My Charleston + The RUN.

Hi Everyone! I know I’m late in saying so, but I hope you guys all enjoyed Labor Day weekend! I sure did! First though, congratulations to my beautiful fellow Seattle-ite and wonderful vegan with benefits friend over at Blissful Britt, you have won the Tasty Bite giveaway! 🙂 🙂 I can’t find a contact email address, so hit me up at so I can get your foodies to you! I checked, they have vegan options! 🙂

As my fellow crEATure mentioned, we escaped to Charleston this weekend. I can’t even begin to tell you how all how absolutely amazing my time there was. I fell in love with the city for numerous reasons which I will conveniently list out for you.

1. The candy stores. They are everywhere. Priorities folks – there’s a reason this is #1 in my recap. And the candy stores are perfectly accompanied with an equal ratio of ice cream/gelato/froyo shops. It’s literally the perfect place in the whole wide world.

image (7)

 image (8)

I got a big old bag the first night and it lasted me the entire weekend!

2. The scenery. I can’t describe how absolutely beautiful the city is and I got the chance to do my long run through it bright and early on Saturday morning – before the sun was up and before the local shops were open. I had such an out of body experience along the water and I felt so emotionally empowered and capable of accomplishing anything. This run was my third favorite run in my entire life time and I can happily smile about every part of this run, even the fact that I was way too hungover Oops.

image (5)

Serenity is the best and that’s exactly what I got. Roughly four miles of my run were on this path along the water. It was truly breathtaking and I even saw a dolphin. Could a long run get any better?

Some other beautiful shots from my run:

image (6)

 image (11)

I couldn’t get over how unrealistic those trees looked.. Nature is so picturesque.

image (12)

photo (30)

photo (33)

  If there is a better way to explore a city, I don’t want to know what it is. This was perfection and I had the best runner’s high ever. #runningWINS

image (10)

3. The fun places to just hang back and relax at night – the options are limitless in this city! And, they are all seemingly quaint and entertaining.

image (1)

Me and mah man!

image (3)

 image (13)

 image (15)

Rebekah and Isaac were the pool champs of the night!


Those were our friends that came with us and we all stayed together. The rooftop bar scene in Charleston is amazing! 🙂

4. The water! And the water activities! We went to Folly Beach both days.

image (4)

image (16)

I even paddle boarded!

image (19) 

It was as equally challenging as it was fun and I am craving the next opportunity I get to do it!

photo (29)

image (18)

Hanging with the crEATure!

5. The food! 🙂 All of it was good, but as thorough as my co blogger was with pictures of food, I was a slacker. Though, this buffet merited pictures… It doesn’t look like much but it was perfect. That crepe looking thing on the right was the only thing I got seconds of… Stellar.

image (14)

 photo (32)

Poached eggs are typically too runny for me but these were just right! I do like some good #yolkporn but the white parts must be fully cooked or I freak.

So there it was, whoooooomp, there it was. 🙂 Charleston is amazing and I cannot wait to return (also, why have I never been there before?! It’s so close… Sheesh, Meghan). But really, there are wonderful beaches AND a legitimate night scene (not a fist pumping club, jumping kind either, but the good, grown up kind…. I’ve never been anywhere like it before and I’m grateful I got to go this weekend!

What was your favorite part of this past weekend?

Where’s your favorite place to travel and why?

Candy – I can’t live without it. Can you? I don’t play favorites, I love it all.


52 thoughts on “My Charleston + The RUN.

  1. heeeyyyyyy sexy ladies! love everything about this post and it’s awesome that you even managed to squeeze in a run 🙂 whenever i go away, i never workout – ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! 😀

    i haven’t had candy in about 2yrs! same with desserts/sweets/soda etc. i cut that out when i started my journey and well, sort of forgot about all of it! :/

  2. I live here ( Husband is in the air force we have been stationed here for going on 6 years. ) and have been in a funk ready to try to get back to Florida. This blog reminded me how much there is to do here and how nice it is. lol

  3. I’m so jealous about that run scene!! It is way too beautiful!! That candy store has me drooling. I love candy, it just doesn’t love me so much in return haha. So I may end up going paddleboarding next summer now, I’ve wanted to for a while, and seeing how much you liked it, I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a bad idea 😉 Favorites from the past weekend, just seeing and being able to hug my boyfriend 🙂

    • Paddle boarding it tricky and I’m certainly not ‘good’ at it but it was a lot of fun and I felt great once I got the hang of it. Definitely do it!

  4. I’m all about the penny candy stores except mine wouldn’t have lasted the weekend 😉 I REALLY want to try paddleboarding (not the fake kind I do with my windsurfer)- I actually googled a place for paddleboard yoga around me and I can’t wait to try it. Your vacation looks absolutely ideal and you’re making me want to go back to summer… wahhhh

    • Haha, I got a TON of candy so I was all good! 🙂 OMG paddle board yoga – you simply MUST blog about this when you do it!

  5. CANDYCANDYCANDYCANDY AND FROYO. #1 alone is enough to make me want to go there. Everything else–the beach, the food, the scenery–look awesome. I’ve never really thought of Charleston as a vacation place, but you’re making me want to go! I’ve never been paddleboarding or any kind of extreme water sport other than tubing, but I’ve always wanted to! Also, I never knew you had tats–such a rebel 😉

    • Dude the candy was amazing! 🙂 Tubing is so much fun, I haven’t gone in way too long! Yes yes, I have 7 tattoos. 🙂 But I’m a corporate girl so I keep em hidden.

