A Happy Place

I don’t want to jump the gun here and prematurely state my happiness with running lately – nor do I want to jinx myself, but really…. All of my runs over the past few weeks have been truly phenomenal. I feel like I’ve found a perfect rhythm and beat to my pace. I feel like my legs are happy with me and mind is happy with me. My fifteen mile run this past weekend was successful and I’m not feeling any sort of negative repercussions. That’s new and I’d like to keep it that way!

It’s nice that everything feels this way – my last marathon training it was much tougher for me to get through 10 miles than it is nowadays. I guess that’s the beauty of practice and cross training – something I didn’t really take seriously last time.

Running takes me to my happy place, and the weather has played a huge role in that lately. Thank you, Mother Nature. 🙂


I couldn’t have felt more exuberant and free on this run and I am so grateful to have running as my outlet in life. I could do without the pitch black night time finish, but I’ll take what I can get.


When I got home, my lovely roommate, you guys might know her, Rebekah, had baked ANOTHER batch of the muffins from her last post. They were THAT good. They received my seal of approval AND THEN SOME because they were amazing. That NEVER happens!




If I don’t stuff my face with all of them before tonight, they are to be served at a girl’s night we are hosting tonight! Here’s hoping I keep my mouth closed long enough for others to enjoy these! 🙂 (Mollie, Jax, Catherine, Drew, Ash, please send me encouraging texts all day to STAY AWAY til you guys come over!)

And this morning, because we are doing a cute little girl’s night tonight, Rebekah and I got out miserable morning selves to the gym for some fun. I chose the pool for some cross training while my bestie roomie girl focused on other forms of cardio that didn’t involve the pool.


It’s COLD when it’s this early! 🙂



If you guys lived here with us, you’d all be invited to ladies night tonight! Well, unless you’re of the male gender reading this – in which case, LADIES ONLY (yes I am still 12 and like girl night!).

What are you doing lately that makes you happy?

What’s your favorite baked good right now?

What are you doing this weekend?


46 thoughts on “A Happy Place

  1. Can’t wait for girls night tonight! Halfway to Atlanta 😉

    Also now that I’m not running I’ve been thinking about trying out swimming. I’m afraid of water though (gonna conquer that one…) but I also have NO CLUE what to do at the pool aka how long, how many laps, pool etiquette? Any advice would be awesome!

    • You should have come girly! 🙂 At my pool, etiquette is basically stay on your side of the lane – but some people like to circle swim which means you’re on the right as you go down and on the left as you come back – in a circle! I spend about 45 minutes in there and that includes a few resting times so I’d say about 40 active minutes… 🙂 I saw you biked this weekend! AWESOME!

  2. Awwww reading posts like this made me so happy! I love when running becomes a happy place. I know it is for me most of the time, when I’m injury free. It’s the best way to just let go of everything and clear your head. I know you’re going to surprise yourself in this marathon since you’ve been kicking butt in training! Your girls night sounds fantastic! I try to do a more low key Version of them at least once a week- which really just means sitting in my sweatpants eating and talking with my mouth open. I know, my friends are really lucky people.

  3. That’s awesome that you’re in such a good place right now with your running! Girls night sounds like so much fun! Wish I lived closer! 😉 My favorite baked good right now is pumpkin brownies. So amazing!

  4. Be there in like 14 hours. Mainly cuz I want some (all) of your muffins. I don’t really care about any of you. 😛 I’m so glad running is going super well for you! It’s always the bad moments/the bad stretches that make the good ones all the better. It also makes getting up early or just getting your butt out in general SO much easier! Have a fantastic weekend, girlie! And if you do do a long run, I hope it goes just as well as your other runs have been!

    • LOL the muffins were SO good! thanks beth! 🙂 exactly, i had a few bad stretches this year and i’m sure there will be more this year but i’m going to enjoy it while i can!

  5. Just hanging with the Fam Bam. Homework has me so stuck away in my room all time just studying and doing homework, that I start to miss just being able to sit with my family and talk or watch tv. Well I’m bad at watching tv, so they watch tv and I talk haha. Well on Sunday I had this lemon blueberry cake thing. Um it was delicious. And it wasn’t Paleo. I wanted more, but restrained myself because I didn’t want to end up too sick haha. I’m okay with being a little sick for something that was so good, but get extremely sick and vomiting, yeah not my thing. Thank god it is gone now!!!

