…With work yesterday, today and tomorrow. As in, barely have time to read all of your guys’ blogs and keep up with this little crEATure of a blog. I love you all, I’m not being negligent this week, I swear. 🙂 I worked from 7:30 am til 8:30 pm yesterday, came home exhausted and still managed to get in a 5K. I must confess, the only reason I convinced myself to do it was because I said I wasn’t going to use a Garmin, rather, just get out there and get moving. It was kind of nice, but I did miss that feeling of excitement at the end when I look down and get my splits.


I’m also a big fan of the color pink apparently so this sunset was spot on for me!

photo (1)

It was perfect, especially after a day of sitting in continual meetings. Ah, the trials and tribulations of an office job. Until I can return and fully show some proper love to you beautiful folks, I shall leave you with this thought:


I j’adore, amore, LOVE blogging so much. 🙂 And it’s probably because I have a bit of an obsession with all of you guys. Woo!

How do you manage your activities when you’re swamped?

How long have you been blogging and why do you do it?


43 thoughts on “Consumed…

  1. Their you go again being all awesome with your running! And when I’m swamped I just simply don’t do something lol Bet you cannot wait for the weekend!!

  2. I tend to drop things from my schedule when I’m swamped, and they usually end up being workouts! I try really hard to avoid that, but sometimes it can’t be helped. The VERY FIRST thing I’ll drop, though, is doing the dishes! Ha!

  3. I know what you mean being consumed and I’m just a lifeguard. Yesterday I didn’t read/comment on posts because I just felt so overwhelmed by all of them that I didn’t want to. We’ll still be here when work calms down 🙂

  4. Ahh I’ve been trying to comment but my comment keeps getting rejected, maybe it will work now from my phone? We shall see… Awesome post! I don’t remember life before the blog. I’ve been blogging since march 19, 2013 which in blog years is 207 years!

  5. Ah girl! I totally think tonight after work you should come home, put on some cozies & throw your feet up & turn the tv on.. oh & eat some good food.. maybe even take out 🙂 You deserve a night of pure relaxation.

  6. Love the hug quote – I even love the hugs which become a bit ‘awkward’ in a funny-how-awkward-we-can-be-sometimes kinda way 😉 Gosh, long hours! Well done for getting some fresh air and a work out in too – when I used to do longer shifts I always tried to fit even 15 minutes in as it really grounded me despite being constantly exhausted. And don’t worry about the blog (I used to get concerned about this too), if you need a break to work, all your readers will still be here when you come back 🙂 promise! I hope it lets up a little though, 13 hour days sound pretty strenuous!

    • aw, you’re so wonderful!! i loved that quote too and knew immediately it was for the blog friends i have! you’re right, readers understand, everything too. 🙂

  7. Sometimes my blog definitely gets neglected when I’m super busy. It’s hard! But like the comment above states — your readers will all be here for you if you need to unplug for a few days. We’ve all been there.

    Sometimes if I know I’m going to have a busy week, I’ll sit down and write a slew of posts at once and schedule them, but more often than not, I’ll just disappear for 2 or 3 days at once. It happens! Life comes first. 🙂

    • you’re so right – especially because this is not my job, it’s my fun relaxation. 🙂 you’re so sweet, enjoy your vacatioN!!

  8. Why can’t we get paid to blog and run? I mean…that’s the freaking life! Hope you get to have a relaxing weekend after all those hours in the office. And go you for running after getting home so late. DEDICATION!

    Natalie has been at work for over 24 hours straight at this point – poor Nat!

    When I’m traveling for work and there is no way I can make a great post happen I try to do at least one picture dump of what I’ve been up to or post a few inspirational quotes. I always miss reading everyone’s posts, too!

    Natalie and I have been blogging for 6 months now (!!!) and we love it. I get so happy when I get an e-mail from someone that we have inspired them to run a race or workout more or eat better. I also love the camaraderie and you guys!

    • POOR Nat is right!!! Aw, that’s so cool that people talk to you about your blog!
      And yes, the weekend couldn’t be here any sooner. Seriously.

  9. That is a cute quote! And I hear ya, sometimes keeping up with other blogs is rough… especially with a crazy work schedule. Or when you just want to be lazy! You work a lot tho lady!

  10. Damn girl! 5K after you got home at 8:30 at night?? That would have been the last thing on my mind. I know what you mean. When I get swamped with life and stuff, the blog usually tends to be the last thing on my mind, and I leave all social networks. Literally I disappear. Hope today treats you better :)!

  11. Hahah I love that hug quote. I have been blogging for 2 yearsssss and when I first started I blogged daily, and then slowly started to trickle to like every other day, then to a few times a week, then back to every other day and now I am all over the place and take multiple days off haha. It works for me though! Real life always comes first. WAY TO run after that long day!!!

  12. It’s okay, we’re all obsessed with your blog too 🙂 I am so sorry that you got roped into more work shenanigans. Wasn’t the weird work conference at a hotel right next to your job enough “fun” for one summer?! Who do i need to speak to about this? Only one more day of this nonsense though and then you have the entire weekend all to yourself and the Bek and your guy and the senator. Which I’m sure will be glorious 🙂 And I think my blog is officially past the half year marker. So its still a wee baby in the blog world, but it’s fun because it’s still in the “firsts” stage. God I remember when I got my first post “like” I was like OMG People ARE reading it! I was legitimately thrilled at a post like from some rando haha Have a beautiful day gorgeous girly! I am just one text away 🙂

    • Haha, thanks girly, me too. SERIOUSLY and this is not the end of it, either…. AHH! I know you echo my sentiment when it comes to real life jobs. Bleh. Necessary evils of life, they are. Yes, can’t you just write a note and get me out of class early? I don’t wanna keep working!
      I know, you were one of the very first people to consistently comment on this blog and you helped it turn into what it has become. You are the very best blogger.

  13. I feel ya on being busy! At least you got a pretty sunset! Tonight will be the second night this week that I am working 16 hours. Gross. Hurry up, weekend!

  14. OMG we are work sisters right now – I’ve barely slept – I actually worked so late/early last night that I missed my 6 am Bar class – how does that happen?!?! You are not alone, you are rocking at work, running and blogging and it’s almost Friday 🙂

    • Natalie. My heart broke when Sara commented and said you’ve been at it for 24 hours. You poor girl… You’re amazing. Good job – hopefully the weekend brings you relief!!

  15. This week has been nuts for me too! It didn’t help today that when I squeezed in my grocery shopping I somehow left several bags! ugh, it’s been a long day. But I’m glad I got my run in this morning. When I’m swamped I just have to stick to my schedule, I have a planner and I live by it lol I’ve only been blogging a few months and love it!

    • Ahh this week is insane! OMG i hate when that happens at the store… i always feel so dumb when I do that.. which, shamefully, is not as infrequent as it should be. I used to use my planner but have totally been slacking the past few months. Maybe that’s partially why I’m overwhelmed! 🙂 ❤

  16. After a long day like that, major props to you for getting out there and running hun! When I’m super swamped, I make lists, I kind of like the crossing-things-out feeling the best! LOL!

    I love blogging because its therapeutic, fun, and because of the great people you can learn about and meet from it! People just like you hun! : -)

  17. I have felt like I have been a little slow on reading everyone’s blogs too. Oh boy, that is a long day, yikes!! Good for you for going running after too. How I manage everything when I start to feel overwhelmed is to sit down, breathe and enjoy one of my favorite coffee drinks 🙂 I have been blogging for almost 4 months. I started my blog to share my experiences with motherhood, running, paleo living (or lack there of) and what ever else I have going on. I enjoy sharing my life with anyone that will read and getting feedback from others.

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