Knoxville and the Not so Long Run

Well hello you party people!

Per my training, I had a long run to accomplish this past weekend. I was really excited because a woman from my office building invited me to join her in a gorgeous state park. So, at 5:15 am, I woke up and moseyed on over to kick off my weekend on a high note.

My body, however, had other things in mind. My stomach was turning and I just didn’t feel mentally there. Once I hit 5 miles, I quit. Over the past couple of years of running, I have learned, slowly and painfully, that not finishing every run I set out to do is NOT the end of the world. Rather than dwell on it and beat myself up, I proceeded to enjoy the rest of the weekend – which included getting my nails done with one of my dearest friends and a fun road trip with my co blogger to visit Erin!


Yay for fun colors!


We spent the night sushi-ing, dancing, and chatting (and as she mentioned, almost stealing her adorable pupppppppy!!).


Wouldn’t you want to steal that face too?


I love it when people love sushi as much as I do! It’s a safe addiction, I think! 🙂


The following morning, Rebekah and I drove home but made a pit stop to pick up some brunch! I devoured these blueberry pancakes. YUM.


And upon return home (it’s a short 3 hour drive), we hit up the gym where I chose to swim. I rolled my ankle on that stellar (NOT) run on Saturday morning and running is on hold until it feels normal again. Super duper. In case you’re curious, here’s what I do almost every time I swim – with a bit of variation here and there. I love it – but my favorite is getting in to the hot tub afterward!!


And that makes me one happy lady.

You know what makes me even happier?


What’s your favorite kind of food to enjoy with groups? Sushi, though it’s not always agreed upon by everyone…. 🙂

Do you take road trips on a whim?

What happens when your long runs don’t go as planned? What’s your attitude about it?


43 thoughts on “Knoxville and the Not so Long Run

  1. ahh im so jealous you’re seeing mumford & sons!! take photos to put on the blog later! and buy a tshirt and take a photo wearing it and post that on the blog too. im SO jealous! i love them. and yayyy for blogger meet ups! if im ever in the south im letting y’all know. and also 5 miles in my opinion is plenty long for a run, so there is no reason to feel like you quit. 🙂

  2. So, typically I absolutely love sushi, but the past few times I’ve eaten it, I’ve kind of been grossed out. I think it’s a texture thing. I hope this is permanent! 😦 Those blueberry pancakes look amazing! Have find at Mumford and Sons tonight!

  3. That puppy. I can’t even. It’s too cute. And if (when) I ever come visit you, we’re totally having multiple sushi dates. Sushi is probably the one thing I could eat every day (every meal?) and never get sick of. I love your swimming workout–I really should get back in the pool, but I forgot my cap and goggles at home and I haven’t remembered to ask my parents to ship them to me yet… I think you’ve motivated me to get my butt to the gym to spin for a little after class today. Maybe. I hope everything–your ankle and your stomach–feel okay soon! Injuries are such a bummer.

  4. Love that picture of you guys 🙂 And your nails of course, the colors are amaze-balls :). I always say yum to photos of sushi, but if you ask Taylor, he’ll tell you I always make a stank face when he eats it haha I don’t like sushi, but it always looks so pretty and refreshing, so I always want to like it, until I’m around it and can smell it. I prefer group Panera Bread, or Froyo dates 🙂 Honestly, with me it was always a mental battle. If I planned on going 8 miles, I better be going more than that. I’m just not mentally stable sometimes hahaha But I think that’s why I’m preferring to go shorter distances anymore. Yay for Mumford and Sons!! Have fun 😀

    • rebekah and i chuckled over the amazeballs piece of your comment! Ha! i used to loathe sushi, like hate the very thought of it, but for whatever reason, i’m an addict now!

  5. it’s hard to be spontaneous with a kid so we have to plan our trips….it’s truly amazing how much CRAP you have to bring with you when you have kids because every minute can be a “whoops!” minute!

    if i don’t finish a run, i just say to myself: well, i ran for X KMs. that’s better than 0kms! and then go home and sit on the couch like a potato 🙂

    • haha that’s something i have to look forward to-in the far future.

      that’s always true, thankfully. it’s always good to do something-regardless of distance.

  6. Good for you for not beating yourself up for that run! I’m still at a point where the whole day is a failure if I cut my run short. Then I tell myself to get a little perspective and get over it. That’s a good attitude to have developed as you train for a marathon. They can’t all be good days, right? That puppy is ridiculous. I’m surprised you didn’t steal him! I’ve been on the rescue sites the past week and its been hard to resist. Love your matching blue skinnies and nails. Looks like a fun little weekend 🙂

    • aw, i used to be that way too but i realized there’s literally NO point. haha and nope, not every run will be a good run! 🙂 thanks girly! i love YOUR fashion sense!

