S’ghetti So Good!

Ah, I know I’m preaching to the blogging choir here, but SPAGHETTI SQUASH!! I have been craving some good old fashioned spaghetti for a few weeks and didn’t realize until yesterday morning that I could put together something even better – squash style spaghetti! 🙂 Mollie came over per our usual Monday night activities and after a loose 5K to shake out our legs, we indulged in this goodness.


We sautéed some mushrooms and some Boca veggie crumbles (it’s veggie meat that tastes like sausage, not real meal) to put on top as well. We added the pesto to the marinara sauce as well to amp up the flavor.



And we plated up and ate up – rather quickly, I might add. This was SO good.




It was better than regular spaghetti if you ask me! But again, I know, old news. It was just so exciting because it was the first of the season! There will be tons more but I promise I won’t ever dedicate a whole post to it again…Maybe.



The pesto was a good call!! 🙂

There’s something so comforting about a warm, home cooked, and semi healthy meal.

How do you make your spaghetti squash?

What is your favorite pasta?

What’s one food that just makes you feel warm and happy inside?


25 thoughts on “S’ghetti So Good!

  1. Well yum!! Now you’ve got me drooling. I’m dying for some spaghetti squash, I need to get some ASAP!! I think I’ve had pesto? Hahaha if I did I didn’t know I was eating it. I love to just eat spaghetti squash a side. All by its self. Sometimes I put meat on top, and if I have them, I’ll put some lime tortilla strips on top. But mainly I just eat it by itself because I love its flavor so much. One meal that makes me feel all warm and happy would be chili. Although the bean don’t always agree with my stomach hahaha it will always have my heart 🙂

  2. YUM-E is right!! that looks so good i now want spaghetti squash with sauteed mushroom tomato sauce. like right now. like for breakfast. 🙂 pasta is definitely my comfort food- regular pasta, whole wheat, gluten-free, squash- all varieties do the trick 🙂

  3. Welcome to the club! I love spaghetti squash!! I haven’t had regular pasta in like 9 months or so and don’t miss it at all! After seeing the pic on IG yesterday I was craving my spaghetti squash and meatballs. Will probably make it tomorrow for dinner 🙂

    • girl your post today is protected, i can’t read it unless i put in a password! and the title is intriguing! unlock yo shizzz! 🙂

  4. My favorite pasta involves either A- lots and lots of creamy cheese (alfredo) B- seafood or C- both. But seriously, the cheese is non-negotiable. Pesto is pretty amazing too. I’ve never been a huge fan of just red sauce. I love that you mixed the pesto into your sauce, such a good idea my creative cooking panda bear! And I am totally intrigued by these Boca crumbles. I’m glad you elaborated because I would’ve had no idea what they are. I have had Boca burgers and they were okay, but something that is supposed to taste like sausage sounds way better than something supposed to taste like hamburger. You can make me a Trader Joe’s s’ghetti dinner any time 😉 Hope you are having a good start to your week lovey! ❤ your bloggy besty

  5. I ate spaghetti squash last night too! (Tex mex style). I am obsessed with it and can’t wait to make it again soon. Oh Fall, I love you 🙂

  6. I love spaghetti squash! I really need to pick one up…I very rarely eat pasta but love spaghetti squash anyway for an Italian inspired dish. I can eat it plain too! One food that makes me warm and happy? chocolate cake…..and if I have to talk healthy foods, sweet potatoes are warm and happy too.

  7. #1 thing I miss about being at home: SPAGHETTI SQUASH. WHENEVER I DANG WELL WANT IT. (Aka, pretty much all the time…but actually though.) So you should send me one. Preferably cooked, because that lessens the amount of work I have to do. 😛

  8. I’m with Sara – how do you make it look like spaghetti? That looks amazing, btw and when I come to Atlanta you will have to make me that vegetarian amazingness!

  9. i tried making something out of spaghetti squash and it turned out like a big fucking turd so i now relinquish all spaghetti squash cooking to my MIL who effortlessly cooks it into mouthgasmic meals.

    my other fav is butternut squash! esp soups…i love me some butternut squash soup!!

  10. LOVE spaghetti squash!! After two weeks in Italy I am 1) sick of pasta and 2) obsessed with pesto. I was going to hold off on pasta for the next year, but you just reminded me of one of my favorite ways to eat sauce. You look way too cute after your run! You’re not even phased 🙂

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