Oh, Hey, Just Ran a Half Marathon!

Ya know, no biggie, just hanging out over here… Yeah, bragging on my co blogger/bestie, one of my dearest girlfriends and myself… We ran a half marathon this weekend! It was not all 100% glorious but the runner’s high following it absolutely was. 🙂

photo (14)

The course was fun and mostly flat until the last 3-4 miles (which broke my spirit a little bit) but it was fun and actually a lot better than I expected it to be! The trails I was frightened of were a bit more like muddy roads than they were trails and the nighttime thing really only became a problem during the last mile. So, all the concerns I had dissipated away pretty quickly.

photo (15)

For both of us, this was our second ever half marathon but it was Ash’s first! We all killed it and I am so proud of everyone, including myself. Our first one was October 2012 and we finished in roughly 2:17. This year, I harnessed my strength and decreased it by about 10 minutes.

photo (17)

And I have another one in early October, ah! We shall see about that…. Besides, we got these awesome medals:

photo (13)

Immediately upon finishing, I chugged a bottle of water and simultaneously threw this around my neck. You’re darn right I care about the medal! I have three so far and I can’t wait to add more! 🙂

photo (16)

It was definitely a fun race, and there was water at every single mile – super awesome considering my CamelBak didn’t work from the get go, which sort of sucked.

Ok, so I have a confession. I haven’t really taken training too seriously for this primarily because ever since I ran a marathon, I’m all, “Yeah, 13.1 is no biggie, I’ve done a full one before!” Never mind that it was many months ago or that 13 is still a lot of mileage – but anyway, I’ve sort of become unrealistic about what constitutes a long run. Caitlin touched on it a few weeks ago but it’s so true! I didn’t think that this race would be too hard but it certainly was. I’ve gotta readjust my perspectives, right? Ugh!

My legs are SUPER tight, my hamstrings and calves, specifically, but overall, no concerning pain! That’s a big victory if you ask me! Another victory? My darn appetite!! Yum. I know those are weird toppings – but I love salt after a race SO much. Don’t hate!

photo (18)

And I proceeded to continue my loving relationship with running last night for a slow and easy four miles to shake out my muscles. I was sore, but it totally helped to go at a slow pace and just enjoy it. Running, I love you. That is all. Also, I love the Senator for being such a great running partner. And the beautiful Mollie Hannah!

photo (20) 

And thank goodness for my Pro Compressions, right? Sheesh.

photo (19)

I have never run with them but it felt great to do so last night! I may start doing it more often.

What’s the longest run you’ve ever been on?

What’s your favorite post race meal?

How do you recover after long runs? I like to be a bum after some foam rolling. 🙂 It makes me feel accomplished.


28 thoughts on “Oh, Hey, Just Ran a Half Marathon!

  1. you guys are my inspiration!!! Congrats on that 1/2 marathon you should all be SO proud of yourselves!! meghan- that time is AMAZING!!! and im still trying to figure out just what about those pizza toppings makes it weird and i cant- i eat crazy pizza all the time. my longest run is 6 miles!! what what (and it was about 15 years ago) my longest WALK was 24 miles (it took all day, like, it was ridiculous, we kinda got lost, long, long story, but i digress.) yay you crEATures!!

  2. the ONLY long run i’ve done was about 20K for the heck of it. it wasn’t a marathon or anything but i was out running, didn’t get tired at the end of my 5K, thought: hey, why not? and just kept going. of course, it took me like, 3hrs and i was pretty immobilized the next day LOL.

    i do about 10K on the trails and between 5-10K on the road. i don’t really do any recovering either; just workout the next day on a different muscle group.

    CONGRATS ON THE RACE!!! wear that medal proud, girls!!

  3. Oh hey, you’re awesome. That’s a huge PR! I feel like I run into that trap with not feeling like its tht big of a deal and I haven’t even done a marathon! But it IS a big deal. Shifting that perspective is something I really need to work on too. Hopefully recovering from this injury slowly will help me appreciate those longer miles because they’re something to be incredibly proud of! I can’t wait to see what you do with your next half!

  4. Congrats! That’s a great time! Longest I’ve ran was just under 7 miles but I have my half coming up so that’ll increase soon!

