The Day I Thought I was in Shape

And then soon realized I have a long way to go. Yeah, here’s that story.

My Saturday started innocently enough – a slow and easy 30 minute jog. I was planning on running a 10K but my legs felt heavy and I was in the mood to do less than that anyway. I had plans to attend a free cross fit session with my man, his brother in law and his sister immediately after, so three miles was plenty. It was hot, but I know I sound like a broken record in saying that.

Upon finishing, I headed straight up to that thing called cross fit. I’ve done a few workouts there before, here and there, so I thought I was going to kill it.  I saw the workout of the day (WOD) and I thought to myself, “I GOT THIS!!”

Yeah, my ego is much larger than it should be. Five minutes in, I was pooped. See, I do circuits all the time, but they are never this crazy. The workout was 25 minutes of running, burpees, sit ups, box jumps, sumo dead lift high pulls (WTF?!?) and dumbbell thrusters. AND, the best part – I got to do it with a partner. I paired up with my boyfriend’s brother in law because he does Insanity and I figured he’d be around my same level of fitness. After 25 minutes of that workout, I was dead. I worked harder than I have in a while and I could tell, immediately. 🙂


You can’t tell from the picture, but I was soaking wet. I even had to change shirts because I was that gross. I mean, I get it, cross fit is an amazing workout, but danggggg. This stuff was so hard, and I LOVED it. My boyfriend’s sister was a total trooper, too, and killed it!


I had to eat my words at the end too – I foolishly told my partner I would handle all the burpees every time… Um, NO! That did not ever happen.

Anyway, I believe we came in second in terms of how many times we got through all that in 25 minutes (3 full times and part of a fourth!). I then proceeded to indulge the rest of the day, including a wonderful birthday dinner with some of my dearest friends…


(Ash, you know why I picked this ^^ picture! Sorry Drewski!!)


That other crEATure and I are running the half marathon this weekend with that beautiful blondie in the picture above… CAN.NOT.WAIT.

And the rest of my weekend was spent doing nails with some other wonderful friends and baking these goodies…

photo (2)

This made about 75 (mini) cupcake cookies – so cut this shizzzz in half if you’re not baking for your office like I was…

4 cups of peanut butter
a little bit of vanilla
3 eggs
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar

Blend it all up, and throw it in some mini cupcake tins and bake it for about 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven, on 350 degrees. When they are fresh out of the oven, you stick mini Hershey kisses in them! I wish I could claim these puppies, but my mama is responsible for making them and creating the recipe. They are amazing, and no, they are not healthy. I felt a bit like Erin baking such delicious goodies! I probably ate about 3904839 cookies in the form of cookie dough. I have no self control around sweets. #fakeblondehairdontcare


And keeping with my theme of obsessing over my dog, I wanted to share another pathetic picture of his ‘tough’ life:

photo (1)

Sleeping is a really hard activity, okay?

Do you go to Cross Fit?

What’s your favorite dessert? Do you bake it yourself? I fail as a baker, hence my trip to my parent’s to have my mom do it for me! Thanks, MOM! 🙂

Do you have any races coming up like we do? I’m so nervous for my SECOND EVER half this weekend! I will not stop talking about it all week, so tune that out if you’re over it. Happy Monday, e’rrrrryone. Let’s DO IT this week!


25 thoughts on “The Day I Thought I was in Shape

  1. Here’s the thing with me – I love to bake, people even buy my goodies, but, when it comes to my sweet tooth, I prefer to have my treats made for me rather than eat what I make. I can’t really explain it but that’s how I roll. And my favorite dessert? A toss up between a giant slice of chocolate fudge cake and a warm chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven.

  2. wow you did crossfit! crossfit scares the bejesus out of me, not in like a “ahhh scary!” type way, more of a “holy. freaking. *$&@#.” type way. they say its for everyone- whevener anyone desribes their box experience they talk about the fittest guy in the room, the 70 year old woman and everybody in between. buuut i prefer to read about it on blogs and be in awe and amazement of those who do it. favorite dessert- froyo. hands down.

  3. I tried Cross Fit once upon a time…it was an “introductory” class and I couldn’t walk for the same number of days afterwards as after my first half. And we didn’t even use any big weights–it was all “normal” stuff (jumproping, squats, that kinda thing.) I haven’t gone back since, haha. I’m going to have to agree with Charlotte here, my favorite dessert is most definitely froyo. Those cookies don’t look too shabby,either. 😉 I’m so excited to hear about your half! I love nerding out about running and I love reading about people nerding out about running so I’m totally down for hearing ALL about it. 🙂

  4. Sumo deadlifts high pull ups…..yeah your reaction was my exact thought lol. That is genius to put cookies in a mini cupcake tray! More cookie = more happiness! I’ve never done crossfit, but now I really kind of want to do it more lol. I find it amazing how they create the shortest workout, and BAM it just kills you! Favorite dessert is this Paleo Ice Cream I made yesterday! Hands down, it beat froyo, for me. Ugh it’s all I think of lol. I love to bake, so if I can make it, I will. None for me, looking forward to yours though!!! I feel like I’m just as excited as you are for it lol.

