15 Random Pictures (and their stories, of course)

Ok, so here’s the deal – I’m still on vacation. Yes, I’m back in Atlanta, back at work, back to eating healthy, back to working out, back to my normal schedule in general. However, ain’t nobody got time fa all dat! Ugh, wahh!, and poop.

For example: we got back Thursday night, and both Meghan and I went to work on Friday. I thought that was illegal. You know, going back to work after a vacation (really, it should end here) for ONE day right before another weekend. Absurdity in its purest form.

So, ANYWAY, I decided that I was realllllyyyyy gonna show ‘em (not sure who “’em” are) and not get out of bed all weekend long. And that’s basically what happened. Well, I worked out about, oh, one-ish times. Otherwise, I was in my bed, snuggled under the covers, eating (Paleo) food, drinking tea, and watching Law and Order: SVU. I started with season one, even though I’m sure I’ve seen every episode  three times over. Needless to say, I have twelve of the thirteen seasons left…My boyfriend loves how exciting I am, too. Where were we? Oh yeah, I’m still in vacation mode. Therefore, on this fine Wednesday, you all have the pleasure of witnessing just how not in the zone I am. I now present to you Belligerence at its Finest <—I feel like that’s a more fitting name for this post. Are you ready?

Damn it – I’m not ready. I didn’t even explain what’s happening. Ok, so, when I plug my phone into my computer and open the file to upload pictures, I can never see the actual pictures (only the number associated with them), so I have literally no idea what I’m clicking on. Ever. It’s effing annoying as shhhhhaaanyway, where was I? Yeah, so it’s dumb. I don’t know if anyone else has the same problem or if I’m just not doing it right. I’m convinced it’s the latter because I’m the most technologically illiterate dummiehead ever. But yeah, when I started thinking about what to post today, I thought “hey Rebekah maybe you should add some more foolish cruise pictures, like some of Meghan making really obnoxious faces – you know you have a lot of those to choose from!” Then when I went to find them, I couldn’t because they’re mixed in everywhere and I wasn’t going to just keep clicking on random pictures, hoping I’d finally find the one I wanted. (Side note: I can’t click on one then just arrow through the rest because my dumb computer will only all you to arrow through the ones you’ve previously clicked on.)

Jeeez, this is long-winded as crap. So, in clicking randomly on all these pictures, I decided that I was going to write a post in which I included 15 random pictures from my SD card that I randomly clicked on (all in a row), and tell you the story behind each. Sounds like fun, right? I’m sure they’re all healthy-living related somehow. Right.



This is a sign we saw at Senor Frogs in Nassau. It was above a bench with a plastic mold of blue jeans on it. Mollie sat down next to the jeans and made silly faces. We never said we weren’t children.



Here is a selfie I took the first day in order to have proof (after the cruise) that I was once almost in shape. I don’t do many selfies, so… you’re welcome?



This is a concert my boyfriend surprised me with last month for my birthday. We drove all the way down to Jacksonville, FL and back in a matter of like 17 hours. I had no idea who we were going to see the whole way down. Oh, and he drove the whole way back. So sweet! The Airborne Toxic Event is my favorite band. It was the best surprise ever, and they were aca-amazing, as always.



This is a super flattering picture of my co-blogger and Sara over at fit.fun.femme gettin’ it with some burpees in Piedmont Park a few weeks ago. I was taking pictures instead of actually working out. Trying to play catch up with burpees is probably the least fun thing ever.



I think this picture is from January. We’re at Fado (and Irish pub within walking distance of our place) with Meghan’s boyfriend and his posse. Mollie was there too! Meghan looks a little possessed in this picture, huh?



Here’s a picture I took of the breakfast I ate one day during our Girls’ Cabin Trip this past January. (Hahaha, that post is from right after we started our blog. Check it out for a good laugh.) Anyway, yes, that’s a bagel with two kinds of cream cheese, an orange, and scrambled eggs with a liiiitttle bit of sriracha. Also, black coffee and a mimosa. It’s a girls’ trip, therefore alcohol is required with every meal. Duh.



