Everything this weekend was perfect. It was everything I could have wanted it to be and more. πŸ™‚ I am so grateful to have amazing people in my life, each and every day – in every capacity.

Friday night my boyfriend and I started our weekend with some lovely half price sushi. It wasn’t the best, but for half off, it was darn good and you’ll never see me complain about anything cheap.


Saturday morning began with another 10 mile run with some fabulous people who work in my office building. We are all in a club together in the building and they are training for the Chicago Marathon as well as the Marine Corps marathon (each is training for one). When they asked me to run last weekend, I was excited and nervous, and when I was invited back again this weekend, I was thrilled! It’s the best running with people – time goes by SO SO fast and it’s really the most fun way to conquer a long run.

The road ended during our route so we had to think quickly on our feet.

road ends

Photo opp! I told them I’m a blogger so they were sweet and kind enough to oblige to my ridiculous photo requests.


I might add, too, that I am in LOVE with my CamelBak back pack. It is amazing and perfect for this ridiculous southern heat.

I also got some new shoes. I’m sorry, Sarah at Picky Runner, I hope we can still be friends after I say it – but I really did not like the Mizuno Wave Riders I had. I think they messed up my stride and encouraged what I think are now shin splints. Not too happy about that, considering they were pricey. So, I did what anyone would do and I bought another pair of shoes. πŸ™‚ I got Brooks Pure Cadence shoes, version 1. They have a second one out, but these ones were a steal (under $60 for nice running shoes?! yaa yaa!).

Brooks running

After a successful 10 miles, I met up with some girlies to do our nails.


Woo! Saturday night consisted of a birthday party + me baking box goodies. Yum.


Red velvet cupcakes + cream cheese frosting? Yum.


Plus some chocolate brownies + chocolate frosting. Great dinner, no?

And yesterday was more perfection. My bestie, Mollie, has been out of town in Israel and is FINALLY back! WOO HOO! My running pal has returned, and with some mighty fine new kicks! πŸ™‚ Those Asics are rocking!


It was a beautiful day in the park and we had so much fun enjoying the run and simultaneously cursing the sun and humidity.



The rest of the day was spent lounging by the pool and engaging in numerous shenanigans with my co-blogger/bestie/roomie.


She was less than amused, I think. What do you guys think?


Haha. Weekend perfection. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

How was your weekend? Any good sunshine?

What kinds of good eats did you get this weekend?

Are you a solo runner or a buddy runner? I am both, and both make me happy, but sometimes, running with friends is just so much better.


30 thoughts on “Perfect.

  1. I guessssss I’ll forgive you. They aren’t for everyone even though I wish they were. I would cry if they told me they were bad for my feet. I love red velvet cake, running with friends, and poolside time! Your weekend sounds awesome!

    • yes lol i have a few…. πŸ™‚ they’re mostly all awesome except for 1 which i wouldn’t mind having removed.

    • Hm, her hair is a bit of a bird’s nest almost everyday, so I couldn’t answer that one. But, I can definitely confirm she is a not only a huge biatch, but a serious one too. She sucks. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I would run all the time if I had someone to run with! And dang girl 10 miles!? That’s amazing!! And tell me about that tat!? What is it!?

  3. Oh my goodness–so. Much. Sushi. It all looks fantastic! I really want to give Mizunos another shot–when I was being fitted for shoes, they just felt kind of weird. I ended up getting Brooks too and haven’t looked back, but I really, really want to like Mizunos. Ahhhh.

    My weekend was rain, rain, and clouds. And the sun’s STILL not out. It’s really depressing!

  4. Yay new shoes! I ran in a pair of Asics that I hated for like 6 months…every time I went for a run I was pissed. So I’m glad you didn’t do like me and switched them out :). Your cupcake and sushi weekend looked amazing – I’m sorry I couldn’t run on Sunday. I was right – too much to drink ;).

