I’ve Said it Before

And I’ll say it again. Running is all about how you feel. Each run is a reflection of your hard work, dedication, feelings and emotions. Each run is unique and special, whether it’s good or bad – each run deserves its own credit. At times my runs feel hum drum, routine and lackluster, which is to be expected when I count on running as my primary form of exercise. But- it’s those runs where I feel truly relieved and just plain great out there that make me come back for more, run after run after run. 🙂


Last night I was exhausted and feeling less than motivated to get out there, but together, Rebekah and I got our butts outside and ran a 5K – no timer, no pressure, goal – other than to just let it feel good. And damn if it didn’t. Even the Senator was all about it.


I am all about a kick butt workout, especially the direct week before I’m going on a cruise! 🙂 Yep, going on a cruise next week and can not wait. At all!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this week, when Mollie and I worked out, she asked me if we could work on arms. It was a bit shocking, as I’m primarily a lower body workout person, and duh, if you read on here more than once a week, a runner. So, I whipped this puppy up and I’m still a bit sore. Yes, I’m a baby and no I don’t know many moves. You may share any good ones you have.

A little bit of arms

I have two weaknesses when it comes to working out – arms and abs. This definitely did me in after my treadmill run with Mollie on Monday. I love her shoes!!!! Mine are the boring black ones (but I LOVE them! Brooks FTW!).


 BETH I thought of you and your love for the hamster wheel. That’s all you girly girl – you too, Sharsti! I think it’s SO challenging, though it did help to catch up on an episode of Parks and Rec. 🙂

What did you do to workout/work up a sweat last night?

Which is harder for you – runs outside or runs on the tready tread? I used to think outside, but now I think the tready tread.

Are your running shoes as cute and colorful as Mollies? No, obviously not.


38 thoughts on “I’ve Said it Before

  1. Nice! It does always feel good to just get out there and do it… I never regret a workout, as much as I may dread some 🙂 How fun that you are going on a cruise!! Where to? We are going to Jamaica (flying, not cruising) in about a month, and I am trying to use it as motivation to not skip workouts or eat crap!

    • I totally agree! I’m going to the Bahamas – but girl, I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica!! I can’t wait til you post pictures from that trip!

  2. I’ve always admired your attitude towards running. Today is clearly no exception. That’s how you don’t get injured, how you stay in love with running, and how you keep it all in perspective. By staying positive and not getting down on yourself about a run that doesn’t feel as great. As for shoe color, mine are awesomely orange (and mizuno… Mwahahahaha) but as long as they carry you and are the right shoe for your foot, you really can’t go wrong!

  3. I went to Zumba last night and left dripping sweat. It was awesome! I don’t like running on the treadmill. I find it so boring (even if I was listening to music or watching TV). I like being outside and feeling like I’m going somewhere. My running shoes are not too exciting. Mollies are so cool!

  4. I sweat my rear end off on an accidental 8.5 miler this morning (mapmyrun lied to me about the route length we took)….but i couldn’t have been happier. I tackled it with my favorite running buddy and we made it through together with smiles on our faces at the end (although i think thay may have been because we were done and could thus drink copious amounts of water) 🙂 I’m glad you guys made it out for your run last night…no pressure just going is the best way to do it sometimes 🙂 Have a great Wednesday girl!!

    • you and your impressive mileage – you never cease to impress!! glad it was a great run with smiles at the end, regardless of the motive… 🙂 Where have you been all week? i miss your posts.. hope all is okay with you love!

      • I was trying to behave on mileage this week and mapmyrun won’t let me! Oh well…it was super slow at least so I’m meeting that goal for the week 😛 i’m here girl and working on a post for friday…posts are going to be fewer from me for the time being with some stuff going on but i’m still reading/commenting as i can and i’ll post when i get the chance…on the bright side, i’ll have more to share when i do 😛

  5. Love this. Such a wonderful attitude about running and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for reminding me why I get out of bed so early 🙂 cruise!!!!!!! Where? What boat? Oh, and throw some tricep dips into your arm workout. They kill but you get great results! Happy hump day!

    • Haha i can’t imagine how early you’re up these days! good call, thank you!
      bahamas! and i can’t wait!!!
      sadly… carnival. so if i don’t return to blogging, it’s because the ship had a problem.. wouldn’t be shocking. hahaha

  6. It is sooooo much harder for me to run outside- but I feel like I’m getting a lot better! I think it’s this terrible heat!! I am ready for cool weather. And I hate you for going on a cruise- NO FAIR!!!

    • especially if you have allergic reactions like the one you had! i wouldn’t set foot out there! haha it’s going to be fun don’t hate! 🙂

  7. Nice work lovelies!! i hate doing arms. hate it. dread it. wouldnt do it if they didnt make me do it in class. i have no upper body strength (although more now than probably ever before) and i am constantly wow’ed by the girls in class who can throw one leg in the air while we’re doing dips on the floor, and do push ups on their toes- gah im envious! looks like a great arm circuit!!

  8. YAY for the hamster wheel! 🙂 Running on it is actually easier for me–all I have to do is find a comfortable pace and I could spend hours…and hours…just staring at the blank wall in front of me. (I’m really not kidding.) It takes all the thinking out of it for me!

