The 6 Biggest Annoyances of Running through Atlanta

During my run last night, I was incredibly sore. I was so sore all day because I tried Insanity the night before (wow to those of you who do that on the regular – I didn’t even know I could be sore in the places I’m sore!). But, I still wound up going for a jog and I thought of all the things that annoy me when I run in the city.

So, appropriately, and in Charlotte style, I have a list of all those things. Because, well, of course you want to know what goes through my head.

6. Do not ignore me as I wave at you! Do not look the other way and pretend like me and my totally adorable pet are not running by you! WE ARE HERE.

No way in hell we were supposed to end like this. This is terrible, after all we've shared and been thru. It's not right to not talk.

It’s never supposed to end like this! Runners should be high fiving, cheering, smiling and acknowledging, at the very least. Rude.

5. One of my favorite aromas (and the beauty of living in the city) is the combination of these stenches: cigarette smoke, sewage, garbage and restaurant waste, all rolled into one gigantic gag-worthy stink cloud. The best part is when a human lights up a cigarette right in front me and I get the whiff of the first drag. Vomit barf gross.

They might be free, but they are not wanted by me.

4. Though sometimes my life is dull, I have no desire to die – so please stop ignoring the fact that intersections have crosswalks, Atlanta drivers. I fear for my life more within a 30 minute run than I do on a damn cruise ship because NO ONE pays attention to me in the crosswalk.

I’m going to sic all the cops on the drivers who aren’t attentive to pedestrian joggers.

3. Dear Pet Owners – I understand the disdain you feel when your pet takes a dump in public and you must pick it up, trust me, I do. But why, oh why, do you still refuse to pick it up? It’s a common courtesy, is it not? What’s even worse, though, is when your pet takes a dump on the SIDEWALK and you just leave it for others to step in. WTF?

dog poop project

And yes, it’s happened to me before.

2. To the hot spot of local bars I run by: your sidewalk signs are totally annoying. No one cares that you have two for one beer specials or free wings. You are taking up valuable sidewalk space that I NEED.

Is it though? Are you sure, Locos Grill and Pub? You certain about that? Or did you think the public was ill-educated enough to need it printed on a big old sign and put out on display on the busiest street of Atlanta? Thanks for the clarification about bath salts and beer, it will come in handy when I’m faced with the two options…… Um, what?

1. For the love of anything and everything, drivers, STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING. I am so sick of seeing people staring at their phones and not the road while I’m waiting for a light to change. I can’t believe how nonchalant you all are about STARING AT SOMETHING ELSE other than the road you’re driving on! GET A GRIP.

Why #hipsters should text and drive.

I almost yelled at someone last night because I just get so irate. I can’t stand to see people making bad driving decisions and come to find out it’s because they’re staring at their phones. Oh. Em. Gee.

Please don’t mistake this for hatred, I love where I run – I could just do without some of these minor nuisances.

Happy Friday folks! I know Leslee feels me with this slow moving week…

c5ed051b2d9a81391d3fc625633dc6f0.jpg (400×400)

What are some of the things about your running environment you dislike/like?

Could you continue to run after stepping in a pile of dog doo doo?

What are you doing this weekend? Rebekah and I are going to meet a blogging friend, the gorgeous Erin! ROAD TRIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! ❤ ❤


22 thoughts on “The 6 Biggest Annoyances of Running through Atlanta

  1. And, this is why I’d never want to run in a city. So annoying! Luckily, I live in the suburbs and don’t have nearly as many issues as you do. Although, the pile of dog poo is definitely one that I do see here. Luckily, I haven’t had the opportunity to run in any, but if I did, it’d totally throw me off. I’d be soooo mad!

  2. HAHAHA! you nailed this list!! i hate texting drivers. they drive like they’re drunk! and wouldnt it be awesome if runners high fived as they passed each other?! that would be incentive enough for me to start running more! i want to be part of that club! anyways that typewriting while driving thing is making me laugh so hard. hahahaa ahhh its funny. happy friday!!!

  3. OH MY GAWD!! This is me every run minus a couple lol.I have been known to yell at people…..Hey I agree with you, “GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE MAN!” And when people won’t look at me when I run by them, expecially when I’m looping the park a couple times, the next time I see them, I stare them down! But then the next time I loop around, I don’t see them again hahaha scaredy cat. The dog poop, I have yet to find a resolution……I have continued to run inthe past. I do everything in my power while running to get it off my shoe, mainly because by the time I get home, I don’t want it smelling in the house haha. Yay for meeting new blogger friends!!! I’m catching up on sleep and homework this weekend haha so much fun! Enjoy your Friday and the weekend girls!! 🙂

  4. #4 and #1 – yesyesyesyesyesYES. Houston drivers are the absolute worst in the driving department–even on the loop that goes on the outside border of campus, none of those are busy intersections. AND YET I ALWAYS END UP COMING CLOSE TO GETTING HIT BY A CAR. I’M ALREADY IN THE DAMN CROSSWALK, DUMBO. GIVE ME THE 3 SECONDS IT TAKES TO FINISH CROSSING BEFORE YOU TRY LURCHING OUT INTO THE STREET.

