Whole Life Challenge

Due to my laziness (I haven’t taken pictures of anything I’ve been doing lately), and the fact that I ate Pizza Hut last night – don’t worry, it was Paleo 😉 – I thought today would be an appropriate day to talk about The Whole Life Challenge.

I participated in this challenge for the first time last September. At the time, I desperately needed something to help get me back on track after a fun and food-filled summer. I needed some sort of guidance, inspiration, a swift kick in the ass, anything, and my every day, monotonous diet and exercise wasn’t doing the trick (I can’t imagine why!).

So, after having found out about this bad boy only three days prior to the start date (yikes!), I decided to throw all my inhibitions to the wind and just jump right into this intense lifestyle game. I knew it was what I needed, and waiting around for perfect timing or, at the very least, more advanced notice was not going to do me any favors. So, with everything in me intent to succeed kick this challenge’s ass, I signed up.

The challenge was difficult to say the least, but I was dedicated and at the game’s end, I decided it was the best choice I had ever made regarding my nutrition, fitness, and overall health.

  • Specifically, it’s the reason I switched to a Paleo diet, which included eating meat again (I was a pescatarian until halfway through the challenge), and helped me realize the importance of label reading, proper macronutrient balance, and general clean eating.
  • More generally, it taught me that diligence and consistency are the keys to forming and keeping good habits. Shaping them takes constant effort, but once they’re formed, the upkeep is effortless. 
  • Most beneficial to me was how this game – over the course of only eight weeks – gave me reason to question everything I thought I knew about nutrition and fitness, sparking my interest in researching and understanding as much about those topics as possible.

I highly recommend this to anyone who’s in a general health slump, struggling with your everyday decisions, needs to get back on track, or just wants to kick it up a notch. I want to emphasize that this is not a diet. It is not a quick fix. It is a complete lifestyle challenge that includes changing your diet, exercise, mobilization, supplemental, sleep, and hydration habits (among a slew of others). It promotes overall wellness by concentrating on, and bettering, every aspect of your daily life.

All of the above is why I just signed up again! The challenge starts September 7th!!!

Here are a few more specifics about the game:

  • 8 week long online accountability game
  • Thousands of other players
  • Body measurement/current fitness level recorded before and after challenge
  • Daily log in to record your points (11 points total, daily)
    • 5 nutrition points
    • 2 exercise points
    • 2 mobilization points
    • 1 supplement point
    • 1 lifestyle point
    • Bonus points earned for reflections
  • Nutrition
    • 3 different levels of participation: Advanced, intermediate, and beginner
    • Choose your level when you sign up
    • Break a nutrition rule, lose a point
  • Exercise
    • At least 10 minutes of exercise to earn your 2 points
    • Active recovery for 10 minutes on rest days
  • Mobilization
    • At least 10 minutes of stretching to earn your 2 points
  • Supplement
    • Take a supplement of your choice every day to earn your 1 point
  • Lifestyle
    • Earn 1 point each day by following the lifestyle instructions for that week i.e. water intake, min. hours of sleep, etc.
  • Bonus
    • Reflections are short, written entries in which you can write about anything you’re feeling that day
    • Must log 5 consecutive entries in order to earn 2 bonus points
  • $49 to sign up
    • Access to player forum and online global community
    • Daily blog content

Check out the FAQs for more information.

In addition to myself, others who are signing up for the challenge include Meghan, my boyfriend, my friend Jacque, AND her entire office! How awesome! Once you sign up, you can create teams through the website. We’re definitely doing that. It’s a great way to keep yourself and each other accountable, and it adds a little friendly competition to the mix 🙂

Annnyyyywayyyyy, so there’s that. I’m really excited about it. Only 16 days out! I can’t wait!

When and what was your healthy living breakthrough moment? My initial moment was May, 2011 in a Macy’s dressing room (you ladies know the lighting in there is the WORST) and I decided I was sick of being out of shape and unhealthy. WLC was my second.

Anyone else participating in a healthy living challenge?

