go and I think you just gave me one 😉 Yay for getting those long runs in and I CANNOT WAIT to see you rock your marathon. For real. But I’m so glad you’re back so I can stalk your life again 🙂

    when you abandoned me, it gave me the mega sads because i went on my feedly and your blog was not updated and my blog boner was all limp and shit.

    but then i remembered that you went to vegas and i was like, that ho went to vegas! and didn’t even invite me! and then i thought: but rebekah – where is she? she ain’t in vegas so she has no business ignoring this blog and not posting or giving me blogger limp dick and began refreshign your page like, every 5 minutes.

    [ps i love you both!!! don’t ever leave like that ok? thanks]

  5. I missed you! I love Vegas. Every time I go I feel like I’m a little kid….that gets free booze and plays blackjack. And I agree that the Bellagio is gorgeous. I could live in their atrium.

  6. Of course we didn’t forget about you! It’s a good thing you have IG or I might have been worried though. 🙂

    Great job on those long runs. Holy smokes, I can’t even imagine. You’re going to work that marathon.

  7. Wait, who are you and why am I getting your blog in my feed? 😉
    Vegas looks beautiful! Glad you could manage the long runs and the marathon should be fantastic!

  8. I thought you went for pleasure! Although a paid-for business trip does not sound too shabby either. 😉 Of couurse I missed you. I checked in periodically and like Sarah mentioned, got a little worried if it wasn’t for Insta.

  9. I’ve missed you! Welcome home 😉 Thanks for the shout out! I definitely want to do another one, but I’m thinking I can do every other year, so not until post-wedding in 2015. Maybe we can do one together?!?! So glad you had a good week and that you are back to brighten my days!

  10. I missed you! I love hearing all about your running adventures and can’t wait to keep reading! 🙂
    Your Vegas pictures are awesome, and now I want to go even more!

  11. Ohmygoodness I had NO idea that the world’s largest chocolate fountain was at the Bellagio. I’ll be there in March and you better believe I’ll be walking my happy self across the street and pretending like I’m in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. #childhooddream

    Traveling for work is HARD! Some trips I get ti workout (like this one) and some I don’t for 10 days. I just get through the best I can and then kick it into high gear when I get home. MISSSS YOU!

  12. We missed you!!! And will never forget you!!! I love Vegas and go there waaaay too much because it’s only a 4 hour drive from LA. I have a few girlfriends that I take annual Vegas trips with too. And I may be going there in Nov for the third time this year! Eeeek… I think I am starting to get a reputation! What are you gunna do!

  13. I’m so glad you stopped by the chocolate shop!!! I found it while at the Bellagio for a work event. I walked by with a coworker, saw liquid ribbons of gold flowing from the heavens, and promptly put that conversation on pause to take more pictures than a Japanese tourist. Glad you got to have a little fun on your work trip! Eating crap is a given in Vegas, and walking those casino’s is a workout in itself, but I hope you’ve gotten back into your groove, lady!! xo

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