Positivity Rocks My Socks Off

sweaty and happy

I want to take a moment to express just how much love I have for all the positivity that has been circulating throughout HLB posts lately. I’m sure it’s more often than just lately, but I’ve read so many in the past few days and it has not only encouraged me to stay positive in my own fitness endeavors, but more than that, it has helped me realize the magnitude of my appreciation for all of you. I honestly can’t get enough of the incredibly strong support system we’ve all created through our blogs.

Meghan and I started our blog to hold ourselves accountable, not really thinking we would ever become part of such a big, positive ball of love and happiness that is the HLB world. Haha, that’s what each of you are to us – I feel completely confident speaking for Meghan, here 🙂 Seriously though, this has all had such a significant impact on my life – in the best way possible – and I’m lucky to have found so much support through this community.

We often look for the source of our strength and perseverance in our family and friends, but my drive lately and some of the best encouragement I’ve gotten has come from all of you, people who (until just a few short months ago) were strangers. I feel like our influences on each other, regardless of the status of our personal relationship, are meaningful and long-lasting. They are also very telling of the kind of people we are and they emphasize the true value of our most commendable qualities – every time we write something encouraging that reaches someone who’s struggling, it shows our compassion; every time we comment on each other’s posts, regardless of subject matter, it shows our loyalty and devotion; every time we link to another blog, it shows our consideration, and every time we write about a bad workout with a smile on our face, knowing it won’t make or break us, it shows our dedication. That’s just to name a few, although I really could just go on and on about you wonderful people 🙂

Here are some of the posts I’m referring to:

Going back to my first point, all this positivity stuff has got me thinking a lot about my personal experience with healthy living lately. I feel like I’ve been a lot more motivated recently, mostly due to my major schedule change that has allowed me tons of time to devote to cooking and working out. Joining a gym has also contributed to that motivation. Having a resource like that has added so much more variety into my work outs lately, whether it be strength training, running, spin, etc., and it really keeps me looking forward to my next workout. Additionally, participating in a friendly fitness challenge with my boyfriend has helped me keep my focus. Our upcoming cruise also has me focused (I can almost taste the french toast!), even if the reason is mostly that of vanity.

As a result of all this mushy crap combined, I feel like my overall happiness on a daily basis has increased exponentially. I’m happy when I cook a healthy meal, enjoy it, and feel good afterward instead of overly full or bloated. I’m happy to put on my workout clothes, knowing that my boyfriend and I are about to kill it in the weight room. I’m happy when I finish a run a sweaty mess and Meghan takes a picture, capturing my filth in all of its glory. I’m happy when I have that much more laundry to do because I’ve pulled a couple two-a-days this week. I’m happy that I get to eat the crap out of some chicken wings tomorrow because I beat the crap out of my boyfriend on this challenge 🙂

By the way, here’s an update on that:

Girls Rule – 40/45

Boys Drool – 35/45

It’s over tomorrow, so our points will be out of a total of 50. I can’t wait to show everyone pictures of my FREE chicken wings!

If you’ve written a post lately about positivity, or the like, please share it in the comments section below. I would love to read it!

Has a specific post motivated you recently?

How has the blogging community affected you in a positive way?

Are you utterly shocked and surprised that I won the challenge??

– Rebekah

30 thoughts on “Positivity Rocks My Socks Off

  1. Love this, and I couldn’t agree more! Since I started blogging, my life has become so much more positive and I feel like my passion for health/fitness has been renewed. Plus, it’s amazing what I’ve learned from other blogs and I feel like perfect strangers are becoming my friends. What an awesome experience!

    I’m not surprised you won the challenge…girls rule!!!! 😉

    • My sentiments exactly! I love stranger friends, haha. For real, it’s been awesome to make new friends this way. Thank you!!!! Wings tonight 🙂

  2. This is SO wonderful! I started my blog to stay on a happiness track, and the support has just boomed! I wish I wasn’t scared to start a fitness motivation one, but I think happiness is encompassing enough to fit fitness and other things under it. Keep on doing what you do! I LOVE the read! 🙂 Have a happy day!

  3. aww you guys!! its SOO true- when i started my blog it was just a way to start writing, i had NO IDEA about the “big, positive ball of love and happiness that is the HLB world.” everybody is so supportive and smart and nice and funny and just all around awesome women that i dont know how i lived 29 years not knowing!! i am constantly motivated by posts, and the people behind those posts and just the positivity that flows through this corner of the internet.