Not sure when I took this picture of The Senator (Onassis, Onassi, Nassy, Nass, etc.), but I just thought he looked so proper with his little paws crossed like that. He is a Senator, after all.



Oddly enough, this was the next ‘random’ picture I clicked on – another one of Nassy! I took this before the cruise and put it on Instagram, explaining just how excited he was about being able to party for a week without us there. What can he say, he gets a lot of tail. I’m sorry for what I just said.



Here’s one from the first day of the cruise 🙂 Mollie and our new friend, Seth, were dancin’ up a storm on the top deck – btw, I think I have about 26 pictures of them dancing, it was that awesome. Below, the staff had everyone join in on a huge a dance party. We, of course, were too cool so we had our own party up above. Really, it’s just that none of us can actually dance, so we were just being courteous and not embarrassing each other. We’re good friends.



Here’s a picture of us in the fitness center on the cruise about to talk to the personal trainer, Vadim, about the weight loss and detox seminar he was going to give on the last day of the cruise. I think the conversation went something like this: “Oh, Vadim, you’re so dreamy! Tell us more about detoxification in your sexy Russian accent. After that, please let us have your fitnesscreature babies.” At least, I think that’s what Meghan said to him. It’s difficult to remember word-for-word.



This is a picture I took in Nassau while we were in a cab on our way to Cable Beach. This was right outside the port. I’m a loser and I take pictures of everything, although I think it’s kinda cool that their buildings are so colorful. What up, America? Get it together on this monochromatic BS. Thanks.



So, after our first night at dinner we decided that we needed to request the same staff members every night thereafter. Luis, Nora, Samuel, and Stojanche – dinner was wonderful every night because of these people. This picture is of Stojanche (pronounced stoy-ahn-chay). He brought us alcohol every night, so we had an immediate affinity for him, as you can imagine. He’s from Macedonia, has great power brows, and is absolutely adorable.



This is a cute little (not really) tugboat we saw right outside of Senor Frogs in Nassau. Apparently it was a really cool tugboat, because both Mollie and I got a picture of it. This was also right around the area where all three of us bought some local art from a guy who painted on particle board on the street. Always support local art!



This is right after we got off the ship in Nassau. I’m sure by now you all know that I’m obsessed with Meghan. So, here I am blatantly taking pictures of her as she walks away. I should brush up on my stalking. I don’t think I should be this obvious about it.



Here I am, planking in our utterly disgusting hotel room the night before we left. I can’t even lie about the condition of this hotel because you can see just how grotesque it is from this picture. A word of advice – if you are planning a cruise that leaves out of Port Canaveral, FL, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE stay in this hotel. The pool was fun and the customer service was great (for the most part), but the rooms are horrendous – bugs, leaking air conditioner, broken sink, and just old and grimy. Bleh.

Ok, so there’s my post – weird, just like me. At least you get some substance with Meghan. 

Is anyone going on vacation before the end of the summer? If so, where, and can I go with you?

Which TV shows do you like to watch over and over again? I love The Office. I know Meghan is getting her Parks and Rec fix right now.

Have a super duper stupendous day!

– Rebekah

29 thoughts on “15 Random Pictures (and their stories, of course)

  1. Hahahhhahaha ahhh so, i’ve been neck deep in non-stop work since, like 6:45 this morning and can barely write much less think in coherent sentences at the moment. however, your intro ramblings made perfect sense to me and i just laughed my way through this whole thing. can this “15 random pics” become a reoccurring thing? hahahahaha i heart. (is that a sentence? i just dont know anymore)

    • Awww that stinks! I’m glad to hear we have twin jello brains! Yay. Hahaha, maybe so. We’ll have to see if the other crEATure is on board with that. Yes, definitely a sentence. The noun is implied right??


    I love the randomness. Its nice to know that The Universe had a little influence on today’s post.
    I am beyond thrilled that the picture The Universe chose of me dancing with Seth is nip-slip free! (That was about a one-in-a-million chance). I am also quite pleased to be graced with the sight of Vadim and ❤ STOJANCHE ❤ (Thank you Randomness for this little treat!)


