A Winner + The Cruise

First things first – sorry it took so long to get going with posting this! Life has been a whirlwind lately!

Before I make you envious of all our wonderful cruise vacation pictures, I just wanted to give a shout out to my Pro Compression giveaway WINNER…..

random giveaway winner

The beautiful Erin @ Sugar Magnolia is the lucky lady – even with her despicably rude comment (that I totally loved and made me giggle way too much….!). So, my love, I have your address because I already stalk you but I shall email you with the details! I think you’ll find them to be the perfect partner while you’re training for the Color Run! 🙂

Thank you to EVERYONE who commented – I loved reading everything you guys had to say. Pro Compression marathon socks are my BFFL and so are all of you.

Now, to the cruise that took me out of blog land for so very long…. I’ll keep it real with you guys – I do have over 750 pictures among the three of us who went – excessive is an understatement. Stop reading if you’re not into pictures of beautiful places and people. I have photo dumped before, but this is some serious stuff… Yikes.

We worked out every single day. Don’t be jealous.

C & M

M & C





We drank everyday. Again, don’t be jealous.


^^ That’s real life… Photo is courtesy of Mollie (mad props for that one – it’s my favorite!).



local brewski

We danced a lot.

dance 1

dance 2

dance 3

dance 6

^^ Ha!! 🙂

We also spent just a little bit of time at the beach… in the Bahamas!

beach 1

beach 2

 beach 3

 beach 6

 beach 7

 beach 8

beach 10

And we ate a lot of food and otherwise classed up the cruise with our classy behavior, per our usual shenanigans.

cruise 1

 cruise 3

 cruise 2

cruise 4

 cruise 5

food 1

 food 2




 cruise 6


 cruise 7

 cruise 8


So, in sum, we had an amazingly beautiful time in the Bahamas, on the boat, and in each other’s company. It was truly a fantastically memorable vacation that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. Carnival, in spite of it’s bad rap sheet, was an incredible experience and I will absolutely return with high expectations after this FUN trip!

Cruising seems to be an inexpensive way to travel around while simultaneously being involved in any activity you want – plus, I mean, let’s be real – the unlimited food is one of the best selling points!

I’m happy to be back to reality, though I would easily return to the Bahamas if I absolutely had to.

What is your favorite vacation?

Do you like to workout on vacation?

Have you been on a cruise before?


29 thoughts on “A Winner + The Cruise

  1. YAY YOU GUYS ARE BACK!! i speak for the entire blog world when i say your absence was felt and sincerely missed! but what a freaking amazing looking vacation!! i cant even pick my favorite pic but i think it might be the last one 🙂 although mollie (who i feel is the 3rd fitnesscrEATure) isnt in that one so im going to go with.. hmm.. the one where all your bikinis kinda match is awesome but the saluting one is so cute so i. cant. choose. glad you had a blast, welcome home!!

  2. I’m loving all the pictures and I’m glad you had such a great time… But I’m even more happy you’re back to blogging:)

  3. So excited!!!!!! And I love both you and your hot mama partner in crime..you all are so sweet (: (:
    And I am going to send you jars of cookie butter to fatten you and Rebekah up to make me feel better about myself!!! Hotties

  4. Yayyyyyy!!! I’m so happy you guys are back!! Very very glad that you had fun and didn’t blog/whatnot but definitely missed you guys 🙂 all i have to say about these pictures? Next time you go in vacation, I want to come!!!!

  5. I used to go to the bahamas all the time when I lived in Miami and I realllyyyy miss it! Looks like you guys had a great trip. Welcome back!

  6. This looks like so much fun!!!! I’ve never been on a cruise, I’m very afraid of the ocean, so I’ll never be seen on a boat lol but I do love going to the beach, just not too far into the water. Deep water just scares the s#*t out of me. Love all the pictures!!!! You girls look beautiful all dressed up! Unlimited food is always a plus!!! Congrats to you guys for working ou everyday! When on vacation, I’m always tempted to knot workout, just sleep in, and stay up late every night. That’s what I truly want to do, but instead I workout lol it’s a love hate relationship.

  7. I don’t even know where to start! I think perhaps the last photo of Rebekah’s face with Mollie may be a good talking point though. Mostly because I love it. But seriously, EVERYTHANG about this post makes me happy!!!! And also makes me want to go on a cruise with you even more!! (It’s happening). Love all the yoga poses on the rocks, you girls are all freaking gorgeous! So many pretty dresses/cover-ups/bathing suits! And that lobster dinner? I just can’t! In summation, I am incredibly jealous that I could not be a stowaway on your adventure and shall not allow another adventure of this caliber to take place without me being there. Please plan accordingly. That is all! GOD I LUBBBB YEWWWW! So glad our blogging bestihood is back and in full force!

  8. Love all the pictures! It felt like I was right there with you 3! Super jealous! Great job on you all working out everyday. That is one thing that I do look forward to when I go on “vacation” I get to run in different areas and new neighborhoods. It is a good way to explore the city! I have vacation in quotes because now that I have a son when we go out of town it really isn’t a vacation. It would actually be more of a vacation if we just stayed home 🙂 I have never been on a cruise. I don’t know how I would feel being a boat if an extended period of time 😦 Glad you 3 had a great time! You all looked great!!

  9. I have been on many cruises and I agree that they are a really fun trip to take! I’ve done them with family, friends, and for girls’ trips and they rock. I looooove the Bahamas! I’m so glad you guys had fun! Also, your tats look awesome – please tell me more! Welcome home 🙂

  10. LOVE your face on the treadmill, LOVE Rebekah’s black dress, love all of these pictures! It sounds like you had a fantastic time…welcome back to the real world, lovelies. 😛 And welcome back to the blog world! 🙂

  11. Good for you for working out every single day! Whenever I go on vacation, I always feel so much better having started off the morning with a good sweat :D. And hooray for booze hahah!! Mhmm you’re making me miss the lava flows that I had in Maui ;). You guys look like SO much fun to be around! PLEASE BE MY FRIEND AND HAVE DANCE PARTIES WITH ME TOO! Also, both of you are so gorgeous <3. That is all 😉

  12. Glad you had a great time! I love a cruise – I want to try the Carnival Sunshine – newest ship and it looks awesome. Cruises have a terrible rap these days but I know the industry will rebound and I hope to be a part of it soon! I need to book one asap.

    and i’m jealous and you guys are pretty and this looks so fun.
    but i’m pretty sure i couldn’t handle a cruise. i get sea sick.

  14. Yay! I love all those pics, I wanna see what your tats are! Looks like the best girls vaca ever, so jealous.
    I love getting home after a getaway and sleeping in my own bed and getting back to routine. I would love to go on a cruise, we’re thinking a disney one in a couple years=)
    I love working out on vacation and doing new things, way to go on doing it everyday, you gals rock!

  15. Oh. My. Gosh. This looks like so so much fun, and I totally want to go on a cruise now! Major props for working out every day (especially with drinking every day hahah).. and beach time is ALWAYS good. Such an awesome trip obviously!

  16. While I’m glad y’all had such a fun time (which btw I am jealous of all your drinks since alcohol is ILLEGAL in kuwait), but I must say.. I’m soooo happy your back! 🙂 Missed you girls!

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