Why Does it Have to End?

This weekend was a whirlwind of fun and I can’t believe it’s already the dreaded Monday again. 🙂 I wish we had three day weekends every weekend…I guess I’ll survive today if I reminisce about my fabulous weekend to you fine folks.

Firday night the boyfriend and I went to a comedy show with another couple and laughed til it hurt! Seriously, improv comedy is some awesome entertainment!


We also met up with the other fitnesscrEATure for some fun at a local bar.


Saturday morning, I ran the Run or Dye 5K race, Atlanta style, with a lovely pal of mine CA! I won’t lie – I was hurting from the night before but I made it through! It was an awful lot like the Color Run but I enjoyed this one a lot more than the Color Run. CA was smart and shielded her eyes but I was not smart and had lots of blue and green eye gunk all up in there.


We also both couldn’t explain how this happened….

PicMonkey Collage

What was the point of wearing shoes? Ha!

After that, I spent the rest of the day lounging and relaxing – it has finally been nice enough weather in Atlanta to use a pool! 🙂 WOO HOO!

And yesterday, I began my day with a 10 mile run. It got tougher as it warmed up outside but I was really pleased with how I finished.

Lately work has been incredibly stressful and my runs haven’t been a means of relief like they usually are, either. I find myself thinking about work and letting it stress me out around the clock, including during my runs. Yesterday’s run, though, was the first one in a few weeks where I really just let myself relax and enjoy my surroundings. I didn’t think about what kind of stress I’m enduring or how fast I was running – I just went with what I felt. I was so grateful to have that time to recharge and relax, because after all, that’s what I count on running to do for me!

It didn’t hurt that I was running in my new Lululemon running skirt, either. I’m officially addicted to that stuff!


And my fellow fitnesscrEATure also got in 10 miles yesterday too! So proud of her and can’t wait to run our half in less than two weeks!

One last note – sometimes, y’all, life is just too darn hard to do anything.


At least that’s what he thinks. Dogs lead tough lives, don’t they?

What was your favorite event from this weekend?

What are you training for, if anything?

What kind of fun runs have you done?


45 thoughts on “Why Does it Have to End?

  1. Completely random question: did you have a hard time getting the dye from the run out of your hair?? I have heard some blondes say that the color runs leave them with funky hair after!

  2. Ugh I have not run in weeks! But I am getting back on it this week!! Love your pictures- comedy clubs are the best! Can’t wait to see you soooooooooooooon

  3. I reallyyyyy want to do a fun color run where stuff gets thrown at me! Love those runs where you just realize how much you love running. I’m looking forward to those soon!

  4. How did I not know about this run? So much fun! Lulu skirts always make for great runs…and you looked adorable! We went to an improv comedy show earlier this summer and it was HILARIOUS! Must go more often.

    Hope you have a stress free week my dear!

  5. Ah running after a night of fun…always makes me swear i’m never going to do it again…and then by the next friday, i’ve forgotten all about that promise and i find myself in a similar position on saturday morning 😛 oh well haha. I figure that’s what these years are for and I’d rather have good memories with my loved ones than no specific memory but rather the knowledge that i generally ran fine on saturday mornings (if that makes sense?). I have never done a “fun race” like the color run and whatnot because i have to be a little choosier about races i enter thanks to finances and right now, I’d rather spend the money on stuff i can actually race. I would like to get to a point in the next year or two where i can afford a few more of the fun ones, though…fingers crossed! I’m glad the weekend was fun, love! Have a wonderful Monday!!

    • That’s exactly how I felt.. I’m never drinking again!! But, of course, this weekend it’ll be a different tune, I’m sure. I feel the same way about life in general – I’d rather live it up while I still can!
      They are SUPER expensive to do (especially for just being a 5K) but it’s worth it to do it once with some friends! 🙂 You too my dear!

  6. Awesome job on the 10 miler!! Love when it feels good like that and you can just zone out and enjoy the run.
    This is the first Monday in 8 weeks where I can relate to how you are feeling – heading out the door now to go back to work….:(

    • Ha, I’m thinking about you and all my other teacher friends out there getting back in the swing of things! 😦 GOOD LUCK!

  7. Sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend!! Lot more exciting than my weekend 🙂 I have never done any type of fun run. Personally I like running only for time (I know, I’m a bit competitive!). Well, per my Instagram you already know what my weekend consisted of! I am loving Instagram these days!!

