Lots of Working Out

I’ve been doing that lately. Before the cruise, and now, after the cruise. I’m talking two a days – back to back. I don’t know where the spark is coming from, but I’m thrilled it’s here and I’m going to roll with it as I’m certain it won’t last too long. Monday I cycled and ran, Tuesday I ran and went to the gym, and last night, I took a class at LA Fitness and also worked out with Sara the lovely!

Rebekah and I rocked the class out last night! 🙂 Though, I did not work up any sweat at all and that’s frustrating after an hour of working out.


I was busy taking pictures while she was busy actually participating in class. Oh, duh, that may explain the lack of sweat at the end?!?! Dummy right hurrrrr.


And we ran into Rebekah’s boyfriend at the gym! How fun! (I kid. He did his thing while we did ours.)

Then The Senator and I trekked over to Sara’s new home! I think he saw a bird and lost track of the importance of the selfie situation here. Idiot.


I mostly went over there to see her dog whom I’m in love with, but it was cool to see her fabulous new place too! 🙂


Oh, and it was awesome to see her and her beautiful friend Jaimi, also! 🙂 It’s obvious she’s been working her butt off with the move! Everything looks stunning already.


We ran about 3 miles and then completed an ab circuit! Sara loves her ab work – and it shows!

Being on a workout streak feels great and I hope it keeps up. 🙂 I mean, Rebekah and I have a half marathon in three freaking weeks! Less than! AH! WHERE DID JULY GO TO SO QUICKLY!?!?!?!? Happy first day of August, everyone!

What’s your favorite form of working out?

Do you take any classes at a gym? I’m starting to get into cycling! And last night’s class was LA Fitness’s version of Body Pump. They are too cheap to get the real deal.

If you don’t sweat, do you still feel satisfied with your workout?


43 thoughts on “Lots of Working Out

  1. Good for you on this fabulous fitness kick! So funny that I posted today about NOT sweating. I don’t sweat easily but lately I don’t feel like I did much if I don’t sweat, kinda like yesterday’s spin experience. I go through phases with liking group fitness classes and not liking – usually come winter I need a change of pace so I start up with experimenting with the whole class thing – and then I go back to doing my own running thing.

  2. I LOVE your energy!! they say a body in motion stays in motion, so you’re just rocking the motion! and i love love love seeing cross-blogger photos, atlanta is quickly becoming the best city in the US because there are so many awesome people there! but ok there are questions that i must answer- 1. favorite form of exercise- bar method 🙂 do you take any classes at a gym- does bar method count, even though its at its own studio, or do you mean like real gym type classes? i used to! spinning kicks my butt. 2. if you dont sweat do you still feel satisfied- yes! (i know this doesnt make sense, but, like, i just do.)

    • I love that you love bar method! Sara and I were talking about it last night and we tried to do some moves from it in our circuit!

  3. Well you know how I feel about gym classes these days. I live for those suckers! I’m ALL about spinning (and slightly jealous of the running) and I have a body pump style class tonight. Can’t wait! Basically I love the gym and now I just need a gym buddy like you have!

    • LOL it does help to have someone there with me when I don’t feel like going to cycling super early in the AM… Someone is always there ready to go! 🙂

  4. I’ve been doing doubles for the past 2wks and it’s been awesome! Im also seeing great results too 🙂

    I don’t sweat it if I don’t sweat; I’ve since learned that the amount of sweat you produce (similar to not being sore the next day after a good weight workout) doesn’t mean you had a bad workout.

  5. Favorite form of working out…running…duh 😉 I love the results of ab work, but it is probably my least favorite thing to do. haha. Keep it up with your workout streak – I love when sparks like that hit- feels awesome! Happy August!!

  6. Such a cute dog over there! 🙂

    My favorite form of working out is probably yoga or pilates. I also like going for long walks/hikes. Doing things like that always feels more fun than just going to the gym for an hour.

  7. This makes me so sad and so happy all at the same time! I miss Rocky and Sara so much, I’m dying to see their new home and Jaimi rocks….BUT I’m so happy you guys hang out and we’ve made new friends! Also – kick ass job with the working out. You are going to rock that Half!

