Race Nostalgia

In honor of the most bodacious and wonderful day of the week, I wanted to inject some fun into the blog. I’ve had some awful race pictures and I’m darn proud of them when they happen, but then they are soon forgotten.

What reminded me of all these hidden treasures, though, was when my boyfriend asked me to see these pictures a few weeks ago and I dug them all up. Let’s start from my first race ever, shall we? I’m digging these wildly inappropriate for running headphones. Needless to say, those suckers are long gone (I only got rid of them about 6 months ago and that’s because they broke. Not because they weren’t totally awesome and conducive for running!).


My fellow crEATure and I ran our first race together (and first race ever, actually) in April, 2012. How cute are we with our matching shorts? It was a 10K and we came in just over an hour. Back then, we were the happiest girls alive when we finished. It was adorable. I also used to love running in cotton T’s. Not anymore.

Then, we ran our second race ever together, a half marathon, in October, 2012. I think I struggled, what do you think? 🙂 HA!



See, Rebekah looks like she’s got her eye on the prize and I just look like a dead baby bird. She actually had to drag me to the finish line, she rocked it out like crazy. I made it to 6 miles and crashed and burned and relied on her continual jogging to stay alive. I knew I could do it, I just knew it would be slow. Slow it was my friends, slow it was. In case it wasn’t clear how crappy I felt, here’s one more (a huge LOL every time I look at this!!!!):


Next up, my marathon. Could I look any more snarky/pissed off here (I promise I’m not in real life!)? And also, if you want to know and are even paying attention – that was my first pair of Nike Tempo shorts and they are officially my good luck shorts. I always race in them (real races) when I want good luck. I promise I own a lot of these shorts! I just love my purple tempos!


Am I even jogging or am I actually walking? Who will ever know…

image001 (2)

Haha, this is actually a decent picture that I’m surprised even happened….Kind of looks like I’m flying! But I still look evil, don’t I?


And I guess as soon as I cross the finish line, I’m just about over it, judging by my face. I see a troll-ish look in my face. Delightful after a 15K.

image001 (3)

Next up, classy pictures of my belly hanging out and about.


Not super attractive, slightly trashy, and it looks like I’m about to grab myself. Cuteness, indeed.

My favorite, though, has to be the one my beautiful bestie Mollie took of me from behind. It’s not technically a professional race photo, but it’s as bad as one so I’m going to share it! My fat a$$ over there….My sweat over there…. Bleh.


So, I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend, racing or not! Enjoy your time away from the regular work week. I know I will! I am super excited about my weekend plans!!! Woooo!!!!

What distance was your first race, or what will your first race distance be if you haven’t run one already?

Do you sign up for races with friends?

Do any of you beautiful people out there not have a bad racing photo? I’d love to see it if you do!!! Ha! 🙂


37 thoughts on “Race Nostalgia

  1. LOL and a half! You do not look bad in these photos…just exhausted or focused, totally acceptable for race photos. My first race was last June in the Color me Rad 5k with my friend Nicole (simply Nicole) and her fiance and Jim. I ran/jogged/walked next to Jim the whole time and therefore was completely skipped in the race photos. There are tons of his face smiling and laughing and a few of my ear and top of my head. Boooo. And I’m doing Drenched again with the same crew in August. So yay to friends and racing 🙂 I love your most recent pic taken by Mollie. Your bum is not large…your costume is just all flared out. The sweat though… well that is real and girl you earned it so it’s all good 🙂 I can’t wait to stalk the crap out of you over the weekend and hopefully see more NKOTB and BSB photos 🙂 Have a lovely weekend beautiful besty. Love you like woah! (too Mia? too much? Never.) <333

    • Haha, I heard the Color me Rad is like the best coloring 5K out there… And you are much too kind with your words. When you meet me in real life, you’ll see, my backside is my biggest side. It’s cool yo, I can dig it! 🙂 Have an amazingggg weekend!!!! Never too much with us, come on! 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha ok i think this is the best friday post idea i’ve ever seen…i’ll have to replicate it at some point 😛 how do you get the proofs into your post?? I’ve tried with a couple and can’t figure it out at all! I’m slightly jealous that you run races with your friends, too…the only one who will race with me is joe and we don’t have the same pace by a long shot and it makes me sad to accidentally leave him without realizing it till it’s too late and i’m too far ahead…might have to stick to 5ks together haha

    • Haha! i took screen shots of them from the websites and then cropped them in pic monkey… super high tech way of stealing the images, no? i don’t have the same pace as my man either!!! haha! 🙂 that’s what I stick with for him! 🙂 i’m just happy he enjoys them as much as i do, regardless of time!

  3. HAHAhahahaha omg these are PRICELESS! You need to get them all framed. those pics of you from the half marathon are the best- but omg rebekah looks on top of the world!! the juxtaposition of you and her is my favorite part. my first race will be a 5k. woo! and wait, what am i looking at on your stomach? you rebel- do you have a stomach tattoo??