    • Haha, so is Rebekah (she’s a newb!). I LOVE it too, obviously, but then I feel like I have nothing to blog about once I upload things. Haha, tough life I live. 🙂 Yes, I do, you had an AMAZING run!

  8. Love the Senator, haha. Dogs have it so hard. 😉 That’s so odd that you got paint (or whatever it is…colorful cornstarch-like substance?) on your feet! You’d think shoes would have helped. 😉 Lulu has the BEST stuff…they’re just so expensive! But their shorts are the only ones I’ve found with so many pockets, so I keep going back to them time and time again. Sigh.

  9. I’m sorry to hear how stressful work has been for you lately 😦 But at least the run helped a lot 🙂 Froyo is a good way to fix stressful days too! Looks like your weekend was a lot of fun! My favorite part of the weekend was yesterday, just relaxed with the bf and watched some shows, snacked on some ice cream (since when is a pint of ice cream a snack??), and got excited about Shark Week!! And I’m training for a 10K, need to speed up some 😉 Hope today isn’t stressful for you!!!

    • Thanks Chelsea! Me too, it’s no fun at all!
      So true, and yes to the fro yo! I definitely had some this weekend and it hit the darn spot. Haha YAY FOR SHARK WEEK!

  10. You and the boyfriend are too cute!! I just recently ran my first color run about a month ago and had a blast! It’s weird that they didn’t supply you guys with sunglasses, mine came with them included. Haha I got dye on my toes too! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Ahh, life’s important questions 😉

    • Aw thanks girly – coming from the queen of cuteness with her man, that’s a super compliment! Hahaha I KNOW I have yet to do a color run where I get glasses and I see everyone else’s and am so jealous!

  11. i lovvve improv! we went to one a couple weeks ago- it was the midnight show and its called “raunch” because its absolutely vile and inappropriate and HILARIOUS. omg i laughed so hard i got a side cramp. also i love running skirts, ive recently become obsessed. also also, the senator is SO awesome in that last pic.

  12. The senator is just beyond cute here. I did a color run last year and ended up with blue junk in my ears and nose. That’s always pleasant. You were a trooper too and actually wore presentable clothing to the run! I wore a crappy t-shirt and soffe shorts and I think I ended up throwing both of them out.

    Comedy clubs are the best. Improv is the greatest thing ever. Did you know Whose Line is it Anyway returned to TV? I was watching it on Saturday night and laughing my face off 🙂 I also had indulged in some wine so I’m sure that made the laughs come pretty easily 😉

    I’m a new Lulu addict now too. I LOVE your skirt. You look ADORABLE. And I’m sure you rocked the crap out of those 10 miles!

    But really, how do you always look amazing? Every single photo. You’re gorgeous, no lie. Okay happy Monday, Miss Meghan! Hope it flies on by ❤

    • Yeah my snot was colorful for the rest of the day, at least that was pretty!! 🙂
      Haha, I was def under the influence at the comedy club which I know, for sure, contributed to my laughter! 🙂 Duh, we’re twinsies!
      Thanks girly, it’s a bad addiction, right?
      Please stop it immediately, k, thanks! 🙂 🙂 Ha!!

  13. Dogs and their tough lives 🙂 I hope you have a less stressful week! I truly hate it when work interferes with my sacred run/therapy time. Good job with your 10 miles!

  14. It definitely sounds like an awesome weekend! My feet looked like that after the Color Run too (which was definitely the highlight of my weekend)! What the heck!!! It was definitely fun get blasted with color!

  15. Tomorrow I am starting training for a half in October..whoopwhoop!! Awesome job to you both with your training, I can’t wait to hear how your half goes. What a great weekend!

  16. Great job on your long runs! I hate when it’s hard to shake off stressful things (like work) and just zen out and enjoy the moment. Maybe doing a new activity would keep your brain distracted, but still give you that endorphin release?

    Those color runs look so fun! I have always wanted to try something like that. I’ll need to find some goggles 😉

  17. i’m training for tough mudder (sept 28) and so exicted!

    my friend did a similar race (called Colour me Rad) and they threw colored corn starch..then he came straight to my daughter’s birthday party covered in pink, red and blue corn starch 🙂

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