Cloud 9 x 1 Million

I had the best weekend ever!! It started on Friday morning with the most amazing cycling class – the instructor was the best I’ve ever had! Then, Rebekah planned a surprise for her boyfriend man to celebrate a special occasion at an eclectic restaurant/show extravaganza called Medieval Times. The women introduced themselves as wenches and the men as servants. We were referred to as lords and ladies – I felt so special! 🙂


The castle!




And then there were horses and jousting and some serious fighting over the princess of the kingdom!



The dinner was served without utensils, so that was definitely interesting. Luckily soup isn’t so hard so slurp!


Everything was so cute and it was a great way to nerd out! I felt like I was living inside of Game of Thrones (please come back on TV ASAP!!)!!

Saturday morning the gang and I ran a 5K that Sara at Fit.Fun.Femme helped coordinate as a volunteer and it was adorable! It was a race for humans + dogs so of course, the Senator was as happy as could be!




Hey beautiful face Jacque – such a trooper! 🙂 The race was awesome, hilly as it was, and the post race breakfast hit the spot. Is it just me or does running a race validate a delightfully sinful breakfast?

photo (28)

Later on, for dinner, my boyfriend and I grilled out some zucchini patties and made some sweet potatoes! Sometimes, staying in for a home cooked meal on Saturday night is so much better than anything else, am I right???? 🙂 No? I’m the only one with no life? Ok, cool!


For the record, white sweet potatoes are SIGNIFICANTLY better than orange ones (yams). By farrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just discovered this and couldn’t be happier! I take that back, I would be happier if they didn’t cost $2.49/pound. Dumb, but worth it right now. 🙂

And finally, yesterday, I ended my weekend with my ladies getting my nails done…


…and completing an impromptu little mini triathlon by swimming 1.2 miles, running a 5K, and biking 7 miles. I was supposed to go for a long run but I overslept and it was too hot when I awoke. I did 10 + miles among three different sports… Something is better than nothing! 🙂 And here’s a fun new development – swimming + the LA Fitness class Rebekah and I have been taking are helping my muscles come out to play! I was pleasantly surprised when I flexed and this happened!


Yes to progress!

But, just like that, my amazing and fantastic weekend is over. Sad, but true. Luckily, we have Labor Day coming up and I’m going on vacation! Hurry up, Friday! 🙂

What’s your favorite way to nerd out? I like things like Medieval Times + Game of Thrones!

When you cook in, what’s your favorite thing to make?

Would you rather run 10 miles, swim 3 miles, or bike 30 miles? I am torn here…. 🙂


50 thoughts on “Cloud 9 x 1 Million

  1. That dinner looks like a lot of fun!! I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but my boyfriend is obsessed with it, and keeps telling me I need to watch it. I’m working on getting that done lol. I love to nerd out with lord of the rings and harry potter. Aw, I couldn’t agree more with you, I love cooking and eating dinner in 🙂 It’s just more relaxing to me. Plus I get to eat it whenever I want and don’t have to wait. I’d rather run 10 miles lol just the thought of swiming 3 miles makes me feel like I’m drowning. And those guns, girl they are coming in nicely 🙂

  2. Umm looking good girl, I’m jealous!! What a great weekend though seriously!! Good food and you actually did some physical activity (because we all know you are a couch potato and never do anything!). Oh wait no that’s me! And I want that breakfast…ggggggggaah

  3. I love a good night at home instead of out for dinner sometimes – those nights turn into the most fun and sometimes the most delicious!….I would rather run the 10 miles but that’s because my tush hurts on a bicycle and I don’t love swimming because I hate getting my hair wet. Even with a swim cap, I am no longer a fan of going underwater as I did as a kid. It must be my old age sinking in.

  4. “Is it just me or does running a race validate a delightfully sinful breakfast?” –> ALWAYS. And lots and lots of sugar. And every other good food ever invented. 🙂 And HOORAY for muscles! You’re gettin swole, girlfriend! Medieval Times looks really interesting; I’ve never done anything like that before or been anywhere like that. I watched the first like 10 minutes of Game of Thrones and then got bored…eep. Haha.

  5. So sad the weekend is over! I had a birthday party at Medieval Times when I was in middle school. My parents bought me a pink princess hat thing and I was in HEAVEN! I love that you guys went there and I LOVE that they called you lords and ladies. Total Game of Thrones style!

    Thank you so much for coming to my 5K!!! You guys rock in such a big way :). I just wish I had more time to actually see you!

    We have a few crazy dishes that we make when we really want to indulge and one is my moms creamed spinach recipe. AMAZING but so bad for you. Most of the time we make easy meals like chicken and veggies, quesadillas and anything that Sarah from Maying Thyme for Health posts :).

    Let’s run this weekend for real. I’ve got to do 6 on Saturday or Sunday and I want to circuit with you guys!