    • hahaha frame them i will not, but loving the suggestion! i know she totally does, no fair! lol yes a stomach one and a leg one. whoops. i’m exposed. the secret’s out!

  4. HAHAHANANA I died looking at all of these. My race pictures always come out horrible so I understand completely. That last one though, I bet I have a few that could compete wirh that. Oh well, if I was trying to look good I’d pick another sport.

    • I knowwww why can’t i just look like i’m the best runner ever in pictures? Oh, because i’m not. yes, yes, yes it is! 🙂

  5. Love all the race photos! Gave me a good laugh this morning 🙂 All of mine look so horrible, I always look so angry and have a stink face. I wish I could share some of them with you, but when I try to copy them it doesn’t allow me too?? Loving the purple running shorts, it’s not possible to wear too much purple. It’s my fav color. Majority of the races I run with my hubby, but since Z has come along we have taken turns running races, so my mom doesn’t always have to come over to watch him (I’m sure she doesn’t mind) . My first race was a 10k, which is still my PR for that distance, go figure!! Have a great day?

    • yayy haha good news! i know, why is it that stink faces are always what’s captured in these photos that they so desperately want you to buy? um, no, i can make a stink face at myself home alone, thank you.
      i just took screen shots on my computer and cropped them out in picmonkey.com because i’m sneaky and a thief like that. 🙂 have a great weekend! enjoy your running!

  6. Omg lol Baby bird?? You’re hilarious. I always look kind of like a little baby t-rex, well mainly my arms, and I always look like I’m about to pass out and fall over, can anyone say dramatic much? My first race was a 5K, I remember freaking about it, thinking I couldn’t do it. I ran a race once with two of my guy friends. It was beyond hard to convince them to do it with me! Now me and the bf run them together 🙂

    • hahah i wanna see some trex pictures! oh wait, you posted about that earlier!! haha! that’s so cute! mine runs 5K’s with me too! yipee!

  7. Race photos are just the worst – for everyone. I have ones I’d like to burn and make sure they never see the light of day again.

    My first race was a 5K…probably still my favorite distance.

    I will most definitely be signing up for races with YOU my dear! Now that I’m done with YTT I can run all the time!

    My worst race photo is from a 5K I did up a F*CKING mountain in Maui. I have no idea whose bright idea this was, but the last part of the race was on the beach (not the nice packed sand near the water, the fluffy sand further up) and the pictures of me are HORRIFIC! I look like I am dying, for reals.

    • hahahahahahaha you are hilarious!
      yes, we shall sign up for one immediately. really. 🙂
      Also, I highly, really, truly (and I think everyone will back me up on this) doubt there are any horrific pictures of you in existence. that is all. thank you.

  8. Haha loved this! I’ve got some pretty horrific race pics too. It’s a good thing I don’t take myself too seriously!

  9. Hahaha I love the one of you crossing the finish at your first half. It looks like you’re going to sneeze! I can’t say I have any flattering race photos, especially from my half. My mouth is hanging open, or I look constipated and confused. Also, the ones of my crying across the finish line are not cute. I ugly cried and covered my face and it looks like I flipped off the camera by the way I’m holding my phone.

    And some of those photos made me miss fall. I can’t wait to race in the fall. Best time of the running year!

  10. bahahahaha I’m always suspicious when people look good in race photos. I’m like, “Were you actually even running? No one looks good while they’re running. Did you just fix your hair, jump into the race, take a photo, then leave?”

    I actually don’t have any race photos but I bet they are all amazingly awful and awkward, ha!

  11. I am 110% sure I do not have even ONE picture of me “racing” that is decent. I either look ticked off, tired, or like I am walking. 🙂 I think I need to pay more attention to where the cameras are in my next race and flash my pearly whites right at them!

  12. I love these! I’ve never ran a race but I can just imagine how horrible the pictures for my first 1/2 in November is going to be. I’m not the most graceful runner!

  13. Ok no..you look TOTALLY fine in these pictures. I look SO scary in ALL of my photos. THE ONLY one I look decent in was my Disneyland half marathon, I made sure to smile HUGE at all the photo ops! I actually liked those pictures. My first race was a 5k. Check out this post to see my most attractive 5mile race photo ever..GOD IT’s SO BAD!


    HAHA I am dying looking back at that photo. I look 80!

  14. Great post idea! These pics aren’t bad though.. they just show how intense your races are! I’ve only run one 5K and I never saw any pics from it, but I would imagine I didn’t look very pretty in them hahah.

  15. This was awesome, it’s so cool that you have all of these pics! It makes me want to dig some of mine up! I remember my half marathon pictures and I look like I’m about to pass out! LOL. I think you look great in yours! Have a good rest of the weekend hun!

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