Beast Mode

Oh yeah, I’m claiming that title! I went to town with working out last night because I was just in the mood. Very rarely do I love working out numerous times in one day, but yesterday was that day.

1. Not that I should consider this a workout, but I will for the purposes of this post. I had plans to meet with a wonderful girlfriend of mine last night and I wasn’t sure when she was coming so I ran a mile to warm up and planked it out! Woo!


It was a great warm up!


2. Channing and I ran 4 miles and I was just in the dang zone! 🙂 I’m sorry, I am just really excited, I know I’ve destroyed pictures of my wrist and Garmin but my average pace was 8:10. That NEVER happens.


Channing and I have the same Garmin, too! How cute!

PicMonkey Collage

3. I completed a PB Fingers workout that I’m cleaning up and making a pretty graphic out of.

CrossFitStyle Workout

That was tough, but it was great to complete it with these men!


And so it was, I worked out three separate times to make my daily total 5 miles. Go me. And to celebrate, I indulged in two different salads. Delightful way to cap off the night.


How many times have you worked out in one day?

How are you doing on planks? I can’t break 2 minutes AHHH!! I wanna, I wanna!

What’s your favorite fruit for summer time? Watermelon-a-holic. Times infinity.


54 thoughts on “Beast Mode

  1. I think 2 workouts a day was my max… though have occasionally golfed 18 holes while carrying my bag on top of that, so I guess that counts for bonus time! I’m up to a 3 minute plank thanks to songs titled “Stronger.” Thanks Kelly Clarkson and Mandisa…I AM feeling STRONGER! 🙂

  2. Whhaaaat? You are in BEAST MODE for sure lady!! way to be. I consider that 1 mile warm up a workout, why the heck not!? and those salads do look like a delicious way to end the day o’ beast mode. summertime fruit- all kinds of melon!! i love watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe!! I’m up to 90 second plank in bar method. 120 seconds here i come!!!

  3. dude. look at you go. UM THOSE SALADS NEED TO BE IN FRONT OF ME RIGHT NOW. my plank is like 5.9 seconds so…..bow down, i guess. and yes, watermelon for the win.

  4. You are a BEAST!!! Next time you come over, you will be planking for 135 seconds straight. Be prepared!!!!!!!! Mwhahahahahahahah! How am I doing on planks? I’m a master holding it down at 10 straight seconds 😉 My favorite fruit? Starfruit!! JK JK – Everything EXCEPT Starfruit!! 🙂

  5. I love that when you told me about all your working out last night, your boyfriend immediately threw you under the bus by saying you really just watched Parks n Rec and ate cookie butter all night. It does sound more accurate, you gotta admit…

  6. You had quite the amazing workout day! I ran 4.25 miles this morning at a decent pace even after two tough workout days so I am excited like you…I just finished cutting up watermelon and cantaloupe and decided I need to attend fruit anonymous since I can’t control myself around the stuff lol. I eat more than I put in the Tupperware.

  7. Girl, you torn it up!!! Amazing times :)!!! Two times is the most I’ve worked out in a day, don’t think I could do more than that. And your salads?? Mmmm lookin’ way too delicious right now. Especially that fruit salad. I’m a sucker for them, can’t ever say no, and can’t ever have less than 2 big bowls of it :). That 2 minutes will come eventually 🙂 Just give it time.

  8. woot woot!! You ROCKED that run, girl! Beast indeed 😉 I love those matching garmins…hoping to have that one in green next week 😀 Absolutely cannot wait! I usually only officially work out once a day (in the mornings), but I take the boys out for a walk and park time every morning and sometimes I’ll head out for a run in the evening if I’ve had a really bad day and need to let stuff go. I’ll have to tackle that workout at some point, too…although I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to attempt it after a run…makes me want to pass out from exhaustion just thinking about it 😉

    • Yay you’re going to love that watch, for sure!! that workout was so hard, i was so gross afterward. i smelled lovely for the dinner i sat down and ate with my friends… hahaa.. dumb.

