I Cooked and the World Still Spins!

Um, I don’t cook/bake/broil/fry whatever you will, because I tend to have less than stellar results at the end of the attempt. I can sometimes bake up some salmon or some veggies (that’s not too hard) but following recipes escapes me. To spite the odds, I chose to cook last night (with supervision from the roomie/co blogger/bestie). Look what I made (more like look what we made together)! It’s cauliflower crust pizza and it’s the bomb.com.

photo (24)


photo (25)

I topped mine off with some marinara sauce, onions, cheese, black olives, mushrooms and chopped broccoli. The co bliggity blogger topped hers with marinara sauce, basil, tomato, mushrooms and cheese.

photo (27)

So don’t get me wrong here, I love traditional crust pizza, but this stuff is so unique and so delicious it’s worth the time and energy to create and enjoy. And also – do NOT mistake me for someone who cooks successfully most of the time. That is not me.

Moving on!

I have had some killer workouts this week that have not been in the form of running because I like to chill with the running after a long race. So, here’s one I did Tuesday night:


If you aren’t sweating like you’ve been stuck on a desert island after this, then you simply didn’t do this circuit. Twenty-five minutes of pure movement without breaks is no joke! I followed that with a mile on the treadmill and some lost but not forgotten planking.

Last night, the other crEATure (how many ways can I say Rebekah without saying Rebekah?) and I went to a fun class at our gym that targets muscle strength + endurance. And yes, it does both and it burns so good! I’m slowly adding weight to the hour long class and I’m seeing physical results! Yipee!

photo (21)

Here’s some big news – the girl BeKKKAHHH had the cutest workout tank on so naturally I told her to work it and POSE! See, she doesn’t really care as much about workout clothes as I do so I get super excited when she walks out of her room with a fun workout outfit on! Makes me a proud friend bear bird roomie! 🙂

photo (26) 

And with that gibberish, I bid you all adieu! In all the wonder of the world, I did not think that this week would go by so quickly but am SO glad that it has! Enjoy your Thursday!

Do you like to cook? Have you made this Internet sensation cauliflower crust pizza yet (thank you Pinterest!)?

How do you like to switch up your workouts from time to time?

What is the best meal you’ve MADE this week (a spouse making it counts too!)? Hands down, this. Though, I made some Brussels that came out tasting like chips and those were darn delish. It’s a toss up. No, wait, the cheesy pizza wins. 🙂


48 thoughts on “I Cooked and the World Still Spins!

  1. that looks YUM!! i’m not a fan of cooking; to be honest, food to me is just “fuel” so i eat what fuels my body most efficiently and helps build/repair muscle…which is why my meals are uber-boring because i pretty much eat the same thing every day since i know it’s what my body/muscles need.

    now that i’m no longer in weight loss mode, i switch up my workouts daily. i always lift but what i work on and how i work it varies from day to day; same with cardio. i’ll run one day, then do crazy HIIT cardio the next just to give my workouts some variety.

    • I typically eat the same thing everyday too so this was an awesome workout! HIIT cardio is the very best! Rebekah and I want to come workout with you!!!!

  2. That pizza looks DELICIOUS! can you come to boston and cook for me please?? 🙂 that circuit looks like all kinds of sweaty awesomeness. i love miss rebekah’s tank!! super cute! best meal “I” cooked this week was… oh wait not even eric cooked this week… huh, its been a busy week. last night we went to our favorite pho place and it was delicious 🙂

  3. I have not experienced the internet sensation that is cauliflower crust pizza before, but I’ve definitely considered trying it. Your pizzas look SO good. How could you say Brussel sprouts beats cheesy pizza? Girl, we’ve got some issues to work out. 😛 Rebekah’s tank is adorable–I love the colors!

  4. Woohoo!! I’d say that’s win!!! That pizza looks so good, I never thought I’d say that cauliflower looks good haha. I’m way better at baking than I am at cooking. But I do like to cook, I just need more practice. But then again, it’s way more fun to bake than cook 🙂 Awesome workouts!! And cute outfits to both of you! My amazing meal with be this morning after I run. I made it last night, so I didn’t have to waste precious time (that I could be spending doing homework), and of course tried it……..and wanted to just eat the whole thing then!! When I want to cool it from running, I usually just cut down my runs to 2-4 miles during the week and 6 for my long run days, then just really push myself with the weights, surprisingly I kind of enjoy doing that more……

  5. I love cooking but have never made cauliflower crust. Looks sooooo good! Might have to try it out 🙂 also love the circuit workout!

  6. I made that pizza crust too last year and it came out really good! I actually forgot it wasn’t the real deal when I wasn’t looking at it. Loading it with cheese helped me too 😉 I’m a terrible cook, so I can vouch for you that it isn’t that difficult to make. You actually reminded me to make it again!

