Oh the sun.

I love you, but I also loathe you. Can’t we find a happy medium together?

I just can’t tolerate running in you when you’re causing heat upward of 90 degrees. I just can’t.

But, I just can’t stand when I’m at the beach and you’re not causing heat upward of at least 90 degrees. Can we make a deal? Pretty please?

So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really enjoy running at night. I love that the sun has gone down, the city is more quiet and the streets are less busy. I’m glad too, because my half in August is at night!


Last night, I struggled to find motivation to get out and run since I kept putting it off. Finally, around 9 pm, I got my lazy self off the couch and out the door to knock out 4.5 miles. 🙂


The Senator happily joined me and so did my boyfriend!


Sweat caused that phone picture to be totally blurry. Whoops. Seriously, it’s such a love hate relationship. I love not running in the direct sunlight, but putting a workout off until right before bedtime makes it hard to actually do it. I am so glad I still got in a great run at a great pace, but still – it was so tough to get started.

No one ever regrets a workout, right? I essentially live by that motto when it comes to staying motivated. Plus, it helps to have a hyper dog begging to be taken for a run every night… 🙂

Do you have night running gear for early, early morning/night time runs?

What’s your mantra when you need some motivation?

What did your workout look like last night? I still can’t plank longer than 1:30. UGH!!


21 thoughts on “Frenemies

  1. geez louise- you motivated off the couch at 9pm to run!? you’re my hero, slow dramatic claps for you lady! at 9pm i was in bed playing candy crush. asleep by 9:30. i want to motivate for a late night run- is it absurd though that i feel like i need to do it on a weekend night? i’m so bad at getting up in the morning otherwise. i think my boyfriend (who has recently become my new running partner since we did it once this past weekend) might actually love this idea more so than morning runs… we shall see, we shall see.

  2. I’m with Charlotte on this one.. I mean 9pm at night? You go girl! Once I lay my bootay on the couch there’s no way I’m getting up.. unless it’s to go get a bedtime dessert. Heck, I’m usually passed out by 9 lol.

    I do enjoy running in the mornings though when it’s still dark 🙂

  3. Massive props to you for going out at 9pm! Girl, by that time I usually look like death and am crawling into bed to watch a little trashy tv before passing out. Which is exactly what I did last night during your run haha. You hit the street, I’ll hit the sheets 🙂 So just wondering, does working out that late keep you up at night? The latest I’ve worked out before is 8:30pm, yes I know the exact time because I was dreading it like NO OTHER. And I love your sweaty post -run picture with your man 🙂 You look great after working out, it’s not even fair haha. I look like the queen of the tomatoes with a red face that can be seen in New Jersey. I am very attractive 😉 Have a terrific tuesday, twinny!!! You’re gonna surpass 1:30 on your plank today, I can feel it! 🙂 Lub yew!

  4. 9 PM! Major props to you! I am usually exhausted by then, although still up and going, which is dumb on my part. I love the idea of nighttime runs, but I worry about safety – good thing your brought your man and dog with you 🙂 Keep it up! Your mantra is awesome.


    Great job on getting that run, Meghan! You kick ass! I have a hard time getting myself to work out at any time after work – 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, none of it. For me, it’s a lunchtime workout or no workout 😛

  6. Damn girl! 9pm?? I would have given up and just said “I’ll do it tomorrow” lol. I’m obviously not a night runner….Morning is my thing, even if that means getting up at 4am sometimes. But I don’t blame you for not wanting to run in the heat, that is when I would opt for the treadmill! I’ll do anything to not run in the heat. Hope you have a great run today 🙂

  7. You are awesome, for getting that run in so late. I used to run right before the sun went down (nighttime makes me nervous) before it got so hot that I joined a gym. Now I feel like I have to go run right after work because if I go home to take a break, it’s hard to get back out the door!

  8. That’s so cool that your half is going to be at night. Running in the dark is fun! But, good that you have your dog and bf to go with you…otherwise kind of dangerous.
    I don’t think I could run that late…I am totally an early morning runner!

  9. Great job getting out there when you didn’t want to. And so nice that you’re bf would go with you, so fun!
    I love running in the morning, I’m way too tired at night but it’s so inspiring to see others do it because that’s when they can. Night running is nice when the sun is going down and it’s just the right temp.
    Seriously, awesome job girl!

  10. Ahhh i was getting ready for bed at 9 last night haha! I’m an early morning runner so that might be why 😛 we like to watch the sun rise and then go in to escape the heat!

  11. I actually prefer the sun! Well, maybe that’s because I don’t ever run outdoors just go for walks and I can never manage to workout at nights either, I get too riled up if I do. So workouts are always in the morning for me. That’s awesome you got your run in though!

  12. I am such a big wuss I don’t like heat even in the 70’s yeah, I live in the Northwest hahahaah. I would love to run at night, but have only done it a few times due to FEAR of getting kidnapped hahaha. I have to have a buddy. Running a half at night would be AMAZING!

  13. I am an absolute early morning runner that I give you credit for finding the motivation and strength to do it at night. I go earlier and earlier in the summer to avoid the heat. I really don’t need much motivation, it is so a part of my routine that I would be lost without it.

  14. Hang in there with the planks! I browse Instagram to help pass the time 🙂 I can’t run at night. I like to relax all evening so getting off the couch and into my sneakers is near impossible.

  15. I HATE running after dinner. It’s like I can feel all of my food during the day just sloshing around in my stomach. Usually, if my run doesn’t happen within an hour or two after I get up, it’s not happening for the day. I’m also just really paranoid and afraid that someone would abduct me or try to steal my phone or something. And girlie, we’re working on our planks together! Yes? Yes. Cool. Glad we got that sorted out. 🙂

  16. Nice job for doing it at 9 pm, wow! I give you so much credit to go at that time. You never regret a workout is something I say to myself weekly, it’s so true and it helps!

  17. 9pm, awesome!! Am sure I would love running in the evening ( I did a race at night before) but I always get such an adrenaline high, I can’t sleep 🙂 ! As for running gear, I should probably get some for the winter, though admittedly feel a bit silly running around as a traffic cone BUT safety first!

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