Tasty Bite GIVEAWAY (free food)!

Yay for free things, right? 🙂

I’m pretty awful when it comes to cooking anything – see any previous post where I’ve tried to cook for proof. So when the lovelies from Tasty Bite contacted me to sample some things, I happily accepted, because, of course. #freefoodisthebestkind

You guys. I was so pleasantly surprised by the flavors and ingredients of these cutely packaged products. Normally, I follow that golden rule of shopping on the outside aisles of the grocery store for fresh foods only (with the exception of my canned olives and beans!) but this will absolutely change my ways. Added perks? They’re ethnic style foods, they have vegetarian options and tons and TONS of gluten free options. If I had known about these in college, I would have been set! They take 60-90 seconds to prep and they’re so good.


Yes, this came from a package! I added the avocado and feta (it did NOT need feta at all, picked around it when I ate it actually) but the avocado was heavenly in it.


That delicious soup (I don’t know if it’s actually soup but that’s how I wanted to eat it!) above came from this ONE MINUTE package. And the ingredients are all things I can pronounce AND I know what they are! 🙂

image001 (2)

Love it. I was so mad when I finished this because it was my favorite one of them all! I will be stocking up on these Madras Lentils to just have on hand from now on (and in case of an apocalypse).


Ahhhhmazzzing. #cantstopwontstop

I tried other meals that Tasty Bite sent me and they were all very flavorful and just simply hit the spot.


This stuff was spicy and hearty – both absolute musts in my book.


This stuff doesn’t look like much……


But it was SO good! I ate it after work as a snack but I imagine it’d be delicious paired with something else to create a more balanced meal, haha.

Another adorable thing? The cute little stories on the back of the label.


But Rebekah and I had a nice little laugh about the word scintillating…. Pitch Perfect anyone? Or just us with the immaturity?


Thanks girl, Fat Amy (Patricia) to the rescue.

I loved that these meals took 60-90 seconds to prepare, that they were vegetarian and gluten free, and that the ingredients were all normal and easily pronounced (and minimal, too). But my favorite part? The portions of the meals. I am a big fan of portion control and I think that some packaged meals miss the mark completely – but for me, these are perfect. I really wish I had known about these suckers in college because I would have been all about it. At least I can move forward in life with these quick meals on hand. At least I’ve got that!! 🙂

The Giveaway!

Tasty Bite is giving away a sampler pack of SIX meals to anyone of you beautiful people to try! All you need to do is comment below and answer one of my questions, per my usual posts! 🙂 I’ll select a winner next week, randomly, when I get back from my Labor Day vacation!

What kind of quick, go to meals do you usually have on hand?

Do you like ethnic foods? I can’t exercise any self control when it comes to Indian food, ever. Or Chinese food. Or Japanese food. Just send me Asia already. Needless to say, my craving for Indian food has been satisfied this week!

Do you pay attention to ingredient lists when you buy things? I will spend hours in grocery stores determining if I’m willing to put some sort of funky chemical in my body just for a heavenly bite (or whole sleeve) of some oreos!


P.S. I’M ON VACATION as you read this!!!!!! WOOOOOO!! See you guys on Tuesday! HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 thoughts on “Tasty Bite GIVEAWAY (free food)!

  1. I got to sample the Tasty Bite foods about a month ago, and I would have to agree, they are amazingly good! I always pay attention to the ingredients list on the food I buy, so I was quite impressed with theirs. You can actually say the names of the ingredients…gasp!!! 😉

  2. Yay for free things!! i have essentially half a kitchen in my apt, because i am one of those fools who constantly wastes money eating out, so when i moved in to my studio i never in a million years thought i would be subjected to all sorts of delicious and healthy recipes and stuff and actually WANT to cook. its true, i dont even have a microwave. (when i do cook it all goes on the stove or in the oven). you live and learn. do i like ethnic foods? i LIVE on them. do i pay attention to ingredient lists? honestly? rarely… although im getting better at that!

  3. God I am so jealous. I want to be on vacation, but instead I am at work but I am going to pretend today is a vacation by attempting to avoid my boss of the entire day. This will involve many water breaks, random walks, and me running away whenever I see his face. It will be like a vacation, only stressful. These meals sound yum. I am a lover of any and all ethnic foods. Let me try them? Can you rig this contest so I win? that would be ideal. Kidding!! But really….

