How to Enjoy a Weekend…

…after a very long and stressful work week!

First, have dinner with someone you care about a lot – friends, family, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife – whatever you desire. I chose my boyfriend:


Make sure that dinner is one you fully enjoy and that you help pick out.


Then, on Saturday morning, choose a cardio activity to relieve some stress. I chose a 10 miler per my half marathon training plan.


It also helps if you have on cute new running clothes, like all errry’thang Lulu Lemon! 🙂

Lulu Lemon

Next, take a nap to celebrate the great long run. Upon awakening, primp up for a cute and adorable housewarming party with all your favorite people. Enjoy all the treats, don’t hold back – especially with a spread like this:


Funfetti blondie brownies:

funfetti blondies

Beautiful people:


Friends who photo bomb:

housewarming 2

Best friends and their respective boyfriends:

Housewarming 3

Swing on a weird-o swing set:

housewarming 4

And end your weekend with a day at the spa getting your nails and toes did:


Along with a delicious dinner because one piece of salmon this weekend wasn’t enough:


So, if you had a long work week and you want to shake it off, follow these simple steps to feel better. 🙂 It certainly helped me out!

Another thing that kicked off my weekend of happiness + stress relief – finding out about Pro Compression’s sale for this month. Nothing relieves me after a long run the way my marathon socks do… I think we can all agree. So, they’re the most wonderful people and are happily throwing a sale to celebrate the month of July. Here are the details if you want anything from them for a deep discount!!

Everything is going to be 40% OFF until August 4, 2013 when you enter JULY at checkout. Yes, EVERYTHING.


So, if you’re anything like me and are neurotic about recovery, you should take full advantage. I will be getting more marathon socks because I’m now an addict.

Besides, doesn’t everyone wear compression socks to a housewarming party along with flip flops? I do, I do! Please love me still. I promise everyone at the party loved me in spite of my Halloween outfit.


How was your weekend?

Would you rather eat salmon, steak, or chicken?

I know a lot of you out there are all about Pro Compression – tell me how you heard about it! I first heard about it through blog land… and I’ll never look back. 🙂


29 thoughts on “How to Enjoy a Weekend…

  1. You’re adorable and I want your clothes, but I want everything Lululemon, but you’re still adorbs. 🙂

    One piece of salmon is never enough…if it were healthy to eat the same thing every single day, I’d definitely eat a spinach salad with corn and salmon every single day. The combination is just out of this world.

    Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! I hope your Monday is just as fantastic, girlie ❤

    • My phone hates me. Anyways you know how to enjoy the weekend! If I didn’t work every weekend I’d take a few lessons from you! Starting with the funfetti blondies. And steak. And chicken. Basically by eating ALL DA FOODS!

  2. You are so adorable!! I LOVE that you wore your socks to go hangout with friends, atta girl!! I would have done the same thing! HAHA. So glad you had a good weekend, I hope it sets you up for a GREAT week ahead!

  3. This sounds like my kind of weekend! 😉 My weekend was good, but it went way too fast! I’d definitely rather eat salmon, which is pretty ironic because I used to hate it, now I love it!

    I just heard of Pro Compression yesterday and I think I need to take advantage of that coupon!

  4. I love procompression and definitely need a new pair of socks. So obsessed! Looks like a great weekend. I am a salmon fiend so any weekend that starts with salmon is a good weekend in my book 🙂

  5. I second how wonderful having a nice dinner with the boyfriend can be! So relaxing and fun! And cardio always helps me relax as well. Though I don’t think I could go out and run a ten miler as of now! Great pace by the way, so fast :D.

  6. AH your weekend looked SO fun! great people, great food, great outfits- i love it all! and nice work on that 10 miler! i want those blondies in my stomach right now. there’s a playground with the same weirdo swing by a restaurant eric and i sometimes go to- and we always have to go swing on it when we’re there- its so fun! theres also a bunch of other weirdo playground equipment there, some of which we cant even figure out how to use. Todays youth must be so smart.

  7. Amazing weekend – you’re killing it with those 10 milers and what an awesome pace. I NEED to join you ASAP. Except I’ll be much slower :). That spread at the housewarming party looks ahhhhmazing. And you guys hung out at the O4W Skate Park by me :). See you for a circuit this week!

  8. I’m loving that swing!!!! I really want to swing, like really badly. MMMmmmm that food spread looks too amazing 😀 Hahaha, I really like your outfit, it just looks so comfortable. Ugh I NEED me some ProCompression socks badly!! I heard about them through BlogLand, have been drooling over them since. Your weekend seems like a great way to destress 🙂

  9. I love SALMON!! Gosh your weekend is just picture ecstasy to me. So colorful and fun 🙂 Look like a good one…though looking at those nails reminds me I need to take care of my less than beautiful ones. Glad you had such a nice weekend!

  10. First of all, I want in on that weird swing set thing. it looks awesome. Secondly, that spread at the housewarming party was very classy with the crudités and desserts. Most parties I go to involve a big bowl of salsa and tortilla chips. Can I get an upgrade?! :Love your new lululemon pieces. I am going to try and guilt Jim into taking me there this weekend so I can be fashionable too 🙂 And match you of course, that is my real goal. Love your Asian tourist socks with flip-flops look, I hear that that is going to be very in this Fall so you are ahead of the trend 😉 Looks like a wonderful weekend filled with salmon! 🙂 Let’s hope this week goes by quickly!! Happy Monday, girl! Lots of love from PA ❤

  11. I love Pro Compression and I actually really need another pair of socks too…I may have to jump on that sale! Also. I would eat salmon every day of the week if I could. Chicken has made a reappearance in my life, but I don’t eat steak…however…salmon always wins!!
    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  12. How to enjoy a weekend indeed! And I would totally rock such an outfit to a house warming party 😉 I love Pro Compression and first heard about them in the blogging world…two pairs of their socks and counting (including the same purples you have). My weekend was busier than expected but good, with lots of time with loved ones which was absolutely necessary! Shopping, good food, time with my mum and Joe, two runs with friends…life doesn’t get much better 🙂 And I’m a chicken girl all the way with the occasion preference for steak. I really have to be in the mood for salmon, so that doesn’t happen very often, but I enjoy it when the craving hits!

  13. Wow, what a fun weekend minus the 10 mile run and painted nails.

    I’m a big believer in the Pro compression socks because my girl friend so obsessed and she made me wear them after my recent 10K.

    I also prefer a good cut of salmon over steak!


  14. What a fun weekend!! I personally love your outfit and see nothing wrong with it at all. Tell me about these compression sock things. .. should I be wearing them while I run or after or to court with a skirt suit? ????

  15. Yummy yummy, Asparagus. I made that stuff last night. I have to make a huge pile of it because my boyfriend and I fight over it. As for my weekend, I went to the zoo with my sister and her family. They came all the way to Utah from Florida, drivining mind you. I have to say, you are a fun blogger.

  16. What a freaking fun weekend! Seriously, if I could plan a weekend it would look like yours! Great run and what a fast pace, you are so speedy!
    Fruit pizzas(pictured above) is like my favorite dessert ever!
    I love pro compression too, they help so much after long runs or speed work!

  17. I was with you, up until the very last photo… Socks with sandals!?! I don’t know if I can talk to you anymore! 🙂 hehe j/k I will let that one slide this time 🙂 that food spread looks really yummy!! How did those brownies taste? They looked good!! Great time on your 10miler! You are faster than me!!

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