    Also–push-ups are the only form of arm exercises you need, haha. They’re. So. Hard. But they’re probably my fav strength training move, even if I can only do 18 straight. 🙂

    • i’m glad you love it so much! 🙂 i think that i get to that point around 3 miles too but i just can’t seem to hold it for longer than that… i agree! they are SO SO hard!! that’s impressive, i’m steady around that number for push ups too. 🙂

  9. I was suppose to go for a short 2 miler last night….but I didn’t 😦 My left ankle was bothering me a little but, tonight I am getting out there!!Good job on your untimed 5K! I don’t know if I could go without my Garmin on a run, I am all about the numbers 🙂 I only have access to the outside, in regards to running so, I have no choice! I am loving Mollie’s colorful shoes! I want some!! I love your workout graphics, you have to teach me your ways!!

    • ah, never push it when you feel any sort of injury! you’re a smart lady! 🙂 i am typically addicted to my garmin, but i’m finding that lately, unless it’s my long run, i know my routes and mileage and am caring less about time. it’s sort of a relief, especially in this heat. but trust me, on my long runs, i’m all about it!

    • nahhh, can’t be unhealthy at all! that’s awesome! haha that’s what your post title was today! love it! we’re in each other’s heads!

  10. I LOVE everything you said about runs! So true and keep preachin’ it girlie! Oh my gosh I bet you’re so excited for your cruise! I’ve only been on one, but I remember it being absolutely amazing :D. Also, not to sound creepy or anything, but you’re GORGEOUS! Like, take a sweaty picture and still look beautiful type of gorgeous. Please teach me your ways!

    • seriously, those runs are so awesome! you are such a creep, ew.
      um, no.
      you are quite the gorgeous girl yourself, and you and your man together… SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  11. I haven’t been able to run since I came to China on vacation a week and a half ago and I have about another week to go. I’m getting so much anxiety that my body will reject all the training I’ve been doing for my first 1/2 in November and I won’t even be able to run 2 miles. 😦

    I also can’t do treadmill unless I’m watching TV, otherwise I’ll look at the time every 2 minutes when I think 10 minutes has gone by.

    • i’m sure you’re doing tons of walking – based on your beautiful pictures, I think you are!!
      you’ll pick it back up, don’t worry and just enjoy your time off. that’s all you can do!

  12. Amen! I defiantly need to keep this in mind when I have a “bad” run. Anything is always better than nothing 🙂
    Easy Breezy 2 miler, but as fast as I could do it, made me pretty happy, hopefully I’ll be doing 3 miles next week.
    The treadmill is defiantly harder at the moment for me, once school starts and I’m doing my runs on the treadmill because it’s too early, that will be hard. But once I get use to it, running outside will be hard lol.
    Mine are bright pink 🙂

  13. I went to spin class last night and was so nasty sweaty when I got home!! Awesome job on the 5k!! I had to go for a run completely naked (without Garmin) the other day because mine froze!! I have no idea how long or far I went, but it felt great!

    I’m with you..when I first started running I dreaded running outside and clung to the treadmill, now I HATE the treadmill for running!

    • ah spin class! i’m trying to get into that! i went to the 545 AM class the other day and the instructor didn’t show up. #fail
      trying again tomorrow morning – it should kick my butt!
      yep, the treadmill is my enemy now. 🙂

  14. No my shoes are not as cool looking as Mollie’s! When I went to go get fitted for shoes at the running store, the guy told me I needed supportive shoes and 2 of the 3 pairs he brought out looked horrendous (we’re talking granny orthopedic style) and then the other pair was a decent looking pair of Asics. Of course the Asics cost me an astronomical amount of money, but I do like them even if the color scheme is rather dull (blue, grey and a little yellow). End shoe tangent.

    I have a confession: I have never known what a Russian twist was. I’ve seen them done a lot and heard the term before, but I actually just googled it and put an action to a word. I get it now.

    Yay for your 5k with Rebekah. Awesome that you pushed it last night and it felt great 🙂 The senator is one lucky pup to get to go on all these running adventures. Have a great Wednesday, girly! I wish it were Friday, but at least we’re over the hump now! You’re pretty, okay bye 🙂

    • Your asics are SUPER cute, girl, and I know, I saw them IRL! Come on!! Haha, I wish I could have cute shoes too but it’s more important to have good ones, right? That’s what I’m thinking… Though Mollie’s are appropriate for her stride so I’m jealous that she lucked out on that.
      Haha, Russian twists are so hard! Especially if you add weight to them – die die die!
      The Senator (Onassis) is either lucky or angry…. Haha, I’ll never know. LOVE YOU PRETTY!

  15. i get up at 5am every morning to workout and i’ve been doing doubles so 2 workouts at 5am: interval lifting and then HIIT cardio.
    i have a treadmill but i loathe it! i much prefer to run outside and i’m starting trails this weekend to prep for tough mudder!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. This is so true! Sometimes, a short, fast run makes me feel great. Sometimes, I prefer long and slow, with lots of time to think. It all depends on your mood! That’s one privilege of not being on a training plan – the flexibility to do whatever you want 🙂

    No, my shoes are always boring 😦

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