    The picture of you planking is so wonderful because you PLANKED FOR THREE WHOLE MINUTES! If that ain't the epitome of a fitnesscrEATure than I don't know what is. Oh wait, yes I do it's grass-fed butter.


    • Hahaha, yes yes, but of course if the universe had chosen a nip slip pic, we would’ve had it out. I would have won the fight and omitted it from the post, of course. I love them. Ohhhh don’t you mean umami grass-fed butter??

    • That’s awesome! Yeah, I think there are a few at least. It’s pretty good, although some of their sauces made Meghan and me sick for days, so don’t eat them because that was seriously awful. YES! Go go go! It was a lot of fun.

  3. I actually really liked this post! I’m shocked because usually I think your posts stink. KIDDING. They are wonderful and I read each and every single one of them, pinky promise!!! 😀

    Bummer about your creepy hotel room! Can I get an upgrade?! (Say that like the State farm “Can I get hot tub!” remark) I am feeling random today. I would like to see a detailed photo on the works of art you and the girls bought from the local artist…when you find the photo that is. Try photo# 458 I’m feeling lucky 🙂

    Have a great Wednesday, girl! 🙂 Love reading your blog again! I legit missed it.

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That’s literally all I have to say to you! Of course I’m yoking (soft j). Yeah, super bummer, and where were you when we were trying to get a new room?? I’m sure that would have been much more efficient than “um can we like get a new room cuz we have really gross bugs in ours.” We actually didn’t take a picture of them! I know, we suck! But I’ll take one and send it to you later, k? I legit missed you and your blog and everything about you. Ok, I’m stalking you too. K bye.

  4. Hahaha ok you and i would get along very well….when i was on vacation in may, all i wanted to do was read and watch movies on the couch. Joe thought i was nuts 😛

    • Nope, not nuts at all. I mean, when we were on the cruise, we all decided to get up early-ish so we got as much out of our days as possible, but usually I like to sleep in and just relax, so I feel ya!

  5. Hahaha oh my god, Law and Order SVU is SO addicting!! I probably have watched 2-4 episodes everyday for the last couple of weeks. Darn you, Netflix!!!

    Haha love the caption for the picture when you’re talking to the trainer!! Little fitness creature babies running all around the gym.. d’awwww!

    Looks like a fabulous vacation girl! Back to reality now 😥

    • It really is! OMG we’re the same. I love it. Haha, I can’t imagine a little fitnesscreature me running around anywhere in existence land ever. Yep, sad 😦

  6. I agree with Charlotte–I haven’t laughed this much in a while. I’m totally on board for this becoming a regular thing.

    For the file uploading thing, if you have a Windows, there should be a listy-looking icon in the upper right hand corner of the window, and if you click on it, you can choose different image sizes and the “large” and “extra large” actually show the picture. If you’re uber cool and have a Mac…well, I can’t help you there. I’m secretly hoping you have a Mac so that you’ll still be clueless about it and we can have these posts again. 🙂

    Not to make this comment longer or anything (I just like talking), I’d definitely demand a new room if I found any semblance of a bug in it. I can’t stand bugs of any kind. When we found a cockroach in our dorm room last year, I slept on a friend’s couch for days–I wasn’t going anywhere NEAR our room!

    • Haha, I’m glad you liked it! Really, I was just feeling lazy. Ok, now I’m torn – do I try to fix the problem or do we make this a regular thing?? I just don’t know. I’ll leave it be for now, but I might go crazy when I’m trying to create real posts, so I might actually have to fix it one day. Thank you for the help. Oh, and nope, I’m not a cool girl with a Mac. Yeah, I just feel like you shouldn’t have a bug-ridden room when you’re paying an arm and a leg to stay there for one whole night. Ugh.

  7. These pics rock. A picture of me, some of the Sen, you in your bikini (meow!!)! I want to hear all about the cruise and Vadim ;). My favorite show used to be The Office but I’m on a Big Bang Theory spree right now

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