Love for Inanimate Objects

Let’s fess up to what we love that doesn’t love us back.

Watermelon. I know everyone and their families love watermelon. If you don’t, well, I’m not sure where your taste buds jumped off ship, but you should probably reel them back into reality.

Anyway, I’m so in love with the fruit. It literally improves my mood and there’s nothing better than a fresh cut watermelon after a sweaty workout, right?


And it’s seedless? Well, all bets are off at that point.


We all have to treat ourselves after a decent sweat session (and, for a lot of you out there, a long and tiring week too!). That was how I did it after this little circuit:


I’d like to thank Leslee from the bottom of heart, no, the depths of my soul for the reminder about squats and lunges being so important. What would I do without blog buddies to remind me just how much I should treasure leg workouts? Gee. What a good friend. 🙂

The boyfriend and I powered through that hot workout in his backyard because I wasn’t feeling up for a run but still wanted to work up a sweat. My gym is too far away (not really, I was being lazy).


I think we were sweating a little bit. Mom – thanks for the shirt! Loved it!

Anyway, I am beyond thrilled that it is Friday as this has been quite a long work week. All my girlies out there feeling this sentiment, I will raise a glass (or three or four) to you and me tonight – we all deserve it.



What’s your favorite summertime fruit?

Who is your favorite Parks and Recreation character?

What are you doing this weekend?


54 thoughts on “Love for Inanimate Objects

    • Hey girly! I tried to comment on your blog and I can’t figure out how…. 😦 Hopefully you can see this???

  1. Haha, I love the Parks and Rec reference! My husband and I just finished watching season 5 on Netflix. Leslie (Leslie Knope, from the Parks Department ;-)) is probably my favorite, but it’s tough not to love all of them!
    Also, that watermelon looks delicious 🙂

  2. Hahaha who is your favorite parks and rec character- oh man such a toss up between april and chris traeger. april is HILARIOUS. favorite summer time fruit- all the melons! what am i doing this weekend- i have no idea. eric and i were supposed to go wind surfing on the cape but its supposed to be raining all weekend, so we might have to reschedule that. have a great friday chica!

  3. watermelon is the greatesttttttttttttt! i don’t eat the white seeds because of that fateful rugrats episode. my mouth is watering looking at yo pix and i am annoyed that my own watermelon is in my refrigerator at home and not being consumed by me RIGHT NOW.

  4. Meghan, your arms are looking jacked! 🙂 You go girly! Must be all those burpees! And I feel so left out, I have only had one slice of watermelon so far this summer and it was at a restaurant and less than juicy and amazing. I want to jump on the melon train 🙂 Maybe this weekend!

    My favorite Parks & Rec character is definitely Ron. Leslie is a very close 2nd. God that show fulfills my life. What must that say about me? And this weekend I am heading down the shore 🙂 I’ll think of you running on the beach. Maybe we can add that to the list of our fakecation activities, a beach run! Except you’ll be about 3 minutes ahead of me..oh well! Have a great one darling dearest Meggy bear!

  5. So I actually hate watermelon 😮
    I feel like I’m eating textured water lol My fav summer fruit is mangoes and pinapple YUM!! Yay for the weekend!! Have a great one!!

  6. OMG that watermelon looks so good! Love the intensity of the color, just makes me want to eat it more, Watermelon is defiantly my favorite fruit ever! Nice workout! I will defiantly have to keep that in mind next time I don’t feel like running 🙂 Ah, unfortunately I won’t be doing anything fun but staying indoors. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  7. Ron and tom are my fav characters, but really the whole show is brilliant! I love watermelon and pretty much every fruit except I’m not a huge fan of cantaloupe. I’ll eat it, but I don’t get excited about it haha
    Great workout! I need to work my legs more too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. I am the oddball that doesnt like watermelon. I know, I’m a wierdo. And in true karma fashion, I bought what I thought were cucumber seedlings and they are actually watermelon so I will have a backyard full of watermelon soon. I will ship them to you 😉

  9. Have a good weekend! Eat lots of watermelon and drink lots of vodka…maybe combine the two 🙂

  10. How is it possible I haven’t had watermelon yet this summer?! Juicy canteloupe is awesome, too. I’d say pineapple is my favorite summer fruit, though – I’ve been putting it in my smoothies a lot lately. So freaking good. Happy happy Friday!

    • i do, i do, i do! haha! it was tough. i can’t work anything out other than my legs so i’m weakling everywhere else. lol

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