  6. It just makes me laugh to imagine myself ever saying “oh yeah that 15 mile run was fabulous”. Vomit. Would never happen. But you are way cooler than I am so, yea. Think of me tonight and just pretend I am there. You could always print out a pic of my face and post it on the fridge or something? Miss youuuuuu

  7. Look at you being all amazing at running and stuff! Of course that really doesn’t come to me as a surprise because you can do anything you want to, Meggy panda bear! Also, Rebekah is awesome for taking a picture of you whilst getting your swim on. That’s a great blogging partner for ya! I was recently talking to my running friend about how I am scared to run at night in the dark because I’m afraid that A- I will fall and not see where I’m going and B- be abducted and held hostage and no one will find me. Not paranoid at all. Not even a little. Okay maybe a little. But in like a month, the moment i get home it will already be pitch black out. So I think maybe I need to buy some obnoxious reflective clothing and maybe invest in the adult version of the little kid velcro light up shoes and just give it a go. Anyway, you’re pretty and adorable and I miss the crap out of our Parks and Rec shenanigans. ❤ Have a FAB weekend, bestie!

    • I know, isn’t she? I told her she couldn’t start her workout til I started mine and she had to document it! Such a sweet girl to do that for me! LOL!!! I don’t love running at night either, for similar reasons, haha! Paranoia much? I’m sorta interested in a reflective vest, would you want to get one with me so can we match from afar and be losers about ourselves? You were here in spirit on Friday! 😦

  8. So sad I am missing ladies night for another ladies night – AH! So many ladies ;). I love hearing about all of your running happiness…it’s so hard that all of your hard work is paying off and you’re getting to enjoy it now. This weather is making me so happy, too. I just want to be outside ALL THE TIME.

    P.S. Save me a muffin ;).

  9. That’s awesome that you are in such a great place with your running! I do wish the sun would stick around a little longer too, I’m afraid of the dark…waahh.

    I think that old guy at the pool was totally checkin’ you out. He’s all creepin’ in the background. Just sayin’. Good job getting er done early so you can enjoy ladies night! Sounds like a blast. Followed by delicious muffins! Y’all are basically forcing me to make those muffins, sigh. 😉

    • Thanks Sarah! I am scared too.. So hopefully I get over it soon. 🙂 DUDE GIRL he was SO creepy!! All he did was float in the hot tub and then sit there, over and over again. So creepy! MAKE THEM!!

    • you are so savvy! yes i did, all my life. it was my sport growing up and i’m loving that i can easily get back into it after a few years of not doing it at all! 🙂

  10. yayyy for great runs! You are amazing, seriously! All of your training is clearly paying off! And girls nights are THE best, and when you add homemade treats to them, they are even better : -)
    I have to work all weekend but I baked some energy bites to get me through so those will help me smile! Have a good weekend lovely lady!

  11. I’m glad your bod is happy with your training, that’s a really great place to be! What made me really happy yesterday was my skating coach starting me on some exercises to get me ready for learning the axel jump, I’m glad she has faith that I will be able to get it someday. Today I’m taking a rest day and my husband is working, tomorrow we have to do our taxes so rather a dull weekend I’m afraid!

  12. I love that you are loving your runs lately because I am the total opposite, so this brings motivation! Ever since I had to stop while preggers (around 5 months), and still feeling sore for about 6 months after labor (when running), I haven’t found my groove with it yet.. It’s so frustrating, but I know it just takes practice and making my butt do it more. 🙂 I hope you guys had a fad girls night!

    • lol yes, but you kick butt in other things!! 🙂 your workouts are awesome and you look amazing for just having a kid 6 months ago! you’ll get a groove back, don’t worry! i lose my groove several times a year and it’s difficult but it makes the good phases much more fun!

  13. You guys are great! I would love nothing more than to attend a girls night with the two of you!
    Baked good lately has been these amazingly simple and healthy granola chocolate chip cookies!! Seriously. I make them really tiny and pop one in my mouth every time I open my fridge 🙂
    Making me happy right now are my runs! I feel great and strong and i feel entirely blessed to be able to run!!
    Have a great Sunday you guys! Stay awesome 🙂

  14. i’m just catching up on the blogs (like 116 of them yikes!!) after my awesome weekend! i’m so happy that your runs are giving you mega boners..isn’t it so amazing when you kick your workouts in the crotch? keep it up and say hi to your crazy roommate for me.

    btw, did you get your package yet? mailed that shit out a while ago.

  15. I’m don’t really do running any more as my knees don’t agree with it, but what makes me happy is power walking, weight training and meditation… I’d be lost without those. 🙂

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