Running is Fun.

Happy Tuesday you guys! Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday with a recap of my fabulous half; I was so tired! Friday and Saturday were spent hanging out and eating – see below! 🙂



A beautiful day with the pup and my man and his friends after a morning swim! I bought a kickboard and a pull buoy and wow, my shoulders were absolutely feeling that upper body work out! I can’t believe I used to swim like this all the time! I used to be super strong, apparently.



Commence – non traditional carb loading! Not all of this was ours, but the sushi chef saw me taking pictures and invited me to capture all of his sushi artwork! 🙂





He also gave us a ton of free sushi! I can’t believe that one year ago I HATED sushi and now, it’s like, a super craving.

Sunday morning was a bright and early wake up call at 5 am and my sweet boyfriend was up with me! I briefly warmed up with some jumping jacks.


I was hoping for a PR in this race but I didn’t achieve that, by about a minute! I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t beat my previous time but in comparison, this course had a 1,500 foot elevation gain and the race where I PR’ed had like, 400. I’m okay with a one minute gain in time!

And you know what else? Aside from the sprint at the very end (because DUH) knocking the wind out of me, I felt phenomenal. It wasn’t super easy, of course, but I felt strong. I finally feel like running isn’t as challenging as it used to be. Exactly one year ago I ran my first ever half and I had to walk almost the entire second half. This year, I did indeed walk a few times, but I have improved significantly. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll get a sub 2, like the beautiful Sara did! WOO HOO! She PR’ed AND did the highly sought after sub 2 time! I was so happy for her!



The rolling hills were actually kind of fun, and I wish I was better prepared for them! Next time, Allstate, next time! I ended up at 2:07:50 which is an average of 9:45. Also, my Garmin somehow got paused during the race which was a bummer because I kinda love looking through my splits. 😦

To all of you fabulous people who left sweet comments on my IG, thank you! I was all smiles after looking at all the support.

It’s back to the grind this week! I have a long run scheduled on Friday morning and then I’m off to VEGAS BABY on Saturday morning!! Good thing I’m not a gambler… 🙂

Also, life long goal will be achieved: RUN ALONG THE STRIP! YES! And also, all weekend, think about NATALIE running her first marathon!

How was your weekend?

Did you race or go for a great run or workout?

How much did you hate/enjoy my sushi pictures? Haha! Don’t hate me, Chelsea!


25 thoughts on “Running is Fun.

  1. No No I loved the pictures!! I love how sushi is so pretty with all the colors, I just don’t like the smell haha :). Hey I still think you did amazing!!! It shows that you’re improving!! Think about a year ago, had you done this course, your time probably would have been slower, but this year, it was only a minute off from a PR, that’s fantastic!!!! I’m sure by next year you’ll get that sub 2, oh an hey, you can do speedwork with me now 😉

  2. Thank you for the shout out!!! You rocked your half and will definitely get a sub two soon. Hills are a bitch and you ladies beasted them. Have such a good time in Vegas!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You did amazing! Isn’t it fun to look back and realize how far we have come in a year in terms of our running ability? I noticed the same thing about myself – major progress in the last year. Race or no race – progress is quite an accomplishment.

  4. Ahhh take lots of pictures of running along the strip! That’s so awesome. That’s so nice of the chef to let you take pictures of his sushi. And that you got free sushi…free food is fantastic, but there’s very little that can beat free sushi. And huge congrats on your half–even though you didn’t PR, you still got a fantastic time and the most important thing is that you had fun!

  5. congrats!!! you did great. you’re great. i’m proud. and blah i want to go to vegas. see you there? i wish. i feel like your man is always repping titleist and i just want to give him a nod for his devotion to the brand consideringggg i am currently stuck scowling in a 9 hour meeting about customer loyalty. fml. bye the VP is looking at me weird.

    • hahahahha Caitlyn your comment made me crack up and I’m sitting on the chemistry floor and getting weird looks too. Blogger problems.