Sorry there are no pictures in this post – that’s not a question 😦

– Rebekah

23 thoughts on “Whole Life Challenge

  1. interesting, i had never heard of the whole life challenge until now! it sounds like a great way to get motivated especially after coming out of the summer slump! my last kick in the butt came right after my own summer slump last year too- a picture emerged of me on a boat in a bikini looking, well, less than awesome. it was a really fun summer and all, but, a few things had to change.

    • Yes, definitely needed after a fun summer. I feel ya. I hate the pictures of me on the cruise from a few weeks ago and that’s a dramatic improvement from a couple years ago.

  2. This is very interesting. I don’t think I could ever go back to eating meat, but the rest of it sounds really fun! I’ve had wake up moments when I realized that I was always tired, my skin look blah and I just felt gross. Enter distance running!

    • Meghan doesn’t eat meat either. There’s a different nutrition plan for vegetarians 🙂 It’s amazing what good food and lots of water does for your complexion.

  3. This is my first time hearing about this! I’ll have to look into it. My first time I realized I had to change my diet was two years ago in Tahoe. Like Charlotte above me, I saw a picture of me looking a little fluffy. I wasn’t too worried about my weight, but seeing it from a 3rd person’s view made me realize that sucking it in while looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t look the same as when you’re out and about. Ha!

    • Nope, it doesn’t. I’ve learned that too! I look at pictures of me a couple years ago and wonder why I ever thought I looked good. Ugh. No. to. that. Definitely look into it! I lost 12 lbs last year when I did it. Not that it was my main goal, but it was a nice bonus 🙂

  4. Sounds like a really interesting challenge! I love that you can have teams, it sounds so motivating. I used to get sick all of the time and realized that I needed to eat better to support my immune system. The biggest change came after I decided to become a vegetarian because of the nightmarish process that is taking place in the corporate meat (and dairy) industry. I really started to investigate plant based proteins after that. Being a vegetarian kind of makes the whole Paleo thing impossible but I like the idea behind it!

    • I realize how much I don’t get sick when I’m eating and exercising the right way. It’s awesome. I’m with you on the meat/dairy industry. I am VERY picky when it comes to the quality meat I eat. No farmed fish, grass fed beef and butter, and only organic, cage free/free range chicken and eggs. You can’t avoid it all unless you have a farm near by and only shop there, haha. Nope, you can’t do Paleo being a vegetarian, but you could still do this challenge 🙂 Also, if you’re into the whole plant protein thing, have you read The China Study yet?

  5. Sweet! I’d never heard of this one until this post! I’m glad you found it when you needed it and have used it to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you 🙂 I think my healthy aha moment came when I realized I couldn’t keep running like I was if I wasn’t eating enough/eating the right stuff. I only ended up tired/frustrated/hurt….I got the running bug, though, so that helped me change my eating habits, gain some needed weight, and get myself healthy again after a long time of undereating despite being in recovery. I owe running a lot 🙂

    • Yep, eating is sooooo important when you’re pairing it with certain exercises. I’m finding that out too with my recent lifting ventures. Glad you found a balance 🙂

  6. My CrossFit gym is about to do an 8 week Paleo challenge… I’m not sure excited about it just yet, but I need to get my eating back on track and I want to tighten things up a bit before I get my wedding dresses altered 😉 And I know it will be easier to do with a group supporting me! Gotta pump myself up for it!

  7. I’ve never heard of this challenge before – looks really interesting! I would say my breakthrough moment was when I was graduating college and realized that I had gained over 40 pounds over those 4 years – I couldn’t believe it! It took me awhile and I had a lot of stops and starts before I finally figured out what I needed to do to get myself healthy.

    • It’s all a process. I feel like (after over 2 years) I’m finally in a good place with what I need to be doing to be and stay healthy.

  8. I admire how disciplined you are in your diet, sweet friend! I’m great during the week when I’m eating at home but as soon as I go out to a Mexican restaurant it’s cheese dip for me :). Moderation, right? Can’t wait to hear what you’re eating!

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