It’s glorious that it’s finally Friday! Can I hear a TGIF from all you beautiful people?

I have a half marathon this weekend on Sunday morning and I am READY to conquer it! I am much more prepared for this than I was for my last half. 🙂 That’s a pleasant feeling and last night just confirmed that confident feeling.


It felt great to run, especially after two days of other kinds of workouts! I am INCREDIBLY sore (as in, limping, can barely move after sitting at a desk all day) and this run was just what my legs needed. I took one month off from circuits and other strength moves and my body is screaming NO as a reminder to never do that again. The pup needed some exercise too, so he was happy to accompany me. Although, I’m not sure this did him in – he came home ready to continue to play.


Um, no thanks pal, I’ve got to stretch and eat, but thanks. 🙂 Speaking of eating, my boyfriend made me a delicious and healthy dinner last night!


Three eggs omelet style with nothing in them topped with avocado and then a side of zucchini and onions sautéed up to taste like heaven. Simple, but delish. 🙂



Indeed it does. I can’t wait to enjoy it first thing Sunday morning, even if it is in the forecast to rain and storm all day. I hope you guys all have a fabulously wonderful weekend and if you’re also racing, cheers and good luck!

Do you have any questions for me? If they aren’t too scandalous, I’ll answer them in my responses. 🙂 Ask me whatever!


31 thoughts on “Glorious

  1. Question 1: Can we get married? Would Nadir mind?
    Question 2: Was question 1 too creepy?
    Question 3: What are you wearing? 😉
    Statement 1: don’t answer question 3 I was consciously TRYING to be creepy. As if I need to try.
    Question 4: Will you come visit me so we can play and shop and eat sushi? (bring Rebekah)

    Good luck on your half!!! You totally don’t need luck though because you are a running machine and I look up to your running skills 🙂 I pushed out 2 miles last night and was completely happy with it lol. Okay, you’re pretty! Happy Friday 🙂

    • 1. yes, we can get married, but not in the backwards state of GA. I shall move to you.
      2. The obvious answer, no freaking way! Never!
      3. I am wearing ugly work clothes that would impress nobody and offend everybody at the same time.
      Statement 1: Stop with you humor girl!! You’re going to have to try harder, I haven’t pegged you as a creep blogger yet << YET…. Hm. Work harder, do better.
      4. I know, we really need to do that. Flights aren't even that pricey.. We shall work on this for next year!

      Thank you my Lesleeeeeeee love! Good job with your 2 miles!!! Ah! 🙂 Did you see that IIG image Jim tagged us in? LOL!

  2. TGIF! I’m sooooooo excited for your half this weekend!! That’s odd that it’s suppose to be rainy, over here it’s suppose to be 90 degress….no comment……And Hooray for that 10K!! And a great pace?? You’re going to kill at that half ;). Ugh I’m so bad at coming up with questions on the spot…I’ll get back to you on that one.

    • LOL! Thanks girl. I’m hoping so, but it’s supposed to be torrential downpour on Sunday morning, UGH! I just can’t win lately, but we’ll see.
      The big one on my leg is a memorial tattoo of a tree with the person’s initials in the roots. That’s my proudest/biggest/most expensive. The one on my hip/stomach is SEATTLE and it has mt ranier in the background. There are three stars below it that represent my mom, my sister and me because we came to GA together from Seattle. The one on my ribs is just a little flower and I have a few other little ones that are meaningless – some hearts and the word LOVE on my back somewhere. Haaa. I believe I have 7 total. 🙂

  3. Question 1: Do you have a private jet that I can use to get to the finish line to cheer you and Sara on?!?! Question 2: When are you two coming to visit me, so we can stop being blog friends and start being “real life” friends? Question 3: Is your mind prepared for how hugely you are going to ROCK this half marathon?!?!?!

