I Almost Forgot!

Guys! I almost forgot that I LOVE circuits! I haven’t done one in over ONE MONTH!

I forgot just how much I love circuits, or little tabata workouts, or whatever you call them. Like, head over heels, love to feel this sweat, love to feel this burn love. Hm.


My friend Jeremy and my boyfriend and I started with that baby above and then did ONE round of this circuit below last night. Three rounds would have been absolutely excessive for me!

CrossFitStyle Workout

We were all dripping with sweat after this and it felt good to work these muscles that I don’t otherwise. I’m sure I’ll be nice and sore. Yipee. That’s typically how I like to roll the week of my half marathon, right? Given previous behaviors…


And after that killer workout, we hit up the grocery store for some things for the week and this thing caught my eye:


I mean, I LOVE spaghetti squash, but dang, one the size of my upper body? No way! I wonder how long that would take to cook. 🙂 Anyone want to go buy a ridiculous sized squash and holler? No? Okay, I don’t blame you.

Yeah, I have a half marathon this weekend with my beautiful friend Sara and we are ready to rock and roll it! In other words, we’re ready to spend a solid 2 + hours together enjoying ourselves. She’s the best and I’m hoping together we can keep each other on pace.

Do you prefer circuits to other things like swimming, biking and running?

During the week of a race, what kind of workouts do you do?

Would you have spent $8 on this squash? LOL!


21 thoughts on “I Almost Forgot!

  1. lol that squash is huge! im trying to think of an inappropriately funny joke but nothings coming… i feel like all the parts are there i just cant get it to come out right. c’mon brain! if you cant make stupid jokes what are you good for? and yay for getting back into circuits! you and sara are going to rock that half marathon!!

  2. You bet I would have bought that squash…yummmm. Umm I would rather die than do those circuits, or see your face. Just kidding. Miss you love!

  3. I WANT A RIDICULOUS SIZED-SQUASH…considering I don’t get even the slightest bit of squash while on campus. 😦 Maybe I’ll buy a squash for the weekend and eat it then…but that takes effort. Sigh. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of circuits. I don’t really know why, I just have never been into them…

  4. That squash is amazing. You could live off of it for months. I want to try some of your circuit exercises when I’m done with the marathon. I looks like an awesome way to get your heart rate up and build muscle. You are going to rock your Half!!! I can’t wait to see pictures from you two, excellent picture takers 🙂 Carb load!!!!!!!

  5. I would never spend $8 on the squash, in fact there have been several times where they tell me the price at check out and I say no thanks lol. That one looks huge! I do need to buy a spaghetti squash though this week, it’s been a while. During the week before a race, I usually still run just cut back on miles a bit and intensity. I throw in extra bananas, sweet potatoes and watermelon and run 3 easy miles the day before.

  6. I am a big circuit fan! Seems to pass the time better for me. I also love spaghetti squash but that’s massive! It’d take all night to cool.

  7. Haha, I love the title: Is this Crossfit? So funny. Looks like a great workout!
    Gah, that spaghetti squash. Forget how long it takes to cook, how would you even cut it?!
    You and Sara are going to do amazing! Have fun!

  8. Yay another 1/2! I remember reading your last recap like it was yesterday. 🙂 I haven’t made spaghetti squash yet but I’m tempted to give it a go. How much does it taste like real pasta if I dose it in sauce?

  9. I loveee spag squash, I would have eaten that ENTIRE BEAST! HAHA! great workouts! I have been enjoying (in moderation) the contents of the giveaway I won from you!! Just ate some of the lentil rice, it was gooooood! <–fun fact haha.

  10. Circuits are my love! This one looks tough and awesome. That squash is no joke, but I am always afraid to get over- sized veggies because I feel like they might be too ripe and taste bad.. I know that is crazy and probably completely incorrect, but I can’t help it.. lol

  11. Holy squash! That thing could be the third BFF in the Megbek trifecta! It’s been a looong time since I’ve done a circuit but I need to get back to it! Thanks for the great ideas! And good luck this weekend!!! I have race envy so I can’t wait for the recap 🙂

  12. I’m not sure I’ve ever really done a circuit lol, I guess you could consider my weight lifting sessions circuits, so ya I guess I do like them, but only every other day 😉 I would totally buy that spaghetti squash!!! I can’t get enough of that stuff, and the more the merrier. I usually keep it easy the week before a race hahaha I’m getting so excited for your race though!!!!!

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  14. That spaghetti squash is bigger than a baby! I actually got one that size in my CSA produce box. I cooked half of it and saved the other half in a ziplock in the fridge for later in the week. It held up really nicely too!

    Workout looks intense! I love that you and the boy toy workout together! I wish I could get my hubs to the gym with me. 🙂

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