  6. I love a good candy store – I love the colors and the fun aspect as well as the candy! It’s funny – I was in Greenwich Village over the weekend and never realized how many candy stores, cupcake bakeries, cookie shops and dessert spots there were to be had in just one area – don’t you just love a sweet tooth land discovery? It is the little things in life that make us happy!

  7. Paddle boarding! So cool! I’ve been wanting to try this out. I’m sure you are now an expert and can teach me how to do it for when we go on our couples cruise. <— That's still happening, btw. And you and Rebekah are looking pretty adorable on zee beach. The only thing missing is Mollie and me 🙂 Have a great hump day, girly! Is it just me or is this week totally lame and taking forever to end? Let's boycott. Love your face, twinny! Less than three you and your belligerence!

    • Haha, your comments always make me chuckle!! I just want to throw a tantrum almost every weekday because I just want it to be the weekend, everyday. And to add to that desire, can we boycott being grown ups?? Over it. LOVE YOU!!

  8. Hot DAMN look at you two and your hot runners bods!! I don’t believe for a second that Rebekah gained 5lbs on this trip!! NOPE! You two just complete the runs and the food and ohh man the scenery!!

    OMGAHH I WON I WON I WON!! I am so jazzed!! E-mailing you NOW!

  9. You had me at the candy stores! I love filling up one of those baggies with EVERY SINGLE THING and then nibbling at it for a couple of days. Perfection! You guys both look bangin’ in your bikinis as well! Two sexy ladies over here! Woop Woop!!! 😉

  10. You guys have awesome figures! Look at that subtle hourglass peaking in. 🙂

    I’ve never been to Charleston but you make me want to visit. It’s always nice to get away for the weekend when you have fabulous company.

    • girl it’s the best way to explore, i know everyone knows this, but this was my first time to really be able to do it. soooo happy! 🙂

  11. You ran 10 miles on vacation and looked damn good doing it! You deserve 5 bags of candy for that! Running a little hungover is my fav…I swear I sweat out all of the gross and feel perfect by the end. You two bikini babes are adorable!

    • haha thanks girly girl! just trying to prep for our half!! and you’re crazy – not only do you LOVE hills but you enjoy a run hungover? who are you?! i don’t know you anymore! haha i kid, i kid. 🙂

  12. I spent Labor Day weekend in Charleston/Folley beach a few years ago and fell in live with the city. I’ve been begging Matt to go back ever since! Are you liking Wild??

    • Girl, yes, that place was damn fantastic and I can’t believe it took me so long to get my booty over there! I am loving it so far, though the start was a bit of a downer when I was on the beach… ha!

  13. Ahhhh that run! looked splendid! I ran along the St. Lawrence River in Montreal this past weekend. I went to school there so it was nice to run around my old stomping grounds! Best place I’ve ever traveled was Hawaii…Take me back!

    • Aw, how beautiful that must have been! 🙂 GAHH I want to go to Hawaii SO badly! Jealous! I can imagine it was… 🙂

  14. it looks like you had a blast! i can’t wait until i get to hit up the beach again… sadly, it won’t be for a while. but a girl can dream, right? i’ve never paddle boarded. was it hard?
    i don’t just have a sweet tooth, i’m pretty sure all my teeth are sweet teeth 😉

  15. GAH!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Charleston. Yet I still haven’t made it there yet. This post just reminds me of how much I need to get my rear in gear and take a trip. I really should sign up for a race there, that’s a great way to sneak in a trip somewhere. Looks like you had an amazing time! 🙂

    • Um, girl, if you sign up for a race there don’t you dare do it without notifying me. It was SO flat and SO scenic, I’m actually considering going there just for a race. It is 10000000000000000000% worth it. I’m not even over hyping, I swear!

  16. Looks like you all had an amazing time!
    Your run sounds awesome- a dolphin? Yes, I agree that’s an awesome way to explore a city.
    Yay for trying paddle boarding!! Isn’t it so much fun?! I can’t wait to do it again.
    I’m bad at taking pictures of my food too. I just want to eat!
    Charleston looks like a great city and you ladies are just gorgeous!

    • Yay you’re the only one who noticed the dolphin part and that was like, the best part ever! Yes it was so much fun, so tough at first though!

  17. Your weekend looks like it was amazing and full of all good stuff! I completely agree that running is the best way to learn lay of the land. Morning runs saved me while studying abroad!

    • LOL it was definitely that! 🙂 That’s awesome, I can imagine running abroad was something outta this world…. Haha

  18. Meghan and Rebekah! This trip seriously looks like the perfect little getaway. You gals are looking so good! I love the candy and I love the beautiful run! I love having those runs that are just so special and really help you think, so glad you had such a great run!

  19. I love going for long runs in new places! I feel like it’s one of the best ways to see the area and the scenery is so distracting that you don’t realize you’re working out.

    Standup paddle boarding looks so fun! It’s pretty popular at the hotels here in Saipan, but we haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet. Which muscles were the sorest the next day? 🙂

    This looks like a really wonderful weekend!!

  20. gorgeous pictures, looks like you all had a blast. long weekends are the best, why can’t they happen more often? I would have been right there with you night 1 with the giant candy bag. Count me in, I have no favorites either, I love them all! Loving your pink striped swimsuit too, lady! xo

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