  5. I’m terrified of trying crossfit. It doesnt seem like my kind of thing. I’m not big on weight training so I would probably pass out and then polish off a large cheese pizza after on my own. Yea, I went there. I’ll stick to my long runs like your HALF MARATHON! Wooooo can’t wait to hear how much you ROCKED it!

  6. OMG…that workout definitely sounds intense and kinda scary! I mean…25 minutes of burpees, sit-ups, summon dead lifts…yikes!?! I’ve never tried cross fit and quite frankly, I’m pretty intimidated by it. I think I’ll stick to Zumba and running! 😉

  7. I’ve never done Cross Fit, much to Jim’s dismay. It’s just so expensive and while I think it’s really awesome, I am also nervous that I would make a complete and utter fool out of myself in front of a bunch of pros. You however, totally killed it. Yay for having no burpee fear! Favorite dessert? I have no idea…alcohol? I kid. Probably red velvet or something with cream cheese frosting. And I have two races coming up this weekend. Both of them together will not equate to the total distance you are running in your one race. You are just that hardcore. I am not very excitable on this Monday morning. I promise my comments will get better as the week goes on. Have a great and quick Monday, beautiful lady! Give the roomie and the pup lots of love from me!!

  8. I’ve never done crossfit but loved insanity! Such a killer workout. Also would it be wrong for me to make that whole recipe for just Matt and I?! Yummmm.

  9. Ahhh so excited for your half this weekend!!! You have been working so hard and are going to do great!! I would maybe lay off the crossfit for a bit this week to be fresh! It is amazing how sore it an make you!!
    Yes I crossfit and love it and have learned sooo much from it!! Weight lifting is my fave thing now 🙂

    I am an awful baker! Not a bad cook… but bad baker!! I will give those a shot though 🙂
    Have a fantastic week!!!!

  10. I have yet to try crossfit but it definitely intrigues me.
    Good luck with your race this weekend, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  11. Omg those cookies look amazing. I need joe to get a job in an office stat so that i can bake fun things again without having to eat them all myself (huge problem i know). I have not tried crossfit, since i’m not a huge fan of circuits or strength training or things that make me go owww (running is the exception), but joe informed me if he gets into the state police academy next year, he will be joining a box so that he goes there ripped. Direct quote. This will be interesting!

  12. That crossfit workout looks insane! Reminds me of what I used to have to do for soccer back when I played competively! I would have been a sweaty mess as well ;). I love the AMAZING after-workout feeling you get though! Woo!!

    Those cookies look amazing. Feed me please 😉

  13. You are so incredibly gorgeous! I love it. I’m pretty much scared shitless of Crossfit, it seems so intense with all those acronyms and numbers on the board. Even reading about it gives me anxiety 😉

    Good luck on your half! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  14. eep! crossfit is awesomely awesome but i’m scared! there’s a crossfit gym right around the corner from my house and it’s so freaking expensive which is the reason why i won’t join (even though the real reason is because i’m scurrred!) LOL. so glad that you did it and love it too!

  15. Crossfit is no joke, girl! Awesome job getting there. That’s half the battle 🙂 Good luck with your half this weekend!! I’m running one too so I’m excited for a virtual half buddy. I can’t definitely relate to talking all things race, all week. Have you picked out your post race reward meal yet??

  16. Crossfire seems tough- but awesome all at the same time. Good luck with your half marathon- I hope you have a blast!

  17. You are SO in shape, no matter what you think! You ran 3 miles before crossfit and still rocked it! I’m envious, I am way to scared to try crossfit!

    Favorite baked good is chocolate chip bars(underbaked!), but I am a sucker for anything with peanut butter so those cookies look delish : -)

  18. Are you going to become a crossfit addict now? I hear that’s what happens to people! It looks like a lot of fun, though, and I love the concept and the constantly changing workouts. I am not a baker – but I like to eat baked goods! I have the marathon in October, but no other races planned. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!! I can’t wait to see how it goes!

  19. Umm…I started insanity yesterday because my cousin had it..and the workout was a basic fit test…and it was only 25 minutes..AND IT WAS SO EFFING HARD! I wanted to die. I am so not in that kind of shape haha it was a harsh reality my friend.

  20. I’ve wanted to try Crossfit forever but it is so dang expensive by me. I’m afraid I’ll get addicted and be poor for the rest of my life, haha. It looks like a great workout though! But I would NEVER volunteer to do all of the burpees! You’re nuts!
    Those cookies + snuggles with your pup look like a perfect treat to hard day of working out.

  21. SUPER JEALOUS OF YOUR CROSSFIT SESSION!!! I have always wanted to try Crossfit!!!!! Maybe one day…. I have done Insanity, well not completely. I didn’t finish the whole program because I just got bored with the same old routine. Good luck on your guys’ half this weekend! You will all kill it! Trust me, when it comes to running there is no such thing as talking too much about a race/running! I could talk running all day long! 🙂

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