  7. YUM!!!! You know I love cauliflower crust pizza!!! 😉 I used to cook weekly with one of my best friends, but we have since replaced those dinners with working out 😉 I cook many many recipes I find on Pinterest!! 😉 How do I like to switch up your workouts from time to time? Some days I walk/jog outside, some days I play tennis, some days I dance dance, and other days I use my apartment gym! The best meal I made this week was my kimchichigae (Kimchi stew!) YUM!!!

  8. mmmmm, that pizza looks delish! i have yet to try it (i keep thinking of the smell of cauliflower), but i think you may just have convinced me!
    i am constantly switching up my workouts. my lifting plan stays pretty much the same for 6-8 weeks, but i have to (HAVE TO) change up my cardio to keep things exciting. 🙂
    best meal i’ve made this week was citrus baked tilapia with apples & greens. yum!

  9. Love Rebekah’s workout top! I love bright colors!! Great job on your workout! It made me tired just looking at it!! Maybe one of these days I will have to get on board with the cauliflower crust pizza, but Paleo, of course! 🙂

    • yes you do! all you have to do is omit the cheese and maybe sub in some coconut flour? i’ve done it before and it’s just as yummy! i made my own pesto sauce too! try it! that link is the recipe above!

  10. cauliflower crust is actually one of the few Pinterest trends that I haven’t actually tried yet…and I do have a whole cauliflower in my fridge now, so I really don’t have an excuse!
    That tank top = the cutest. A cute outfit is basically essential for the gym for me!

  11. This looks delish! My husband cooks at our house (let’s be honest- it’s half the reason I married him), but I have been trying to cook more often. The other day he mentioned that I didn’t seem to be very efficient when cooking and always made a bigger mess than necessary.. seriously?? Anyways, I will have to try this out, but only if it makes a HUGE mess! 🙂 Love the workout, too!

  12. Hahaha now you sound like me with cooking. I’d be a goner if Joe didn’t like to cook. I have no idea how i survived before he came home. Now if i have to cook, it’s either pancakes, omelettes or something from a box 😛 no shame. I’m a baker and proud of it…anything else i leave to the professionals 😉

    • i know i love all the meals he makes – he’s such a kitchen professional! 🙂 tell him you guys are BOTH welcome at my place any time!

  13. I am a TERRRRIIIIIIIIIIBLY lazy cook. Like, yeah. Terrible. I can totally relate to you, and I must say I AM IMPRESSED with your cooking. Good job! You should post the recipe sometime, it looks like something I may even be able to handle 🙂 HAPPY THURSDAY!

  14. I have made the cauliflower crust pizza before and it’s awesome. Your pictures are making me crave it again!! They turned out so Purdy. You may be on to something with your cooking skills!

    I love your friend bear bird roomie’s (lol) tank; adorable!

    That workout looks killer. I miss weight lifting classes so much. It’s hard for me to build muscle on my scrawny frame and it’s even harder to get motivated to lift at home. I’m trying to do better though! I hear it really helps with your pace.

    • it is SO awesome, right? 🙂 thanks girly! HAHAH i love that you referenced that bird bear thing! you’re the best!
      it does definitely help with my running to do all over body strength stuff, for sure, and now I’m slowly growing to like it! I didn’t before..

  15. Ah my post today is sort of about cooking. I LOVE TO COOK!! I have just been so boring lately and am finally finding my way in the solo world of cooking!! This pizza looks so good!

    • aww yay i know you’re an excellent cook/baker and when i come to seattle (my flight is booked, btw) you will be cooking for my man and me. or we can go to red robin! :)hahaha

  16. Even though I write a food blog, I actually HATE to cook! Different story for baking though. Weirdly I have far more success with baking than cooking even though cooking should be easier. I’ve made cauliflower pizza before and it is seriously bomb!!!

    • yes please come! it’s hard but awesome! recipe is in the link that says cauliflower pizza up in the first paragraph but fair warning – it’s messy! 🙂

  17. I have not made a cauliflower crust! I am kind of scared to even try it! Does it stay together well or does it kind of crumble? That is a super cute tank! Where is it from??

    • it stays together really well if you follow directions! i have neglected to do so a few times but i’ve learned my lesson at this point. totally worth making it! 🙂 Marshalls or TJMaxx, thanks!!

  18. Ok, your crust looks good! I’m usually pretty competent in the kitchen but cauliflower crust was one of my biggest fails!! I followed the same recipe to a T and it completely fell apart on me. Definitely needed a little more time on the pizza stone. I’m willing to give it another shot, but I think my husband’s traumatized from the time he had to eat his pizza with a spoon 😉

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