Short Week, YAY

Did you guys enjoy yesterday’s post from my co blogger? Yes, I still have one of those. 🙂 She’s the very best and though I joke, I’m so happy she’s back to her normal routine.

And speaking of routine, I had my normal one last night – visiting my friends in high places and working out.


We completed a cross fit style workout (my man’s favorite kind of workout!) and it looked like this:


I finished in a little under 14 minutes – and I think it’s because I used the smallest ‘box’ possible, while my two workout buddies used the larger sizes.


I’m not big on box jumps but they surely do the trick. I only get them when I visit my friend’s gym in her complex so I make sure to take full advantage. 🙂

Since I didn’t feel like 14 minutes was enough of a workout, I got in some mileage on the elliptical and treadmill and also added in some bicep curls (100!!). I’m trying to tone up my arms, I think. Also my abs? I planked for longer than I ever have before last night – 2:32! Woo!! 🙂

Seeing as how it’s a holiday tomorrow, (HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, AMERICA!!!!) I’d like to wish all of you a lovely day off, or not, if you’re working! I hope you get to see some fireworks (don’t worry, I had plenty of years spent in college working and missing fireworks) or enjoy the holiday in some form or fashion. I’m running the Peachtree Road Race 10K with some friends, my boyfriend, and the gorgeous Sara at Fit.Fun.Femme. It’s a mellow race, so I don’t intend on pushing myself. In fact, my goal is quite the opposite. 🙂

So Happy 4th of July to everyone and enjoy this extended holiday. I will not resume blogging til Monday but I’m sure I’ll be drunkenly posting pictures to my Instagram all weekend long. Enjoy!

What are you doing this weekend?

How are you celebrating the 4th? Do you celebrate the 4th?

Fireworks – yay or nay? I enjoy them, but I don’t enjoy how my dog reacts to them. 🙂


20 thoughts on “Short Week, YAY

  1. Box jumps are no bueno for me either….haha- but they are good for the body I suppose 🙂
    Have an awesome 4th of July weekend!! Can’t wait to see the debauchery on instagram! ha

  2. #1- I adore your workout shirt with the little cut-outs in the tank top straps. Cute! And I want. Gimme?
    #2- You wore a matching skirt?! Lord help me I am in love. Matchy match makes for a better workout.
    #3- I do not want to do box jumps. Jim tried to get me to do them and I whined, tried a few times, then gave up. Of course this was in front of our whole entire packed gym so I need to try them in a more intimate environment where I don’t feel like I total noob sucking at them. Massive props to you for doing them. I would so be on the small box with you. Or better yet, can we pretend I do them and I just jump up and down a lot on the ground? Okay, great, problem solved.
    #4-I am totally digging the little monsters you included on your workout pic. Just thinking about all the creativity you included in that one workout picture makes me think it would take me an hour to create something even remotely similar with picmonkey. Teach me your ways. I legit sit and spend an hour creaitng mine adn they are no where near as elaborate and fancy pants as yours.
    #5- YAY FOR A SHORT WEEK. I am hoping to find some fireworks somewhere tomorrow, but I have no idea. I have been slacking in the planning department recently. Hope the senator doesn’t freak out too much!

    Have a great holiday/s girly! I know you will be having an awesome sauce weekend, I am sure! I will NEED to see some drunken Instagram pictures so I can feel like I was there being part of the fun. I plan on texting/stalking you like a wackadoodle, you can be sure of that 😉

  3. Box jumps are SO SCARY. I refuse to try them because I’m convinced that I won’t jump high enough and trip and totally face plant :-/

    That workout looks killer! Especially those burpees at the end, oh my god.

    HELL YEAH PLANK. You’re a beast!

  4. A fact that my dad told me the other day was that dogs can “feel” that fireworks emanate from an electrical spark and so that freaks them out. I’ve tried Googling it to see if it’s true, but I haven’t come up with any definite answers, so we’ll just say it is. 🙂 Strangely though, Rosie’s fine with both thunderstorms and fireworks…but she still barks at her reflection in our glass doors or our TV. Funny little puppy. 🙂

    Have a fantastic super long weekend, girlie! ❤

  5. You need to make me workout and do all these awesome circuit workout things you do!! I have been so lazy lately- I blame the rain! Yay for a long weekend and have fun at your 10K!!

  6. I’m right with you on box jumps, I’m always afraid I’ll miss the box then fall lol. Woohoo for 4 day weekends!! 😀 I’ll be babysitting my parents animals and enjoying the sounds of the fireworks tomorrow. Lame, but oh well, you can’t have’em all 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  7. congrats on that plank time you planking machine!! thats so great! sounds like you have a VERY fun weekend ahead of you!! when it comes to fireworks, ok i know they are festive but they tend to combine two of my biggest dislikes- loud noises and huge crowds. sooo depending on where i watch fireworks from totally decides how i feel about them. i’m going to try to get on a rooftop this year, a nice little distance away from the show. (i know, i’m so fun, but thats my plan 🙂 ) happy 4th ladies!!

  8. It’s supposed to be POURING rain tomorrow so our Fourth of July will be light on the sun and pool time like we had planned 😦

  9. I’m not a big fan of fireworks, they are fun here and there and maybe at a baseball game but I’m with you..I hate how they freak out my pets haha! I work on the 4th so, nothing crazy for me! Awesome job on the box jumps!

  10. Fireworks are the bestest and i can’t wait to see a whole bunch tomorrow! We are going to joe’s brother’s house for a bbq and will have an awesome view of the fireworks downtown from mt. Washington….can’t beat it in pittsburgh! Happy 4th girl!

  11. I’m celebrating my fourth by hopping on a plane and traveling to Asia. What what!!

    Also great job on the plank! Now I need to scourge through your past posts on a circuit workout I can do in the hotel. I remember seeing one in the past two weeks. Wish me luck!

  12. Happy 4th! I’m Canadian so we celebrate our independence on the 1st. I spent it with a bunch of girlfriends and we headed out to see the fireworks! Fun times.

  13. I am so behind in reading all my blogs I follow! I know this post is from like almost a week ago :-/ How do you make your template for your workout? I have picmonkey, but it takes me forever just to edit a regular picture. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! I didn’t know you had Instagram, now I will have to follow you and can now stalk you even more. 🙂

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