Charleston Eats

This weekend, Meghan and I, along with our boyfriends and another wonderful couple, headed to Charleston for one last hoorah of summer.

It was a perfectly beautiful weekend; there was not a cloud in the sky 🙂 Sounds awesome right? Well, it was also hot as balls and we were drenched in sweat almost the entire weekend. Yummy. I’m not complaining though. It was great beach weather and there wasn’t a site of rain all weekend. We got to hang out with some awesome people (one of my boyfriend’s best friends lives up there), eat at some delicious local spots, and bar hop around downtown Charleston.

Looking over my pictures from the weekend, I realize that I only took pictures of the food we ate and where we ate it. I guess it all makes sense when you consider that I gained a solid 5 lbs this weekend. Anywhooooo…

Photo dump commencing.

Five Loaves Cafe:



This was a cute little homey cafe that had a slightly eclectic feel to it with its specials written on the wall and its Mason jar glasses.



I had the spicy zucchini and cheddar soup with half of a Cobb salad and white balsamic dressing. Some of the best soup and salad I’ve ever had.


Every review for this place was nothing short of stellar. It definitely lived up to it!

Hominy Grill:


We visited this popular spot for brunch on Sunday.


Everyone got the Big Nasty Biscuit (except me), and true to it’s name, it was big, nasty, and biscuit-y?? You know what I mean.


I was trying to get something healthier but they pre make their omelet fillings (<— I don’t understand that) and I LOATHE onions so I couldn’t get a veggie omelet. I opted for poached eggs, bacon, cheese grits, and sunflower toast instead. Not a bad trade 🙂

Poe’s Tavern:


After going to the beach at Sullivan’s Island, we decided to stop in and get a burger at this busy landmark. Poe’s Tavern is (obviously) named after Edgar Allan Poe, who was stationed at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island in 1827. All their burgers are named after different Poe stories and the bathroom walls are lined with the pages of these stories.


I had the Tell-Tale Heart – fried egg, bacon, and cheddar cheese.



One of our friends in Charleston works at this adorable coffee shop. It’s not a touristy spot, creating regulars out of most of its patrons.


I love that almost the entire shop is covered in ivy.


Hand-written chalkboard menu and baked goods made fresh every morning.


We split a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon roll.



I also got a Honey Latte that was basically heaven in a cup.

Butcher & Bee:

If you every come to Charleston, you HAVE to visit this place. No questions asked. This gem is tucked away from the rest of downtown on the north end of King street. They use only local ingredients and their menu changes daily. They’re also open late night on weekends for all the drunkies who get hangry around 2 am.




I thought this beehive art was really cool. And there are little bees hanging from it! Ah, the little things…


I got the Chinese pork belly sandwich with hoisin, pork belly, cabbage, and peanuts. So good!


Does anyone else feel like my food got progressively more unhealthy as the weekend went on?? Maybe that’s why I gained 5 lbs. At least it’s not a mystery.

I hope everyone else had an awesome Labor Day weekend!!!

Yay for fall weather and recipes 🙂

What did you do this weekend?

Any good eats?

Did you gain 5 lbs, too?

– Rebekah

18 thoughts on “Charleston Eats

  1. I LOVE tasting different cities.! Whenever I travel somewhere food is like the number one attraction for me..I don’t know if I should admit to that hahaha. All this food looks so good and so fun. I worked all weekend, but did have yesterday off!! WHOO!

  2. Wow, I want all the food. ALL of it. I am all about those tacos at the end. Pork belly is really trendy right now…if food can be trendy..and for a good reason! And you are totally right, the beehive art is awesome. I love when restaurants try to be artsy, it makes for cool environments. And the zucchini cheddar soup sounds pretty awesome too. I’ve never heard of that combo before. As usual, I am jealous I didn’t get to hang out with you amazing peoples! I think I may have gained 5lbs form reading this post…but hopefully not! I actually ate a bit too much yesterday. I just felt insatiable. So let’s hope it didn’t result in too much weight gain. Le sigh. oh well, good food makes me happy 🙂 Happy beginning of the week, yay for no Monday!!!!

  3. Well thanks I think I gained 5 things just looking at all that! Oh wait no that’s because I was a fat ass and gorged this weekend…I blame starting my period!

  4. You are seriously the devil for making me so hungry hahaha! I personally LOVE seeing pictures of other people’s eats (major foodie right huurrr!) and that hamburger… my god ;). Love the name of it too! The baked goods you got are also calling my name. There is nothing like a fresh pastry and coffee! I die.

    Have a great week love ❤

  5. I’m never coming to your house with that beehive art around. I can’t stand bugs of any shape or size, real or fake…on a brighter note, I’m half-contemplating taking a trip to Charleston just for the food right now. I’m drooling and I literally JUST finished lunch…

  6. Unfortunately mine was not as good as yours, I spent mine doing homework and working out with the boyfriend. Which I’m actually okay with 🙂 Um can we talk about that blueberry muffin and cinnamon roll?? I don’t think I could have shared that haha more power to you! And I’ve always heard about honey lattes, but never thought they existed? I’ve never seen one til now, and now I must get one! I’m totally in love with that Poe’s Tavern, that place is now on my bucket list, I can’t help it, I’m obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe :D. Sunflower bread?? Say what??! That sounds super good!!! If it wasn’t for my cold, I would go make myself pancakes, because I’m now craving breakfast foods. Looks like a great weekend 🙂

  7. all that food needs to get in my belly! looks like you guys had some awesome eats because it all looks amazing/delish.

    i had a wicked weekend; i had friday off and working from home today but it’s been pretty quiet so i’ve been catching up on blogs 😀

  8. I love how you go from saying it was hot as balls to a picture of soup. That soup looks like it was worth it though!
    All of your food looked delicious. I’ve never been to Charleston but I really want to go!

  9. If you could kindly send me those french fries and that cinnamon roll it would be much appreciated. Please and thank you!

    Never been to Charleston but now I’m thinking I have to…and don’t worry I only take pictures of food too. Nothing else is interesting enough to be photographed lol #foodbloggerproblems

  10. Love all the food pics!! I will just live vicariously through you! I always take more pics of food than of people when I am out of town! We didn’t do anything special this weekend. Just stayed home :-/

  11. I just ate dinner but my mouth is STILL watering and I’m pretty sure I could down all of that! Giiiiirrrrrrrllllll – what a freaking weekend! So nice for you all to get away and enjoy the last bit of summer in a beautiful city.

  12. You had to have driven right past my old apartment! Metto isn’t too far from it (although I unfortunately never went there). Poe’s is one of my FAVORITE places to eat! Such good food and the restaurant itself is just a cool atmosphere. And Five Loaves was a favorite when ordering food at work – healthy, yummy food!

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