  9. Such an awesome post!!!!! Now I want to run and feel like a beast instead of eating too much cheese….Congrats on an awesome day of running!!!! Those salads look awesome by the way 🙂

      • Squeel! I ate a lot of it last night and will probably eat more tonight 🙂 Hopefully I will come visit you guys in Atlanta soon and we can all eat cheese together 🙂

  10. I love doing multiple workouts in a day!! A nice 3-4miler and then going to spin class at night is my favorite. Rarely I get REALLY crazy and will run in the morning, go to yoga in the afternoon, and then go to spin in the evening. Obviously that only happens when I have nothing else going on haha. Awesome workouts!! I haven’t even made it to a 2min plank yet..maybe today…

  11. Wow, i had no idea you worked out yesterday! 🙂 Great job!!!

    I agree, watermelon is the best fruit for the summer.


  12. I love that circuit training plan! My boyfriend won’t think it’s too wussy for him (because he’s such a man) and we can attempt to do it together. Also, great on you for the 8~ min pace! I can hardly hold up a 10 minute pace for 2 miles. I just started the C25k a few weeks ago, so I’m slowly trying to build more endurance and speed!

    • that’s amazing! i couldn’t run a quarter of a mile when i first started a couple years ago… it all takes time! 🙂

  13. Girl you are putting me and my sickly butt to shame! You definitely KILLED it last night 🙂 So proud of your all star working out capabilities! I want a Garmin like you and Channing so we can take matching watch pictures on our fakecation, except the pace will be much slower as you know how I enjoy running (like a slug with time to kill) so the pictures won’t be quite as impressive haha. Oh well 🙂 Also, your picmonkey skills really are getting out of control. Love it and your creativity. As for working out, the most I’ve ever done was two-a-days. I loved doing that in college when I actually had free time. Boo on adult lives and responsibilities! And I think I’d have to agree with your watermelon as a favorite fruit. Pineapple, mangoes, and berries are always good too. Hope you’re having a great day, lovey! ❤ forever and ever your besty!

    • Whatevs, when you’re sick, you’re sick, silly! Besides, I ain’t doing anything the rest of this week til Saturday, so I had to push it into gear. Haha, please come fakecation with me down here!!!! WAHHH!
      I’m over being an adult, but I think we lament about that enough and it’s never going anywhere! 😦 Wahh, I can still cry about it, right? Oh, no you say? Too bad. You’ve already claimed me as yours and you can’t ever leave me!!! EVER!!!!!!!

  14. DAMN, girl! You’re killing it! Those are some incredible splits, and I’m sending you a HUGE mental high-five from afar.

    As for my favorite summer fruits, I’m all about nectarines, cherries, and strawberries. I can om nom nom my way through the produce aisle, basically.

  15. Dude, that is TOTAL beast mode! You killed it! You worked out for all of us out there who didn’t or couldn’t today 😉 I LOVE that graphic you created, also. Pink/purple has been all the rage in my life lately (the joys of babysitting an eight year old, lol!) I want both of those salads, and have yet to make up my mind about which one I actually want more. Probably the fruit. No, the black beans. No…fruit…no… 😀

  16. Your negative splits were A-mazing!! Love your blog, you two are hilarious:) I have the older Garmin and would love a newer one because those ones are super cute. Enjoy your food you definitely earned it from all your workin out today!

  17. Great splits on your run!! You are way faster than me 🙂 But I am getting closer to averaging under 9 minute miles, that’s what I am working on now. 3 days a week I workout twice in one day. The only thing that sucks is that that means I have to shower twice a day 🙂 I liked it back when my son was only a few weeks old and I would go a few days without showering, but it was sociable acceptable because I had a newborn hehe 🙂 I don’t really try at improving my plank times, but my longest was 3 minutes and I wasn’t really trying either. I have a friend who has done a 17 minute plank!! She is a machine! I tell her I would rather run 10 miles than have to do a 17 minute plank 🙂

    • Thank you lady! It is so rare that I run that fast for that long… Not normal at all. I’m actually pretty close to your pace on regular days! Haha I totally agree about that showering and that planking… HAHAH!

  18. You are totally in beast mode! way to go, seriously those are speedy miles, I love it! I def think that week off did something great for you, so awesome!
    Channing is such a cute name! Never heard it before. and way cute garmins, I need one for christmas=)

  19. Wow girl!! Beast mode is right, you rock! the matching garmins are awesome 🙂 can i have your eyelashes please?!!! Favorite summer fruit is fresh strawberries, but watermelon rules on a hot summer day for sure!

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