Creature of Habit

I am such a person of routine. I cannot grasp the concept of plans changing and I literally have the exact same schedule every week with variations on Friday-Sunday. It’s so routine for me because of how I’ve incorporated fitness into my life and I like it! Some of my friends think I’m a freak, but that’s okay. 🙂 Last night my schedule changed a bit unexpectedly and I immediately went to my couch and turned on my favorite show. See, normally I go for a run and do a circuit on Tuesday nights, but not last night. I bummed around for a bit until my boyfriend convinced me to go to the gym. Sighhhhhhhh I went for a swim and enjoyed it, I think.

photo (6)

I just did a bunch of 200’s for about an hour and I was satisfied with that, especially once I started to feel my shoulders getting sore already!

photo (9)

Ah, the beauty of a swim cap + goggles never gets old. Swimming was my sport for my entire life… I swam on varsity in high school my freshman year and subsequent following years and enjoyed every second of it. I was raised as a swimmer and have missed the euphoric and therapeutic aspect of it that I don’t feel with running. It was a nice change! I’m really superstitious about race week so I don’t want to overdo it before my half this weekend!

And I ended my lovely evening with some delicious vegetarian sushi (which I do eat every Tuesday night, don’t judge!).

photo (3)

I am so sorry I’ve been MIA lately, my job has gotten drastically different over the past two months and it’s been difficult to keep up… I love you all tons and tons and I’m trying my hardest to stay afloat! 🙂

Are you a swimmer?

Do you live life impulsively or do you follow a schedule?

Will you please forgive me for my sporadic appearances in blog land and love me forever? I knew you all would, thanks. 🙂


42 thoughts on “Creature of Habit

  1. i’m SO a creature of habit! I need to plan everything otherwise I don’t feel settled and if I don’t get to do my morning routine (eat breakfast/drink coffee while reading my blogs and other tech feeds), i get angry and feel off all day.

  2. I get it- I’m a creature of habit until suddenly I’m not. Like I will do and eat the exact same things for months, but then suddenly i get sick of it “need a change” and then everything is different and i do that for a couple months. you know what i LOVE though- plans. like in that full house episode when danny tanner brought the “clipboard of fun” to the beach- yeah, i love planning ahead 🙂

  3. I’m such a bad swimmer (I never really learned the proper way to swim) and I’m afraid of deeper water…so…nope I’m definitely NOT a swimmer.

    No need to apologize Meghan! Life takes precedent over blog land. Just hope you’re doing well!

    • aw, swimming is tough… it also took me 2390483 hours to swim just one mile. totally agreed, thank you! very well, just very busy is all.. sucks to neglect this little bloggy blog!

  4. Love you forever Meg! I have to have a schedule, for everything. I’m freaking out a bit about changing my day off lol. I swam my junior year in high school, because I was injured and couldn’t run. It was amazing! I then understood why everyone loved swimming, it’s very peaceful. I have been dying for a day to swim laps lately too. Hope everything with work calms down, have a great day 🙂

  5. I’m a creature of habit too so I understand. It seems like more and more bloggers are coming out of the woodwork as former swimmers. As one myself, I can kind of relate minus the fact that I can’t get the same relaxing feeling. Running does more for me but hey, we’re all different! In glad you enjoyed getting back in the pool… Swim cap and all 😉

  6. I am a total total total creature of habit – slight variation from routine and I am totally thrown off and can’t adjust lol. I should make Tuesday sushi night too. I used to have pizza bagel night on Wednesdays when I was first married, I should reinstate that as well! I am not a swimmer but I think about taking it up – in fact, perhaps when I go back to Lifetime this winter I will! They have a nice indoor pool.

  7. Haha you look soo attractive!! (; And I am decent at swimming but I never do it! Yay for you switching things up- I need more schedule in my life. I am so bad at sticking to things it’s ridiculous!!

  8. Obviously forgiven girl! Whenever you have time/energy/desire to post, we’ll be here 🙂 So I am not a swimmer. Like at all. I took swimming lessons as a child and all I can really handle today is the doggie paddle, floating on my back, and jumping in the waves. I theoretically know a few of the proper strokes, but those just don’t happen when I’m swimming. I would like (at some point) to become a stronger swimmer, since I know it would be an amazing form of cross training for me, but i don’t have pool access yet and i would be slightly embarrassed to do the doggie paddle up and down lanes. If my heel doesn’t get better soon, however, that may be my only option for a bit. We shall see!

    • hahaha, don’t feel bad, my man doesn’t quite know how to do the strokes either.. you can learn! It is an amazing form of training and i’m super sore TWO DAYS later….

  9. Awh I forgive you! (And I guess I forgive you for not liking goat cheese either…strange person. :P) Life happens, life goes on. It’s all good. 🙂 I’m glad to see you getting back in the pool after you said you’ve been wanting to! There’s just something inherently different about swimming than running (well, you know, besides the obvious one of not really being able to breathe whenever you want and the fact that you’re horizontal), but I love the feeling of both. I definitely wish I was able to “casually” swim 200s, but alas, that much endurance has not been retained 😛 I’m so excited to hear about your half this weekend!

    • hahaha agh but i love every other cheese out there, i swear (no, that’s a lie. i hate brie too! but all the others get an A++++ from me. friends still?!?). THANKS ahh i can’t wait to get it over with. we’ll see!!

  10. I am not a swimmer at all. I think I’ve done laps maybe once in my life?! But lately I have been getting the swimming itch…maybe I will dive into it? <–forgive the awful pun 😉

  11. Wow, you really are a creature of habit! It’s okay, I am too! Sometimes I get all worked up when there is a change of plans because it might interfere with my routine.
    A swim sounds like a perfect way to change things up though, especially when you weren’t in the mood for much anyways. The vegetarian sushi looks delicious too!

  12. Love you forever – Duh and obvi. We have a lap pool in our apartment building and I was using it back in the fall after I hurt my IT band. I think I should try and incorporate swimming more with my running and Bar Method, but alas there are never enough hours in the day. Good luck with work stuff!!! Blog land isn’t going anywhere – you do, you 🙂

    • haha thanks girly! 🙂 THERE REALLY ARE NOT enough hours in the day… I was JUST thinking that the other day.

  13. Haha, I love it. I am a creature of habit as well, especially when it comes to workouts! I was just thinking about getting back into swimming! I swam a lot growing up (mostly summer leagues, but some year-round), and I swam regularly in college when I was training for my first marathon. It’s such a good workout!

  14. So cool that you swam your whole life! I bet that’s great cross-training too, perfect for your upcoming half! You’re a cutie in those goggles, of course!

    I am such a creature of routine..same breakfasts, pizza every Friday, the list goes on 🙂 you are not alone in that!
    Hope your job slows down a bit for you, we will love you no matter what!

    • aww haha you’re the best. um, yes, now i will be getting pizza tomorrow for dinner. thank you for that! we can virtually have a pizza friday tomorrow. YES.

  15. Don’t judge me, but I don’t know how to swim! Our beaches are freezing cold and the public pools are pretty gross, so I always just skipped that chunk of my life.

    • aww i feel ya – you’re not alone in that at all! i don’t blame you at all… no judgement girl! I can’t take pictures like you or cook like you! 🙂

  16. I’m an ex-swimmer turned runner today! I always forget that the pool exists now, but everytime I remember to get back in the water I end up loving it and wondering why I ever stopped!

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