Shut up About the Sun!

I gotta say, I’ve had enough of the darn SUN.

I love it in the summer when I’m lazing around on the beach, but when I’m trying to fit in some good quality runs, I could do without it beating down on my helpless body.

So, a run late last night was just what I was craving! A run with no sun AND no Garmin!


Ain’t no shame in a selfie if you’re with your dog, right? WRONG. There’s still lots of shame, Meghan.


Erin, I don’t want to hear your bull about this. 🙂

Anyway, I’m traveling for work this week a bunch and am working late hours (as in didn’t get home til 10 pm on Monday night and 8 pm last night…) so getting in a workout is challenging.

I have a question for all you runners out there – with temperatures slowly decreasing, are you finding your speed is decreasing as well? I am contemplating if it is just my logic here or if everyone is getting a bit speedier with these fall breezes in the air. I’m certainly going faster and longer without as much resistance from my lungs and legs and I don’t think I’m alone here.

SOMEONE, and I won’t say who, has had a serious attitude lately about me snapping picture after picture of him…. Hmmm….


He’s too cool to look at me. That’s fine.

How are you feeling, if you’re a runner, about the fall air?

When you’re working a bunch, do you still try and get in a workout?

Does your pet have as much of an attitude as mine?

BONUS: was this the most worthless post you’ve ever read from me? Why yes, yes it is. Enjoy your day beautiful people!


35 thoughts on “Shut up About the Sun!

  1. this’ll make me look like i’m all shi-shi-poo-poo but i don’t run in temps under 5*C! i hate being cold and i feel as though my muscles are all frozen. ideal temps for me is between 15-22*C but like you, i’m not a fan of the sun (who wants wrinkles?! NOT ME).

    as for working out, i get up at 5 in the bloody morning to workout so i can focus on what needs to be done at work. there is no way i’d be able to muster up the energy to workout after work so good on you for going for a run after a hellish day! i’d be at home with my feet up downing a bottle of wine 🙂

  2. i find the title very amusing. haha. i hear you, i’m slammed at work and thus i have been the worst of the worst of bloggers. i make myself get into work even earlier so i can still manage to make my gym classes and even then it’s still a battle of wills. last week i almost held up an intersection trying to force myself to go to the gym, which was a left turn, because alllllll i wanted to do is haul my weary, pathetic bones home, which was a right turn, and go to bed.

    • ahhahahaha!! i would have encouraged you to go home and go to bed if we were carpooling. work is so draining sometimes! I’m like, hello, I have a life people.

  3. Hmm, i can not answer as a runner, but i can answer as someone who WALKS everywhere and the answer is yes- im way faster when its colder out. usually because i just want to get back inside already 🙂 and girl i do not know how you manage to take the most gorgeous sweaty pics- but you really have a gift for that. also the senator is looking so handsome with all of his too-cool-for-school attitude 🙂

  4. I love it when it’s cooler outside! My body just feels so much better. Less drained, and more energy. Usually, if I’m desperate to get a run in (which is all the time) then I will get up at the butt crack of dawm to get that run or workout in. I just feel better even if I am exhausted later in the day. BUUUUUTTTT I will only get up super early if I can get my 8 hours of sleep in too. No 8 hours = no workout. I’d rather have the sleep haha. My dog is this exact same way ALL the time!!! It’s like she knows when I push the button, because she always turns her head. Although I’ve gotten pretty good at tricking her. I “pretend” to hold a piece of food above my camera, that way she just stares. Or I make sure I’m taking a picture of her actually begging when I’m eating lol. AHHHH, at least this week is half way over with now 🙂 Hope you get some more lovely workouts in girl!! Have a great day 🙂

    • ME TOO! it’s the best which i already told you in your post today!!!! 🙂 my dog has wised up to that trick, ha, especially if we’re outside! He’s too good for me lately… sheesh!

    • hahaha see i know you now. get it together and be quicker about your insults so i don’t beat you to the chase next time!

  5. I run way faster when it’s in the 60s than any other temperature. I also tend to be a strong heat runner, but it makes you feel lethargic and your pace slows so your body doesn’t overheat. That’s probably why you’re getting speedier with cooler temps! I went running at 5am this morning in the pitch black. It was terrifying and exhilarating and I kind of loved it. My mother, on the other hand, wasn’t such a fan of me running in the dark. So for me, I do kind of miss the sun 😉

    • yes the 60’s are the most perfect temperature i think! 🙂 i remember as summer was beginning you talked about loving the heat… haha 🙂 i wish i did too when I was running but sadly, i’ll take the cooler temps.