    …okay, I’m done now.

  5. I think our text conversation last night may have been the sole reason I actually worked out. I have clearly been less than thrilled with this week in general and now, finally, in like 8 hours it will come to an end. Yay double triple quadruple yay to that. The dog poop one always get me. Are you serious? You left THAT right THERE?! No. Not gonna work for me. And I am always worried I will be run over, so much so that I slow down and throw my groove out of whack at every intersection so I don’t die. Annoying things. All that being said, I am really excited to start running in this Fall weather 😀 Happy flipping weekend, darling! Have fun with your new blend! But remember no one can ever replace me!!! Kidding. Maybe. Have fun on date night, too. Love the crappola out of you and your gorgeous face!

  6. YES!! All so true! There’s a woman that I pass regularly while running who will NOT make eye contact with me. It’s become a challenge: I scan the road ahead, and as soon as I see her I don’t take my eyes of her. That way if she accidentally looks up for a second before she knows I’m there, I’ve got her. No success yet, but I’m not giving up.

    Combining the topics of smells/dog poop/running with dogs, a few years ago while I was dog sitting for a friend, I took the dog for a run one day. Like a responsible dog caregiver, I had a plastic bag with me. The dog pooped a really nasty, wet poop, and being someone who does NOT handle weird smells well, I pulled my shirt over my nose and mouth before I went to pick it up. Well, the smell came through my shirt, and I immediately puked. Inside my shirt. All over myself. It was the worst. (I have not dog-sat since.) Hahahaha…

  7. I hope I’m not that unfriendly person! I usually have my bitch face on when I’m running (mainly because I feel like dying and have to keep my face in one position to conserve energy. But if someone is running and smiling I can’t help to feed off their positive energy. 🙂 And yay for blogger meetups! I’m still waiting to spy my first one in public but I love seeing two blogs combine!

  8. YES I love this post!! HAHA! Your number one is something that drives me bananas..EFFING wave to me dammit!! We are runners, WE WAVE! I just tell myself that they newb runners or the “not real” runners are the one that don’t wave. Jerks. HAHA. Dog poo is gross..all poo is gross.

    I died at your paragraph about the bath salts..but true.

  9. LOL this is such an accurate description of the Peachtree Rd. Route. You forgot one thing though: people who walk in the middle of the sidewalk at .4 mph and have absolutely NO disregard for runners. Bonus points if they have to-go food bags and are 500 pounds.

  10. I feel you, sister! I get so peeved when I take the time to smile and wave at another runner or dog walker or biker and they do nothing back. I’m tired, too…it’s not hard to smile! Also – morning weekend runs are extra tough because I run by a lot of restaurants and I ALWAYS smell bacon. It’s just plain cruel.

    Have so much fun with Erin and KISS LEVI FOR ME!

  11. Bahaha…this was hilarious. And so true. I love the bar sign…wha??

    I loathe breathing smoke/exhaust/garbage on my run. It’s not as common for me b/c I live in teh suburbs, but it still sucks.

    And now I want to try Insanity!

    Happy Friday lovelies! 🙂

  12. Hahaha I laughed so hard at this. Can totally relate. I also hate the awkward standoff with drivers at intersections. I’m never sure whether the car is going to go, or let me cross, as they should!!

  13. Have fun on your road trip!!! I HATE when bikers think it’s okay to bike on the sidwalk. It’s only acceptable if there are still training wheels on your bike…after that get on the road and out of my way!!! But otherwise I love running in Toronto 🙂 Speaking of which, you should probably begin your road trip to the great white north 😉

  14. I remember trying to run when on vacation in NYC. I hated it! For one, it was about a bajillion degrees out (I should’ve known better than to vacation there in July) but it smelled like pee and there were wayyy too many people walking- I could not get into a rhythm.

  15. I think I said “AMEN!” after all of these. I’m one of those crazy runners that thinks we should, oh I don’t know, support each other. I get so peeved when my friendliness gets ignored.

    One major pet peeve: dog owners who think the world is a dog park. If I’m running with my dog and sweating my ass off, please don’t loosen the slack on your leash so your dog can come say hi to mine. It’s really hard to pull my ADD ridden dog away and you’ve now got me out of my groove. Happens ALL.THE.TIME where I run.

  16. Hahaha – I love this list! I’m a lucky lady who gets to run along the lake and avoid normal city problems. Watch out for those cars!!!!

  17. Sorry I am late to responding! I am trying to catch up on all my bloggers today! My running pet peeve I have is drivers not paying attention to pedestrians!!! I shouldn’t have to wait for you to turn onto the street when I have the right of way!! I always feel like I am seconds away from getting run over! That is why I like my Sunday long runs because they are on the trail away from most motorists!!

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