After working out like crazy on Tuesday, surprise surprise, I was sore yesterday! My hips and calves are very tight and I didn’t want to push it so I had intentions of going to hot yoga for some repair and restoration last night.

After staying late at work + sitting in a lot of traffic, my intent dwindled away into a hopeless goal. Alas! I wouldn’t let that stop me from taking a day to stretch out and repair! Especially since my lovely bloggy besty Leslee told me to just go outside and watch a yoga video to replace hot yoga. She’s so smart, I tell ya!

And so it was. I took The Senator for a nice two mile walk and let him play around. I even made him run hills while I sat lazily at the top and watched.



It was beautiful outside.


And, of course, my dog has to find the only creek and play in it.


Atta boy, Senator, get nice and dirty for your Mama.

There’s a way to earn extra treats.


When we got home I took the advice I received from Leslee and watched a 45 minute yoga video. I was super excited to find one that focused on hips, hamstrings and lower back. Especially because those are the areas on my body that are super sore. 🙂


This video was adorable (and free!!), and I actually enjoyed that it was a man’s voice and a man doing the stretches. Now, this morning, I’m still pretty sore, but I think this video helped a lot.

I’m going to a concert tonight and so today will be my day off! Yipee! I have a long run planned this weekend with some people from work so I am saving my energy to hit those double digits with them on Saturday.

Do you like public parks?

Have you ever taken a yoga video online? Which one?

Any good hip stretching ideas/links?


41 thoughts on “Restoration

    • thank you dear!!! me too, i thought it would be hard to find a free yoga video. it wasn’t and i was surprised!

  1. I may need to find a yoga video, I am sorts of achy from BodyPump class last night. But in a good way. 🙂 And aw, love how he finds the puddle to play in. Fun for you! 🙂

  2. Good for you! My right hip flexer (flexor?) was soo sore yesterday and a bit this morning. i made sure to stretch it really well in Bar this morning. its that exercise where you kneel on one leg, tuck your pelvis upward and squeeze your butt cheek. its so painful with tight flexors (flexers?) but it gets the spot! have fun at the concert!!

  3. I LOVE public parks! Mainly because I love people watching lol. Woohoo for concerts!! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day off 🙂 Double digits???????? I’m so excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your run this weekend 🙂 Oh, and btw, The Senator, he’s way too cute 🙂

    • omg i know seriously! people watching is the best sport ever. haha i’m so excited too, it’s about damn time! it’s been much too long! thanks girly. 🙂 he is the best!

  4. I’ve never done an online yoga video…I feel like I need to physically be in the class or I’ll slack majorly and/or get bored and then that just becomes a mess. I’m definitely keeping an eye on these comments–I tend to have really tight hips, so anything I can find helps! 🙂

    • you are spot on with that – i got up and took breaks as i needed which doesn’t really go over too well with the purpose of yoga. haha! my hips are SO problematic! what gives!?!? wahhh.

  5. The Senator is seriously too cute. He needs to meet his soon-to-be BFF, Rocky ASAP!

    Piedmont Park might be one of my favorite places ever. Seriously. offers awesome yoga classes, but it’s $18 a month.

    Hip circles are awesome for getting into your hips. Lizard is another awesome one. 🙂

    • ok i’ll have to look both of those up because mine are screaming at me! OMG i know you and rocky are SO SO SO cute! i love it!!!
      let’s go to piedmont park with them ASAP so they can be lovers, in a totally normal dog way.

  6. Oooh, what concert?! This post is the #1 reason I want a dog – taking a pup for a walk is my favorite kind of exercise, especially if I’m already sore or don’t want an intense workout. I’ve never done any yoga videos because I have a hard enough time following along with the poses when I have a whole bunch of people to look at in a live class.. not sure I could handle watching one person on a small screen. After a few more yoga classes, when I have the stretches down a bit more, I might give it a try though. It’d be nice to not have to leave the house whenever I want to do yoga.

    • Haha, it’s embarrassing to admit…. I didn’t buy them though, just want to point that out. Boyz 2 Men, 98* and NKOTB. Should be interesting!

      • Oh that’ll be fun! A lot of my friends went to see them recently and they all loved it. Total throwback.

  7. Meghan!!! You took my advice and I am in bloggy besty heaven!!! 😀 It’s really cool that the instructor was a man, when I took my one yoga class it was me and two men as the students. It was really cool, the one young guy really put me to shame with his awesome yogi poses. And of course I love public parks! I endorse anything Leslie Knope works for. I’m actually close to two state parks and I’ve done my fair share of exploring there 🙂 Also, you’re going to a concert?! Which one?! How was I unaware of this fact? I hope you have a blast tonight 🙂 Lub yew <33

    PS: LOVE the blue Nike kicks, and if I am not mistaken your toes are painted a lovely red/pink and I totally dig it!

    • I did, I did, I did! I totally thought about how perfect it would be to be outside for it but I couldn’t bring my laptop outside or else I would have followed your advice perfectly! In any case, you inspired me to watch a video which was PERFECT and just what I needed.
      Oh Leslie. I just started the show back over in season one and I watched the episode last night where she starts off throwing bags of dog crap. Gross, Leslie. No.
      Haha, you were unaware because it’s shameful… 98*, Boyz 2 Men and NKOTB all tonight in one rocking show! 🙂 Haha!
      Thanks besty besty and I can’t wait til you do yogiiiii and tell me how much you love it! I hope you do at least. <3333333 x 1 million!

    • it’s definitely a fun way to switch things up. plus, i got up when i needed to, which is kind of a good thing and a bad thing.
      totally agree!

  8. I do online yoga every once in a while and have had some pretty good workouts from them. I’m still dying to try hot yoga!

    • do it do it do it! we have similar climates, you in FL and me in GA, and i’m telling you, when you walk out of the hot yoga class, being outside is COOLING even in this ridic humidity and heat. try it!!

  9. I love online yoga videos! I don’t think I’ve found any with a guy though. I took a yoga class with a male instructor once, and it was a little weird. It’s like the gyno, I prefer a female!

    Aaaaaanywho. I like pigeon for hip stretching!

    • AHHHH! I love it! I’m the same with the gyno and I simply do NOT understand anyone who is okay with a male….. bleh. 🙂 hahahahha

  10. I don’t do yoga. But I should. I know I should. I don’t do at home exercise videos either. But I should lol. Lifetime offers an entire series of their fitness classes online to do at home whenever you want. I think about it often and tell myself to try it but I just never do it. But I should!

    • Lol lol I just am trying to ensure I stay injury free… bahhh life is hard. Haha! 🙂 still jealous of that lifetime membership. Do a video!!!

  11. I can never get Into yoga videos. I get distracted by so many other things. I need a class so I don’t get bored haha they guilt me into finishing. I miss feeling sore! Maybe after so much time off running that will make me sore… That’s my plan at least.

  12. I have never done a yoga video online but it sounds like I should give it a try! Free is always great too 🙂 rest up and have a great long run this weekend hun!

  13. I’ve done Yoga. Not for me I’ll stick with Bodypump. I was recently told by one of my teachers that how I walk and my pigeon toes can cause a knee injury. Praise The Lord for my teacher Jackie. Not to mention she also said that it does affect my lunges and squats. Would stretching help?

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