  7. Have the best time at Mumford tonight! I struggle with not finishing a run (like this morning) but I think it gets easier with time. If I’m feeling really bad about it, I’ll hop on a bike to finish my workout which definitely helps. It’s hard not to get stuck in the “have to go” mindset- I think it’s pretty normal actually! I’m glad you were able to enjoy your weekend- it seemed like a really fun one 🙂

    • aw, i must agree. time has taught me that patience with every run and forgiving myself for not finishing what i wanted to is important. can’t win them all! thanks, can’t wait to see them!!!

  8. How fun, a road trip!!! Those are the best! I like sushi sometimes, but I can go without it though…sorry 😦 can we still be friends?! Don’t worry about that long run that didn’t happen, there will always be another one! When I have a rough long run or and only run a fraction of what I was suppose to I always think of it like this: there are people out there that cant even run 1 mile or 2 miles so whatever you are running is more than what most people can on a good day! I know it is tough, especially when you are having stomach issues, trust me I know, but that is what makes you stronger!! Have a good day! Have fun tonight!!

    • we will always be friends especially with our matching running pace! 🙂 that’s exactly right – and i know i’m capable of running more, it was just something physical i couldn’t get past, so who cares, really? not i! 🙂

  9. So jealous you get to see Mumford and Sons! I was going to their Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in St. Augustine THIS weekend, but we ended up having to cancel the trip! So bummed, but we are going to the beach instead, so I won’t be too heartbroken! Have fun!

  10. AHH just this morning I was on a BABY 3 mile run, and my legs felt SO dead I wanted to quit at mile 2. I didn’t thought and pushed through to 3, but I totally hear you on accepting the fact that at times we need to stop (I hate calling it quitting, we’re not quitting!) HAHA! I love those blue pants on you!! You are rocking those!

    • glad you didn’t quit! 🙂 haha, i know, i still did run 5 miles, which is still decent – just not the daily goal. there’s always a next time, thankfully. 🙂

  11. Have so much fun at M&S tonight!!! I saw them last year….EPIC. Preach to not loving every run sista! As per my post today running has been causing more harm than good lately. Cutting back was the best decision I ever made and I swear I’ve fallen in love with the sport in a whole other way. So your next blogger visit is a casual drive to Canada right? Cool can’t wait to see you both 😉

    • i loved your post today!
      haha girly if i had a passport i’d be there! i had an opportunity to go to CA through work and TOTALLY couldn’t because i don’t have one. How lame?! It was Montreal, anyway – you’re not near there, are you? haha!

  12. My Saturday long run sounded a lot like yours. My uterus was pissed and told me to stop at 4 miles. Sometimes it’s better to just listen to your body. You’re right, it’s not the end of the world!

    That puppy face is adorable. I would steal him too.

    Mumford & Sons are amazing. Have fun!!

  13. I’m not sure which thing to comment on first – that puppy! That sushi! Or the fact that you are seeing Mumford tonight!!!!!! I was actually listening to them whilst reading this post. Coincidence? I think not. It actually means you should take me tonight as your date instead of (i’m assuming) Nadir. Sorry, Nadir but I wanna go nowwww! Have a blast and a half though and take lots of pictures for your PA panda bloggy pal. Miss chu! Seriously, it is only Tuesday? What is that? Not okay. Let’s fast forward to Saturday pleaseeeee <333 And yay for swimming! I just cannot, mostly because I don't own a one piece and refuse to swim in a bikini. Just too weird. Also, i don't own goggles and actually only doggy paddle….so why don't you just swim enough for the both of us. The end. <333

    • Haha I can’t wait!! Yes you should just come down here right now! Ready, set, get on a plane NOW! 🙂 🙂 Haha I know I feel like a loner loser when I swim, no one else wants to with me. 😦 LOVE UUU!

  14. LOVE the color of your nails! Vibrant is the way to go! And I think it’s SO smart of you not to beat yourself up over a shorter run (c’mon, 5 miles is still not that shabby at all ;)). I feel like a lot of healthy living bloggers are obsessed with numbers and anything but what they were expecting to run is not good enough! Craziness!

    That puppy. <3.

  15. Aww bummer on the run lady 😦 Sorry to hear about the ankle roll. You definitely made the right call though – don’t get down about it! I ALWAYS struggle with that. But looks like you still made the best of the weekend 🙂 And I hope the concert was amazing – hooray!

  16. Yay for concerts! Whenever I don’t finish a long run, I feel bad for about an hour before my ADD kicks in and I’m excited for what the day has in store. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and it’s better to just let it go then have it ruin your day. 🙂

  17. SO fun that you all were able to meet up!!! Also may I just say that your hair is GORGEOUS?!!
    Favorite food in groups has to be pizza for me, since ordering a few different kinds always seems to do the trick. I hope your ankle feels better hun, you are doing the right thing to rest it! xo

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