  6. Wooooo I’m glad you had a great weekend and a great race even without a PR. I’m learning it’s about the experiences, not the times (or trying, at least!). Also, TAKE A THOUSAND AND A HALF PICTURES IN VEGAS! I’ve been wanting to go there for forever so I’ll just live vicariously through your experience until I get to go see it for myself 🙂

  7. WOW awesome. You inspire me 🙂 Congrats on another wonderful half, Meggy bear! FREE SUSHI is essentially my life goal/dream come true. And it’s cool that the chef wanted to show off his sushi skills and let you take photos of everything. I wish all restaurants were super cool like that. I’m going to keep this comment short and sweet as I am currently losing my mind (I’ll text you) but I can’t end without saying how much I LOVVVVVE you 🙂 It’s a lot. Happy Not Monday! ❤

  8. AHH I am getting pumped for my half this weekend, but I am SO’s going to be SO hilly..which worries me for a PR..I am not going to plan for one. HA! Awesome job, your time is amazing!

  9. Congrats girl! That’s awesome! that is a large elevation game, that does not sound like fun! Way to rock it! Have fun in Vegas!!! Are you going there just for fun? You definitely need some vegas fun now and then…

    • Haha, I’d like to act like I’m cool enough to get my ass there for fun but it’s a work trip. Should still be fun though, because, Vegas. 🙂

  10. Yay yay yay! Thank you so much for asking me to run this sucker with you. F those hills, for real. Right at mile 11 I was over it big time but they just.kept.coming. You did awesome sweet lady! We’re going to kick the Publix Half in the ass together and I can’t freaking wait!

    Have so much fun in LV! I’m there a lot for work so if you need any restaurant/show recommendations definitely let me know!

    Also – Ben really liked Nadir a lot :). Oh – and how the hell do I figure out how to see my splits on my watch?

  11. You + the man + the pup= most adorable family ever.
    Listen to all of your swimming talk is making me want to get in the water!
    You did great on your half. I think a 9:45 pace is pretty freakin’ awesome. I couldn’t do it.
    Have a blast in Vegas!! And take lots of pics to share with us. 😉

  12. I think found your calling as a sushi photographer! Quit you job! I’ll do your PR 😉

    Congrats on the AMAZEBALLS race lovely. You are are actually amazing. I hope you thought of me since I’ve been running vicariously through you!

    Thought you should know I’m going swimming tomorrow. I won’t pretend that I’m not terrified of drowning (subconscious fear from when I actually drowned when I was 2 EEK) but in no time we’re gonna be flutter kicking together!
    Have the best time in Vegas!!! Get into way too much trouble and keep us posted on it on IG. Also hashtag the shit out of your pictures because promoters stalk IG and find you to offer you free access to some awesome places. Sounds creepy but I’m a sucker for free stuff. Please don’t do anything sketchy though…

  13. congrats!! thats an awesome action shot of the jumping jacks- seriously- you could have told me you just learned how to fly in that moment, and i would have believed it 🙂 also CON-FREAKING-GRATS girl!! a half marathon is so amazing!! you guys are my inspiration- you’re amazing! and nice sushi photograpy!!

  14. Great job on your Half!! So happy for you! I actually went on a 2 mile run yesterday (1st time in 9 days) and I had no knee pain or anything, so I was very happy about my run! You will have so much fun in Vegas! You will be only 3 hrs away from me!! Whenever I’m in Vegas I always have to run along the strip. Make sure to get out there early before all the crazy drunk people start coming out!

  15. Homegirl, you have WAY too much energy for 5 am!!! I’m late to the party, but CONGRATS on your half! I cannot believe you ran 1500 feet of elevation after training on flat terrain. I stressed, trained, and overscritinized the course I ran with a 1000 foot gain. I was prepared for it and I still suffered through it. You are seriously such a badass. Let’s not ever run together cause you would smoke me!
    Hope you have fun in Vegas this weekend!!!! You deserve to relax and let loose after dominating your race!!

  16. YAYAYAYA congratulations on a wonderful race! That’s an awesome pace and you’ll definitely get that PR next time 🙂

    Have a wonderful time in Las Vegas! I’m not a gambler either, but I’d love to visit and see the amazing hotels and watch some really fun shows. Plus, I loooove that dry desert heat!

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