  6. I kinda hate running in the summer, so I’m loving the cooler temps. I can feel the fall air in my lungs and it’s awesome. That’ll turn to “too cold” soon though and the outside running will stop haha. By the way, my dog does the exact same thing when I try to take pics of him.. looks everywhere except the camera. I swear he does it on purpose.

  7. I am DEFINITELY faster when it is cold out. As in, snow running = my fastest running. I HATE the heat, it just drains all the energy out of me and I slowly melt into the sidewalk as I run.

  8. I have always run faster when it’s cold out…probably because I want to get my run over with and get my ass back inside asap…Lately working out has been sacrificed for work. And my stupid leg injury which I just love playing victim to. I gotta get my ass in the gym for real

    • hahah that’s definitely a part of it!
      or, i have an alternative: you can come to ATL and I’ll workout and you can bake!? hahah!

  9. No Meggy bear! Your posts are never pathetic, I am always entertained 🙂 As for running, it is getting seriously brisk around here lately and I haven’t done a damn thing since the race last Saturday I am still sore and pathetic looking. So I shall keep you posted on whether or not I do better…lets hope I do! Last night I got home from work after 8pm too. Kill me. I was disgruntled to say the least. Seriously, that is just preposterous. But you got a run in! That’s fantastic, you are such a trooper! I hope the traveling that you are doing is at least fun and you get lots of free delicious food at meetings…maybe? This weekend will be a godsend when it finally gets its butt here.

    How do you still look so pretty when you’re sweating like a beast? I have such a beautiful bloggy besty! Have a great day mama bird panda bear blog love!

    • hey now, maybe i only put a post out so that i can elicit a comment from my beautiful bloggy besty!!!! ever think of that?!
      that’s probably too much, lol!
      i don’t blame you – plus, when you do a long race, you’re allowed to take that many days off from running. you get 6!
      haha thanks silly – there is lots of free food but it’s not too good so that’s sad! and also, i’m just kaput. i’m so dang tired.
      THANKS PANDA POO FACE LOVELY BEAR!!!!! HAHAH! i love our names. rebekah does too! 🙂

  10. I honestly rather work out in the cold then the hot. I am the biggest puss when it comes to heat and a quick jog will get me hot and ready to turn my capris into shorts so fast!

    Sometimes after I publish a post I’m like, eh. Okay. It’s just one of those days. Then a day turn into week and I wonder why people still read. But you guys are kind of cool and I like staying in this blogging ring so I just trek until I find my mojo again.

  11. Man, your schedule sounds rough right now. Good job keeping up with your runs!
    Yes, the cooler weather is making a huge difference in my pace. I love it and am ready for it to stay. I just don’t want it to get cold to where it starts hurting to breathe. That always sucks.
    Haha, why are our pups funny about the camera? Sometimes I have to take like 30 pictures before I can get one good one of Coco.

  12. I totally notice an increase in my speed without added effort. I am flying out there I guess because the heat sun and humidity aren’t as strong to slow me down. I also jump out the door and go to try and warm up since it is chilly now in the early morning.

  13. I hate this weather because I generally hate cold, BUT for the running it’s been amazing. I totally agree with you! And good for you for getting your workouts in late. It’s so hard to stay motivated to run after a long day of work and it’s amazing that you resist the couch 🙂 I love your pictures of the Senator! I reallllly want him and Abby to meet. I think it would be love at first sight, or smell. Good luck with all of your work lady!!!! Keep that amazing running up!

  14. I am loving the cooler temps! Well cooler for us here in Cali, meaning mid to high 80’s during the day. I went on a 3 mile run the other day and it felt great without the triple digit sun beaming down on me! Hopefully you have the weekend off so you can get some relaxation time in! Don’t wear yourself out too much 🙂

  15. I definitely think my breathing changes with the fall weather, it takes time to adjust for sure. I hope it cools off for you soon! I’m in the middle of working crazy hours too so I totally know where you’re coming from. I always try to fit it in in the morning or I know I won’t workout, so major props to you for getting yours in at night! You go girl!! : -)

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