You Are What You Eat


I saw that yesterday on Instagram (which I’m officially addicted to, by the way). I try not to be at least three of these things at all times. I’d like to be fast, only when it comes to running, but unfortunately girlfran still ain’t there. Anyway, I’m sure Meghan probably thinks the “Easy” part is accurate. It’s not.

I think this is the perfect mentality to have when it comes to the food you choose to put in your body. It’s at least a good mantra to say to yourself right before you’re about to shove a twinkie or a Big Mac in your mouth. Another great one that I try to say to myself daily is: “Don’t sacrifice what you really want for what you want right now.”

My boyfriend sent me an article this morning  –

10 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries


You should read it. I hope it makes you as sick as it makes me. I wrote a post a while ago – I’m Eating What!? – that talked about #1 and #6 in a little bit of detail. It also touched a bit on #9. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would ever eat #8. Anyone craving a fresh serving of anal leakage? If yes, then Olestra is the stuff for you!



It’s not like I was always so conscious of what I was eating. I used to be ignorant as f*#k when it came to nutrition. I ate fast food, tons of frozen meals, multiple sodas each day, and calorie-dense meals at restaurants, like it was nothing – all of course chock full of preservatives and chemicals. But then I decided I didn’t want to be ignorant anymore, and over the past three years of educating myself on what’s good for me, the effect of different foods on my body, and what I should be eating, I can now say that I’m at least relatively well-versed on proper nutrition.

I realize that not everyone is going to do their research. Most people are going to accept what they’re told by the media, large food companies, and the FDA. That sucks. What’s more is the media won’t report the kind of stuff that’s in the article above, therefore, the people who won’t do their homework on their own won’t ever become aware of the harmful toxins they’re eating and what they’re doing to their bodies. Double suck.



I think this was all sparked by a conversation I had this morning with my boyfriend. We were supposed to run three miles this morning, but we ended up running just short of that because, at one point throughout the run, we both got a strong whiff of some bacon cooking. So, naturally, we veered off our route and stopped at Kroger to buy some bacon. I look at every ingredient in everything I buy, even if I’ve bought it before. It’s excessive I’m sure, but I don’t care. I want to know what I’m eating. So, I was comparing bacon this morning and decided to go with Applegate Natural Sunday Bacon.

applegate bacon

It was more money for less product, but it contained only a few recognizable and natural (not “natural”) ingredients, as opposed to the other brands which contained any and all things on this list from Label Watch <—– That’s a very useful website if you’re curious about an ingredient, how harmful it is, and what it does to you. I’d much rather spend the extra dime if it means I’m going to live healthier, longer.

Anyway – the conversation. We started talking about whether or not we would allow our children (hypothetical, of course) to eat crap food like we were allowed to eat. I’ve decided this is reason 8392635876745037872614 bazillion that I can’t have kids – I would never let them eat any of it. I would be the mean mom who makes her children eat Paleo, and get really upset when I find out that my Sammy has been eating Riceroni over at little Bobby’s house. The horror! So then I ground him only to find empty Zebra Cake wrappers under his bed. “Really, Sammy, again??” That sounds way too stressful. No thanks. Oh, but I would get to drink out of this mug, which may actually sway my opinion on the kid thing.

mean mom


On that note, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Eat healthy and be healthy 🙂

Does anyone else have a mantra you say to yourself daily? What is it?

Do you do any research about the food you eat? Do you read every ingredient like I do?

If you have children, do you let them eat crap food?

– Rebekah

19 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. I totally agree…you are what you eat! It’s kind of scary what ingredients are being put in our food products today! I mean…I can’t even same the ingredient names. Sometimes it makes me wonder why so many people get sick is due to all the unhealthy pesticides, preservatives, etc. that we ingest on a daily basis. Eating clean is where its at!

  2. i need to start reading labels better. i pretty much avoid soda and fast food and frozen dinners (my freezer has been broken for as long as i can remember, but that’s a story for another day) i read a similar article on food that’s banned in other countries and it makes me really mad. i dont tend to get mad at a lot of stuff, but health decisions are all about profit in this country, and its just so twisted.

  3. I deal with this everyday! I do the best I can to give my son (who is 9) the best foods, the least processed, with the most recognizable ingredients while still being delicious and it just isn’t easy. I know very well I can’t shield him from the world of questionable food, I just do what I can at home. It is very hard, you walk a fine line of making the child crazy as well as yourself. He questions it all and I explain it all, but I don’t want him gorging himself outside of my site simply because I make things forbidden. I tell him nothing is forbidden, we just choose to be smarter about what we bring into the house on a daily basis. When he is at a party or a friends house, eat what you want, if you want it. Sometimes, as I say on my blog, I am burdened by what I know about our food supply!

