Shenanigans and Fun and Friends and Adventure

I think I’m still in weekend mode this morning… My weekend was too good and I don’t want it to be over. Would anyone like to petition America changes to a 4 day work week?

Friday was our girls night and it was amazing! Sometimes it’s so necessary to kick back with my ladies and enjoy the night! 🙂 Rebekah and I had several of our good friends over (we missed a few of you – CA and Erika!!) and we caught up with each other as we waited until the appropriate hour to head out to the local bars.


We set up a cute little snacking area and it was mostly healthy – but I had to have cheese-its! I keep things classy.



The crEATures!





The evening was so much fun and I have some of the best friends in the world!

Saturday morning, Catherine and I awoke wanting to go for a run together! So that we did – and it certainly helped a bit with the hangover. 🙂 We got in a little over three miles.


The Senator was too cool for the camera. Whatever!


It was GORGEOUS outside, as modeled by Catherine above. Cuteness!

The rest of the day was spent tidying up, eating, and resting.

Yesterday was a day to remember! I stupidly overslept and could only squeeze in 10 miles (that’s for you, Erin!) and I idiotically didn’t map my route and ended up on hill after hill after hill. Unlike the lovely Sara, hills aren’t my friend and this was a hard run.


And right after that, Mollie, her boyfriend Yuki and I all did a scavenger hunt in Atlanta! It was through Challenge Nation and it’s basically a big search through the city based on 12 clues. There were over 100 teams in the running and everyone was frolicking around through the city like crazy! We had to take pictures at all the clue answers to prove that we got to each destination.


We channeled our inner rock stars here… And you can see some of the other team’s costumes! So hardcore.

946019_10101086193286967_1849219581_n (1)

We had to channel our inner pirates – so Yuki was the plank and Mollie and I were walking it (or him…!).


This clue was awesome – we had to shake hands with two dogs at the event Paws in the Park that was happening in the park. Dogs = awesome.


This was the HARDEST clue ever and I can’t imagine that many people were able to figure it out.

So, we finished and we got second place. BUT, one of the clues we thought we got right was actually wrong, so we didn’t get to claim second place prizes ($100!). It was disappointing, but the adventures all day were way too awesome for that to matter. We still got second place in our minds! And next time this challenge is in town, we’ll be getting first place – that’s a promise!

What was the best part of your weekend?

What were some of your workouts this weekend?

Have you ever done a challenge/scavenger hunt type event in your city?


21 thoughts on “Shenanigans and Fun and Friends and Adventure

      • Fml. If cheez it’s aren’t classy then I don’t want to be classy. This weekend sounds absolutely perfect and I love the scavenger hunt! It’s too bad you didn’t end up winning the money- that would be the icing on the cake!

  1. Are those white cheddar cheez-its I spy? Best flavor ever. Also, I’ve never heard of a city-wide scavenger hunt, but I can imagine how fun that would be. It’s a bummer that y’all weren’t able to claim your prize, but you win some, you lose some, right? 🙂 It still sounded like a ton of fun, regardless!

  2. I think you still got in a great run on Sunday!!!! I was able to to just lounge and watch tv this weekend. I was just tired and didn’t feel like doing much, plus I got to do it with the bf, so I was happy 🙂 Oh and I ate lots of chocolate, it’s a food group all on its own, it’s okay. Your weekend though, seems like it was a blast! That scavenger hunt?? That looks like so much fun!! I want to do one. There ya go, get first and show them for not giving you second!! Take that prize givers! I got in on Saturday, a little short 2.5 mile run, didn’t feel, so I was perfectly happy with that haha.

  3. That scavenger hunt sounds so fun!!! Also I’m impressed with your ability to hangover run and not puke. I spent my Saturday hangover in bed and then made your muffins (and promptly devoured half the batch). Looks like a great weekend ladies!

  4. What a fantastic looking weekend! Your girls night on Friday looks like such a blast. You all look so pretty, shout out to Rebekah’s sexy schmexy belly shirt. Rockin’ it girl. Girl me your flat belly. And the fact that you set up alternating bowls of Cheez its is totally classy and I want to be apart of your classiness. And that scavenger hunt challenge is such an amazing idea! Was it also a race? LIke did you run from clue to clue? Too cool. Yuki has some awesome planking skills, too. Overall, I love everything about your weekend and I essentially am in the midst of talking to movers to get me down to ATL again. Have a great Monday, pretty lady! Love yo face! ❤

  5. What an aca-amazing looking weekend! How delightful and fun and wonderful. However, I believe that I was promised a “blood post” so I am a little baffled that I do not see one here. . .

  6. Haha omg, I really want to be your friend. Like your IRL friend. That scavenger hunt looks so cool! Have you heard of geocaching? I think you would really like that. Check it out!

  7. Uh, yes. I would like to petition a four day work week!! It looks like you had an awesome weekend. All of you ladies looked gorgeous, per usual.
    And second place is great! Even if you didn’t win the money, it was clearly a ton of fun. Love the planking pic, haha.

  8. I love your belted shirt pretty girl! and your snack-table looked so good, just the right mix of healthy munchies! 🙂 best part of my weekend was having a margarita after a longggg work-weekend on sunday night. sometimes, a girl just needs a drink!

  9. aww you guys are SO CUTE!!! looks like such a fun par-tay!!! and thanks for providing the cheez its, those look delicious 🙂 and i love scavenger hunts!! what fun- you guys got 2nd place in my mind too 🙂

  10. What a fabulous weekend! I’m bummed I missed ladies night…hope to come to the next one. I LOVE Bek’s shirt BTW. Sexy ladies!

    Oh hills…I love them when there are a few…I have a feeling I won’t be loving them on Sunday when there are 97. And your 10 miler was AWESOME!

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