  5. “After a successful 10 miles” girrrl, you are my running hero! you make it sound so easy. those cupcakes look GOOD. i want one for breakfast. also it’s nice to see rebekah’s pretty face again! looks like a fantastic weekend. Also, i love your bikini!

  6. Nice run!!! Kinda jealous of the mileage you did on Saturday, but I was melting when I woke up lol. I’m both, solo and a partner runner, just depends on my mood πŸ™‚ Ate some pretty good and way too much salami lol and made a smoothie that tastes like a slushy! Way too much sunshine in my opinion lol I don’t like melting. Those cupcakes and brownies look soooooooooo good!!!!

  7. Sounds like such the perfect weekend! I’m usually pretty shy about running with other people since I’m afraid of slowing them down. Just wanted to mention that I love the shoe pic with the puppy paw in ;). So cute!

  8. Perfection is right! I agree with you about mizunos completely….I think they helped contribute to my knee problems earlier in the year, so I switched back to Brooks and couldn’t be happier πŸ™‚ Those brownies look amazing, and I now really want some πŸ˜› And I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your runs with those marathon training friends!! Friends make long runs so much better!! Have a great Monday. love ❀

  9. Amazing weekend! I love that picture with the Senator’s paw – he’s so awesome! I’m glad you got new shoes. I’m a big fan of the wave runners, but that’s because they do wonders for me – I’ve now learned that shoes are very person specific and you can’t mess with that jazz. Have a good week!

  10. Awe a weekend of perfection in my book! And so glad you came to the Brooks side of running hehe I love my brooks! I wanna try wave riders too though. Did they take them back or are you just out the money? You’re nails looks fabulous!

    • Ummmm… this is super sketch but I’m sending them back and hope they just don’t notice they were used.. They hardly look used, so that’s a start! πŸ™‚
      Um, yes, I’m all aboard the Brooks train. Times one million. They are amazing.

  11. Half price sushi is never quite as good as full-priced sushi…do they just put less effort in because they know we’re not paying as much? I am not sure, but whatever the reason it doesn’t matter because half-priced sushi is still amazing in that you can order tons of it and not feel like the bill is going to drain your bank account πŸ™‚ So win for that! Yay for Mollie’s return! Also, 10 miles?! Girl, you are a beast. I ran a little over one mile on Saturday and I thought I might actually die. My feet were dragging and the weather was atrocious! Maybe I need a Camlebak back pack like you. Can we have matching colors? I think it’d be adorbz. Also, girl we need to talk about your tattoo…mostly I want to know what it is πŸ™‚ This is the third time (whose counting?) that I’ve seen peeks of tattoos on you (yes, I am your stalker) and I must know what it issss! πŸ™‚ Looking great in the swim suit btw, love the blue stripes! Have a wonderful day you gorgeous girl! πŸ˜‰

  12. I can’t wait ’til I can kick back 10 miles without feeling like throwing up! I run solo right now because not many of my friends run. I also don’t want to worry about us matching our paces (me faster, s/he faster) but my biggest thing with running is I get bored half way. I need to find something to pick my interests!

  13. I can’t get over the picture from running – your sneaker, your friend’s sneaker, and the doggie paw! So funny.. so cute! And I love your bathing suit!

  14. What a fun weekend! Love the delicious food and killer runs. You guys literally ran until the road ended – insane!

    That shoe/paw photo totally cracks me up!!!!!

    I’m definitely a solo runner. I always worry that I’m holding the other person behind :-/

  15. Sounds like the perfect weekend Meghan, and the cupcakes look/sound delish – whoever put together red velvet and cream cheese are a frickin’ genius! That’s fab you’ve found a group of like minded people you can run with – it is definitely a lovely thing to be able to chat whilst running πŸ™‚ So jealous of the pool! The weather is hotting up here so it’s definitely something I wish was close by πŸ˜‰ And love the nails, neon colours make me feel all summery and smiley!

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