    Have a wonderful 2 days of carb loading and relaxing!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haha!!
      1. If I did, duh, I would have already flown to you and gone running with you!! So sadly, no. 😦
      2. I KNOWWWWWWWWWW You’re on my list of people I want to meet IRL! Also, I think if I wait it out long enough, you’ll just come see Sara and I’ll mooch on to that experience!
      3. LOL is your mind prepared for how hugely you’re going to rock YOUR FULL next weekend?!?! I am getting so excited for you!!!! But thanks girly. Wish you could be cheering us on. No, I don’t, I wish you were running it so you could pace us! LOL!

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  5. Ahhh it better not f*cking rain on us this weekend! Oh well – we’ll have a great time no matter what. See you Sunday sweet lady!

    Breakfast for dinner is my fav and we have it at least once a week. It’s cheap and easy and I like that :).

    Question: Favorite bar in Atlanta?

    • Like I said last night, I’m using this as an excuse to shop! Yipeeee new rain running clothing! Now the choice becomes cheap TJMaxx or nice Lulu things? HM, life is hard. 🙂 I agree with breakfast for dinner, it always hits the spot!

      Ahhh, this is tough! I really like Fado because it’s walking distance and I love the rooftop patio view of the construction…LOL! Have you been to Sister Louisa’s yet? ahhh not my favorite, at all, ha! 🙂

  6. I have been slacking on my runs lately but you’re motivating me to get out there asap! That and my 10k is two weeks away.
    Brinner is always so good. I wish I could get Brandon to eat it but he refuses. He’s such a turd.

    I wish I was there to cheer you girls on! 🙂

  7. I love that ecard! so funny. So excited for your race tomorrow! The weather has been perfect lately, so I hope it stays that way for you guys! I hate it when I take a break from circuit training because it literally feels like I have lost all my endurance and stamina when I start back, but luckily it doesn’t take as long to get your body back to it’s previous state of fitness as it did in the beginning. Good luck tomorrow, pretty lady!

  8. TGIF Yo! Good luck this weekend!!! Wahoooo

    My question: What do you wear to bed? I think this says a lot about someone. I wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks and always end up naked in the morning…I’ve never once remembered stripping. One of my many talents…

    • LOL thanks girly! TGIF x 1 million and five!
      Ahhh a bedroom question! My favorite kind. 🙂
      I wear undies and a tee but if it’s cold, i wear all those clothes you say you wear. Unlike you, however, I wake up still in my clothing. I think what you have is called night stripping!
      Don’t ever fall asleep in a strip club! LOL!!! You are wonderfully talented indeed, have a marvelous weekend!

  9. You are going to KILL IT! I have nothing to say but the fact that I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to like your finishing picture on Instagram. 🙂

  10. TGIF (well, now, Saturday) is an understatement!!! Happy Weekend! Your dinner looks de-friggin-licious! And the fact that you didn’t have to cook it makes it even better. Good man! You’ve got a keeper 🙂

    Ok, my turn on questions –
    How did the Senator get his name? I’m all for unique dog names, as you know.
    What new songs have you added to your half marathon playlist? You are going to rock this thang, speed demon!!

    Good luck tomorrow! I love running in the rain! I’m pretty sure it’s good luck 😉 (<– non scientific, completely made up by yours truly) Can't wait to read your recap!

    • Haha you always make me LOL so hard!!
      Good grief, I wish I could explain the senator. Other than some foolish nicknames, one after the other, we finally landed on Senator. His real name is Jack, so then he was Jackie-O, like Jackie Onassis Kennedey, haha, and that made him political, and then maybe we made him a senator? He has a campaign every year and everything! By that I mean my friends and I have no life and make up stories about him.
      I listen to Pandora always, I think I’m the only one who doesn’t make a play list! I can’t wait for your half!! 🙂 🙂
      Thanks kristina! LUCKILY it didn’t rain! WOO HOO!

      • Um, FYI, I think we might be soul mates. I ALWAYS have nicknames for people (and Toof) that are so far off from what I originally started with. I totally followed the Senator train. I freaking love it!!! I refuse to ever call him Jack, deal?

    • LOL we are mad at you for not telling us you’d be in the states – so damn close to us! But haha whenever i get my lazy ass up off the couch and get a passport.

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