    • You’re the best. I love that you take the most idiotic sentence from each of my posts and highlight it in your comments. Haha, so wonderful 🙂 We’re the best corner.

  4. Great post and it’s all so true! I feel so motivated by the blog world, and there have been so many bloggers that have served as inspiration to me in one way or another.

    Also, as for your challenge — you go girl!!!!!! Nicely done. 😉

  5. Congrats on the winning the challenge! Can’t wait to see your giant plate (please make it giant!) of chicken wings. 🙂 I definitely feel you on the positivity and support thing–it’s so odd to some people why I love blogging and why I love this community so much, but it’s definitely one of those “you have to be a part of it to understand it” things. It’s absolutely fabulous. 🙂 I have a guest post lined up for Tuesday about having a positive body image that I’m SO excited to share because it’s so uplifting and happy and cheery and inspiring while still being completely honest and open and down-to-earth…which, now that I think about it, seems to describe the HLB community as a whole pretty well. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ll make sure to put it on Instagram tonight 🙂 That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read it. Yes ma’am, you said it perfectly.

  6. Ohhh Igor, how adorable are you and your post today?! The answer: so very very adorable! 🙂 I started blogging because I felt like my friends were tired of hearing me go on and on about health-related things. I used it as an outlet to share recipes and workout supp reviews and I never in a billion trillion years would have guessed that it would’ve led to an adventure in GA with you lovely people. In actuality, I am still amazed that about 8 people read it haha. The blogging world is pretty sweet. The accountability factor is a big part of it, but the friendships are pretty amazing too 🙂 Especially IRL friendships!!!!! Have a lovely workout tonight, whatever you do 🙂

    • Hahahahahaha I love that you started this “Ohhh Igor…” Yeah girl, I feel ya on people being tired of hearing you talk about health and fitness. I think it’s settled down for the most part, but when I first started Paleo it’s all I could talk about and Meghan was S.I.C.K. of it. Fast. Haha. Yay, I know! I still can’t believe you came down here! So sweet of you to do that. I love that you were on board with the whole thing, too. Not too many people would have been agreeable with flying down here to meet and stay with strangers. You’re simply the best. Um, girl, you have at least 9 followers, I’m sure 😉 Hope you had a great date with the treadmill last night 🙂 I’m going to miss you when we’re on the cruise. Instagram it up, girl! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I seriously love this post so much!!
    I seriously love my blog friends soo much and their is nothing better than reading a motivating post! I was so overwhelmed with love on that post I wrote- and it made me remember why I started this whole blogging thing!

    • Awww, you’re sweet! Me too, girl. I love that we’ve all made friends with each other. And I LOVE that we get to meet you soon!!! Yep, it’s amazing how much the positive people overshadow and outweigh the negative ones. Some people suck – just ignore them 🙂

  8. um HI I LOVE THIS. it’s perfect. i started blogging because i was lonely and fat haha. and i never ever in a million years expected to find such wonderful people and a great support system! the blog world is the best and the bloggers behind the blogs totally motivates and inspires me. and i ❤ blogging because otherwise i'd never know you two! xoxo

    • Awww, you’re so sweet, thank you! I’m glad you love it. Meghan and I were actually talking about your last post about your family the other day 🙂 I know! I had no idea blogging would be about more than posting a recipe or a workout. Honestly, I would love to just write a post to all of you about my random thoughts every day, haha. Me too!! We ❤ you the most!! Baltimore isn't that far, right??

      • i once threatened to meghan that ATL is in a very prominent place on my ‘u.s cities i want to visit’ list sooooooooo you still have time to move 😉 because i’m going to visit.

  9. Such a beautifully written post. I just wrote one about positivity myself. I couldn’t agree more about the impact of blogging and all of you ladies have brought to my life. Pure happiness & joy ❤

  10. I love this!

    I totally agree with you – I started my blog as a method of accountability, but was FLOORED by the support and friendship that developed instead. It’s really an amazing community. I love how unconditional it is – people are stoked when you’re stoked or empathetic when you’re sad. it’s awesome.


    • HAHAHAHA!!! Those last lines cracked me up! Exactly! Even when I wasn’t blogging bc of my suck ass job, when I wrote a post about it everyone (who I didn’t even know yet) was soooo supportive.

  11. I never thought I would gain so much from blogging but the love adn support has been so inspiring! <—major cheeseball

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