  4. Omg hahahahahaha this reminds me so much of me! I’m so OCD when it comes to buying food. I have to be able to pronounce every ingredient – although I’ve got good at pronouncing the chemicals, so I changed it to, I need to know what exactly the chemical was. So the fact that I had no idea why the chemical was there, and the fact that it was a CHEMICAL, made me say no. I generally like my foods to have at the most, 10 ingredients, them being natural stuff. And I too would hate being a mom because I would too make them suffer and eat Paleo food only lol well except Froyo.

  5. I really like that instagram girl. Thank you for sharing it. I don’t have kids yet but i take care of two little guys five days a week and both their mom and i work very hard to make sure they have a healthy, natural diet as much as possible. It’s hard at times, but they’re pretty good about going along with stuff and enjoy fruit and some veggies, which helps 😛

  6. “I look at every ingredient in everything I buy, even if I’ve bought it before.” -> me, too! No one likes going grocery shopping any more because I read the ingredients of everything I ever consider buying, but I like to know exactly what’s in it. I’m definitely going to be the mom that forces my kids to eat spinach and asparagus and broccoli and egg yolks and lean meats (non-GMO, of course), but I won’t mind if they have unhealthier foods once in a while, like at a friend’s house or if we’re going out for dessert or something. Moderation is everything!

  7. we eat clean 99% of the time but i do allow Kayla to have sweets once in a while. we/she never eats fast food, none of that processed garbage but on the weekends, she can have dessert when we’re at the inlaws. i would much rather she eat home-made desserts but the inlaws buy those store-made cakes or ice cream etc. once in a while is ok.

    that said, i truly believe “you are what you eat” and i read the labels from everything. i only buy organic produce and meat which hurts the wallet but worth it, in my books.

    happy weekend!

  8. This is a great post! I love the first picture and I agree… people are clueless and they don’t want to hear it. I always get the “everything gives you cancer these days, so I might as well eat what I want” UGH, just no!

    I know I’ll battle when I have kids… because I’m going to feed them Paleo but there’s no way they’ll never have sweets. I’m sure both grandmoms will give them all kinds of stuff I won’t want them to have… but I guess I’ll go there when I go there. At least they’ll have some kind of advantage vs. us!

  9. I have been reading ingredient labels for years, but it went to an entirely new level when I went vegan. Now I must read everything down to the last word because SO many things have dairy in them that you would think didn’t!! Some may think I am crazy, but I LOVE this! I love knowing EXACTLY what I am putting into my body, and if it’s SHIT…it stays on the shelf!! Once in a blue moon I will eat something with an ingredient I may not prefer..but that’s very rare! Love this post.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with you! Love this post. I just started removing preservatives and artificial junk from my life. It’s made the biggest improvement! I can’t believe this stuff isn’t band in the US. I just learned about Potassium Bromate… scary stuff.

  11. It is scary what companies put in their products (or allowed to). I don’t buy too much food that has a nutrition label, these days but, when I do I always triple check the ingredients to make it is something I can pronounce and/or know what it is for. considering my “diet”, my son eats very healthy foods. We rarely buy “boxed” food items for him, I had to buy Kraft mac and cheese for him the other week and I cringed when I had to put it in my shopping cart (Z doesn’t like my homemade mac n cheese 😦 ). Unfortunately for him, he will be confused when he goes to school and finds out spaghetti isn’t made with spaghetti squash and tacos aren’t usually wrapped in a lettuce leaf 🙂 (don’t worry I do make him some pasta meals 🙂 ).

  12. Oh man, I love this post. So, so true. A couple of months ago I saw carbon monoxide listed on a food label and was OUTRAGED. I mentioned it to a few people who said, “Well, I’m sure if it was bad they wouldn’t allow it in food…” Not buying it. Get that crap out of my food.

  13. Ugh, the US is so damn behind in so many things compared to the rest of the world, especially when it comes to food and healthcare. But since this post is about food, that’s what I’ll rant about 😉 I TOTALLY agree that all of our foods should be labeled to what is actually in them. We deserve and have the right to know if something is full of chemicals or GMOs or crap that causes cancer! I also think it should be required that all students starting from kindergarten on up through high school should have mandatory nutrition/food education courses every semester. If we don’t teach our kids what to eat, they will never learn what is good and what foods they should only eat sparingly. I don’t necessarily agree with on “banning” foods that my future kids will eat – basically just because I know it can spur disordered eating and I don’t want my kids to have to deal with what I did – I am definitely going to make sure they know how to make smarter decisions when it comes to their food and their body! #endrant

  14. Fabulous blog post! This is someone everyone should read. There is so much junk in our food and no one knows what they’re eating. We try to hard to make sure we’re not bringing junk into our home (and by junk I don’t mean cupcakes) but it’s some for America to wake up and READ THEIR DAMN LABLES! Preach!

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