    Have a great vacation. I hate you and love you at the same time for it. Do fun things, bloggy besty mama bird!!

  4. These would be perfect! I am always looking for a tasty, healthy option that I can make while living in my sorority house. I am obsessed with ethnic food, my favorite being Indian and Mediterranean food.

  5. I love this!! Not very often do you actually find a packaged food that is healthy and has all ingredients pronounceable! I would actually try these, and I’m not one to venture about from my produce haha. Have a great weekend 🙂 Enjoy it!

  6. I love Tasty Bites and actually do keep them on hand, as well as Glutenfreeda Dairy Free burritos, for days when I don’t have leftovers to take for lunch. I certainly read labels and veto LOTS of items because of their ingredients – eating whole foods is important to me!

  7. I def read all the ingredients. ..a man once came up to me at krogers and said (you sure do take ur time grocery shopping) why thank u kind sir…its not weird that you’ve been watching me or n e thing! Have a GREAT weekend:)

  8. I LOVE Indian food! There was the best Indian food ever down the street from the college I went to. After Biochem class on Fridays, my friend and I always used to go stuff our faces at their all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Ahhh nom. I love lentils!

  9. I always focus on the ingredients – I won’t buy anything anymore that has a long list of ingredients, made with anything I know is harmful like artificial colors/preservatives or ingredients I can’t pronounce. Have a great weekend!

  10. I always read ingredients, but yes..I am known to throw away some Oreo’s!! I feel so naughty in a good way because they are vegan HAHA! Trader Joe’s “Joe Joe’s” make me feel less guilty though the ingredients are better! I love ethnic foods, and TJ’s actually has some legit boxed meals like this too that I LOVE!

  11. Nice!! Do you think they could be cooked in a skillet? We don’t own a microwave (Hahaha, I know.) I definitely read the ingredient list of anything I buy… I generally pay more attention to that than the nutrition facts! I’ve been known to buy a box of Cheez-Its because they are delicious, eat some over the course of a few days, then throw away most of it because I can no longer deny that I’m putting crap in my body. This happens once every few months.

    I also love the word “scintillating” on the label! Hahaha. When we were in Jamaica, our resort restaurant guide had very colorful descriptions of all the restaurants; one said something about, “…as you murmur in hushed tones to your beloved…” So of course when we went there, Andrew would lean over to me throughout dinner and say things like, “What do you want for an appetizer?” in a completely unnecessary hushed tone. Hahaha. Hilarious.

  12. Finding a “go-to” meal that is healthy is almost impossible. My healthy food takes what seems like hours to cook and prepare (who wants to do that after a long day?) and “go-to” meals are usually full of unhealthy stuff for me. I’m excited about this discovery. Lately I have been trying to pay more attention to ingredients and I am certainly deterred if there is something I don’t recognize or can’t pronounce.

    As far as ethnic foods. . . .I have been craving ZYKA!!!! And I am always in the mood for Mexican of course. . . does pizza count as ethnic?

  13. I don’t keep a lot of convenience mixes on hand, not because I don’t sometimes need a quick and easy meal, but because it’s so hard to find one that meets my needs. Would love to try these, they look and sound wonderful!

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE ethnic food!!! Did I mention I LOVE ethnic food? Oh wait, that’s food in general. 😀 My go-to for food on the go, especially at work, are some type of bar (Luna, Cliff, and Nutragrain are my favorites). I rarely look at ingredients just calorie, fat, and protein content usually. Hope you guys have a blast!! Love you all!

  15. I love ethnic food! I’ve tried the Bombay Potatoes from Tasty Bites. AMAZING! I recommend them to anyone looking for a quick meal. I would love to try some of their other varieties.

  16. I’ve never heard of tasty bite, these sound delicious! My go-to meals on the go are eggs, wraps, and the occasional English muffin pizza : -)
    I think Chinese food would have to be my favorite ethnic food. Thai food is growing on me.
    I spend an annoyingly long time looking over ingredients at the grocery store, but now it’s just a habit! Enjoy your vacation lovely!

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