  5. Dang girl!! You rocked that race!!! Shaved off 10 minutes??? Beast over here!! Congrats to you both 🙂 Mmmm I am super jealous of that pizza, looks amaze-balls! It’s weird how the long runs are the ones that make us love running more. The longest I’ve ran was 15 miles, haven’t been able to hit that again haha. Favorite post race fuel….everything in the kitchen, literally. I usually wear my procompression socks the WHOLE day. Hey they’re comfy 🙂

  6. AHHH HUGE CONGRATS! Especially taking 10 minutes off your time–crazy girlie! That medal is actually pretty rockin’. I want an alien medal! I actually never knew you ran a marathon (sorry for being a bad friend…)…do you have a recap up or was that before you started the blog? I’d love to hear more about it! (Especially given my recent decision, hehe.) I don’t think I can ever run in compression socks again…on my long run this weekend there just wasn’t enough cushioning and there was so much friction between my feet and my shoes that I was legitimately afraid I would end up with blisters. 😦 Sad day.

  7. Congrats on the half! It looks like it went great 🙂 It’s been some time since I’ve raced but soft pretzels were always my post-race go-to. Like you, anything salty please!

  8. Congrats!! Great time!! We could totally run together in a race since we pretty much run at the same pace!!! Maybe one day 🙂 Well, as you know my longest run has been 16 miles. This Sunday will be my longest run EVER, at 18 miles!! Yikes, I am totally nervous about it 😦 Favorite post race meal/drink is a coffee drink, some type of Iced flavored latte!! I usually am not hungry after a long run or race, just want something sweet. I always run with my compression socks during my long runs and sometimes during my short ones if I still feel a little tight!! I recover after long runs by wearing my other pair of compression socks and using my ultra roller!!! Great job again girls!! I told you would do awesome!!

  9. Yay!!! I’m so psyched for you guys 😀 you absolutely rocked it (seriously, knocking 10 minutes off?? huge!!) and i’m glad to know i’m not the only one who enjoys the medal haha…i felt slightly lame at first to get excited about that but now i’m like, “psssh whatever! I worked hard for this thing! I should enjoy it!” So i do 😉 longest run I’ve been on is 20 miles and i have another one of those saturday. Eeepp!

  10. Congrats!!!!! That’s a great time!!!! As for the longer runs – the longer your runs, the more calories you burn and the more pizza you will consume. Consider yourself motivated 🙂

  11. WHOOOHOOO!!!! GREAT JOB TO YOU ALL!! I loveee that this race went so well, and your time is awesome!! I would love to decrease my time with my next half! I love CARBS after a half marathon run…give me BREAD!

  12. BOOM! I love it! Looks like an awesome race! And you are sooo right about the whole perspective thing. I had the same issue – psh I can do 13.1, and yeah sure it’s possible. But it is so much more enjoyable when there is some halfway decent training involved. Great work to you both – it looks like an awesome time. And night time, craziness!

  13. That pizza was delicious (and absolutely necessary as both post-run and current-hangover food). I am glad it made it into this post 🙂 I am also quite pleased to see the MOST AMAZING AND COOL MEDALS EVER. Seriously the outer space and alien theme is on point! (#veryvocal) Did you find that the last couple miles of the course were kinda dark? A coworker told me she knocked another runner down because she couldn’t even see them! Great job on your time keep up the good work!!!!

  14. Ahh! You girls rocked it! And you even looked pretty afterwards.
    Reading this is making me want to go run right now! I’m new to running long distances so a 5k is my max right now but I’m looking forward to the 10k. Running a half better yet a full scares the bajeezus out of me but you are so inspiring- who knows what can happen?
    Great job!! p.s. that sucks about your Camelbak! :/

  15. Those are the coolest medals! I want one! I’ve done two half marathons and while I definitely wasn’t loving it the whole time, the feeling when you are done is the best!! I’m strange and hate eating right after I run (it makes me nauseous), so I usually try to get down some eggs and then like an hour and a hour later I get super hungry and crave a big burger. Congratulations!

  16. Yahoo!! I was waiting for this post since Friday. 🙂 You did so good, I’m proud! Can’t believe you already have another 1/2 coming up, I feel like I would still be traumatized. Ha!

  17. Congrats!!! I have totally felt unmotivated training for the half in October – know how you feel! 13 miles is a lot on a person’s body, regardless of how far they have run in the past. And you two rocked! See you soon please!

  18. Yay yay yay!! I’m so glad it turned out well…sounds like you guys rocked it! The Richmond Marathon and Half gives out pizza to all the runners at the end, and it’s pretty much the best thing in the world. There are few things I want more than pizza at the end of a long run!
    Congrats on the awesome race and for looking cuter at the end that I ever do at the beginning 😀

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