    • Aww haha you were totally there in spirit!! I promise! 🙂 we decided that you are the best. that was all!
      thanks lady! 🙂 i hope so!

  8. Well obviously, my favorite kind of workout is running but, my second favorite is yoga/Pilates. I actually just bought a Groupon for 5 classes at a nearby yoga studio for only $20! I can’t wait to try out this place! I know, I don’t know where July went, way to fast 😦

  9. I am super jealous of all of these blogging workout dates you have. And all that amazing working out on your cruise! I actually proposed the idea of working out with my girlfriends for ONE day of our weekend getaway together and they laughed at me and said they’d rather cheer me on while they ate a bunch of hot wings on the sidelines. Not cool. I get super excited when I find friends who like working out and you have TONS of them, gah so lucky! Also, all these pup pictures. Sara’s dog is a cutie and duh the senator is the senator and everyone loves him. And i’m with you, I’m not satisfied if I don’t sweat in a workout. But then again, I sweat profusely so easily so if I don’t sweat it probably meant I sat on my bum the whole time. Oh well, these things happen. Happy almost weekend, pretty girl. I seriously missed you while you were away and feel as though we need to do more catching up via email and novel-length texting. <333

    • I agree the most with that last sentence woman. I can’t even begin to start venting about how busy my work has become over this past month and my social life/blog are suffering so much. I feel like I’m drowning. I MISS YOU! AND LOVE YOU!!!!

  10. Damn girl! Look at you guys go haha. My favorite form of exercise is….swimming! Bahaha ok only if the doggie paddle counts (i’m a pro)….running is my jam and one of my favorite things to do 😛 We haven’t joined a gym yet but i see that happening this fall so we’re ready to go for winter!

  11. Hahahahaha you calling your dog an idiot, it made me laugh out loud, not sure why, but I found it uber funny. Dang girl, twice a day?? I can barely get my workout done once a day. If I ever found the energy to workout twice a day, I would defiantly be going with the flow til it ran out. I defiantly don’t feel like I put in enough effort, or the workout wasn’t hard enough if I didn’t sweat, and then that bothers me lol. I like sweating = I like knowing I put an effort into my workout. My favorite way to sweat, by far running 🙂

    • Hahaha I meant it in the nicest way, of course. 🙂
      I don’t know where this energy is coming from but like I said, I’m running with it!
      I agree with you, I need to sweat or I’m not a happy girl.

  12. I take spin classes and yoga at my gym and I love them both!! I DO love when I dripppp sweat, but as long as I am dying and out of breath at the end I call it a success hah.

  13. It’s not August it’s not August it’s not August WHERE DID THE TIME GO. Seriously. Love your workout streak–sometimes I wish I could get that going, but I also know that my body can only handle so much and overtrained is not where I want to be right now. 🙂 Everyone’s different! If it’s an active recovery day, I’m fine with not sweating. But on any other day, if I don’t sweat, I definitely feel as if I had just completely wasted that time!

    • I know… almost time for back to school, huh? Sucks! 🙂
      I feel yah…. I’m just happy my body is in this with me! LOL!

  14. Now a days I’m loving CrossFit… and I finish a workout and don’t immediately collapse on the ground huffing and puffin I’m like… oh that was weirdly easy lol.

    I CANNOT believe how quickly July went. Seriously… where’d it go? I’m afraid August is going to do the same and then I’m going to be sad that summer is over! Gotta soak it all in 🙂

  15. Get it girl! I pat myself on the back when I get one work out a day. Also, happy to see you back from your cruise! Come to San Francisco and visit me so we can have our own blogger meetup. 🙂

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  17. Thanks for coming over last night and for real, come back anytime! Roo dog loved the company and so did I! Favorite form of working out…HIIT training. I am PISSED if I don’t sweat durning a workout…I sweat super easy so if I’m not there is something wrong.

  18. I need some of your fitness spark over here! Last week I had zero mojo so I am hoping this week will be full of spunk 🙂

  19. Two a days?! You go girl! I am also loving cycling, but to me the best feeling is after a great run, that is my favorite form of sweating. Loving your athletic clothes, as always. Bright colors are the best 🙂

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