    • haha i had never been so it was awesome! you rock for inviting us! the senator was the happiest dog in the world! 🙂 I’ll be outta town this weekend 😦 so maybe this week or next week?

  6. I have always wanted to go to a Medieval Times dinner show like this fun! You weeked does sound like a blast, and I am always up for cooking dinner on Saturday nights opposed to going out! WHOO LOOK AT THOSE GUNS!

  7. Dang girl, that bicep tells no lies! You look awesome.
    Yes, running a race means you can eat whatever the hell you want.
    No, you’re not the only one who enjoys staying in for a home cooked meal. I’m like 97 and pretty much always want to stay home.
    Medieval times looked like a blast, I’d say you had an almost perfect weekend!

  8. I really want to go to Medieval Times!! I’ve always been curious about it, but especially with my GoT obsession it just seems so fitting for me. And yes, morning runs should definitely be followed by an epic breakfast. It’s just necessary.

  9. When I first started reading your post, the first thing I thought of was Game of Thrones! I don’t want to ruin your day but did you hear how they might push it back another year so they can give the author more time to write?! Good thing I have Breaking Bad right now or I would be so upset!

  10. YAY. I missed reading about every single thing you did while I was away. You are potentially the most adorable human being on the planet with your bicep guns and wearing that Medieval Times hat. I want to go and slurp soup!! And throw chicken legs over my shoulder or whatever barbarians/Medieval people did. I love a good themed dinner/party/dance/what-have-you. And I hope that all that orange goodness inside of your omelet is a massive amount of cheese! Yum 🙂 missed your pretty face. I seriously miss the fitnesscreatures in my life hardcore!

    • it was indeed cheese! i’ve missed you like cray cray too don’t even get me started on how many times i checked in with you just to find you weren’t there… hahaha

  11. What an awesome weekend!! 1. Your muscles are super impressive. 2. I’ve never heard of white sweet potatoes, but now I am dying to try them! 3. We are so not opposed to cooking/staying in on a Saturday night! 4. Medieval Times looks so great 🙂 5. I think I’d rather run 10 miles–swimming 3 sounds dangerous, and biking 30 sounds painful… we biked about 11 yesterday, and my butt hurts pretty good today 🙂

    • not as awesome as jamaica but it’ll do! 🙂 girl my butt hurts like crazy when i bike, i don’t know how cyclists do it!

  12. if i went to medieval times, i’d be calling everyone “wench” because that’s just an awesome word to say, like “WENCH! i need more bread!” or “hey WENCH, refill my water!” ha!

    and put those gun away; you’re going to hurt someone!!

  13. Haha yess! I went to one of those medieval times things a few months ago and remember the soup dilemma. Kinda awkward without a spoon but oh so much fun. Your Saturday night actually sounds perfect! I’m actually like 80 years old and love a low key Saturday night in.

  14. that is a our totally awesome weekend. You seriously have the best friends and how lucky you guys are all dating someone and they get along! I would love to try that medieval place out. way to go on your workouts. I’d much rather run 10 miles than do any kind of swimming, i’m a total wimp.

    • haha you’re not a wimp, you’re a runner! silly!!! thanks girl, yes i love that we can do things as couples like that!

  15. i ALSO enjoy staying in on saturday nights every once in a while, so you are definitely not alone. i stayed in BOTH nights this weekend and couldn’t be more ecstatic about it 🙂

  16. Medieval Times may possibly be the best thing in existence. I went every year for my birthday until I was 14 lol. Now I take my nephew every year but you better bet I would go whether or not I had a 4 year old with me 😉 And I would say a mini-triathlon is definitely better than nothing…I would be beyond thrilled if I could pull that off!

  17. Oh my gosh. You just brought me back to 8th grade with this Medieval Times post. Freaking awesome!! I love that the pup was able to run this with you! How did he do? I’ve wanted to bring mine to a doggy race, but he’s too damn spastic in that environment. Love the nailpolish colors too… maybe I’ll go a little brighter next time too 🙂

    • haha normally my pup is too, trust me, but he did great! only took a dump once, which is great compared to his typical 2-3 times on a run. such a little nervous pooper. 🙂

  18. Home cooking on a Saturday night=bliss! Perfect night if you ask me!
    White sweet potatoes?! Thanks for teaching me something new 🙂
    Nice workouts pretty lady! Your muscles look amaze!

  19. LOOK at those MUSCLES!!
    Our favorite meals to make are mexican of some sort or turkey burgers on the grill.
    And run 10 miles. Always.

  20. Looks like an AWESOME weekend. Seriously you kids are always running around town doing fun things! I love the little crowns – seriously hilarious. And congrats on those muscles girl – you’re turning into a fitness beast!!! (Beast is a compliment ;))

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