Cycling is…

Is hard.

Is fun.

Is great cardio.

Is a challenge (for me.)

Really. I mean, I am still a bit sore from Sunday’s ride and then I went and cycled again last night. I really love it though, and I am so happy you guys suggested it as a way to have low impact on the Achilles (I promise this talk of Achilles will all be over soon!). I created a quick workout to complete last night before I headed over to some friend’s place to work out. I like to run to their place and then workout, but running is still on hiatus. Alas, my fun little circuit that had me sweating harder than I have in a while! Maybe I should switch it up a bit more…

Achilles Ache Workout

I really only made it so I could have another pretty picture to add to the newly organized collection!

I need to spend some time gushing about this awesome cycle machine. First, it was built like a regular bike so I wasn’t sitting with my legs in front of me, they were under me. The bike had gears like real life (which is why I feel safe calling it cycling) and then the best part: it was essentially a video game the whole time. You race other people and even have to steer. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done on a gym machine. Hands down. I would pay grandiose amounts of money to have one of these at my disposal any time.


That’s the race I was in, you can even see the handle bars! So great! And, it certainly helped that I was on top of Atlanta for this workout! I love my friend’s place and am SO jealous that they get this 24/7. 🙂


I ended up really getting in the groove and did some rowing, kettle bell swings, and extra planks because I wanna be like everyone else with their several minute planking skills when I grow up!


This was my second try. My first try was pathetic.


Rowing is hard and that is my face to express such difficulties to you. Not amused.  🙂


I guess he’s not entertained by my creepy picture taking frantic self. I don’t blame him. Hah!


So, in sum, I did 1.2 miles on the elliptical, 5 ish miles on the bike, and a few other fun exercises. Even though I can’t run, I’m happy that I can still have fun and work up a great sweat when I workout.

You guys are all so wonderful. No this is not a question. Just a statement of truth. 🙂

Do you have different shoes for runs versus gym work? I do!

What did you guys all do to workout last night?


48 thoughts on “Cycling is…

  1. If i belonged to a gym i would 😛 hopefully that’s coming within the next few months haha…i ran yesterday morning, did 8 min abs and my pt work…last night i cleaned the house and watched tv with joe…cleaning is def more of a workout than it used to be 😛 fingers crossed for that achilles!

  2. #1) I love the pink socks
    #2) Love the skirt

    Way to mix it up with your workouts, that looks like another great one 🙂 I usually wear different shoes for spin/body pump than I do for a regular run.
    Fingers crossed your achilles keeps getting better hun!

  3. So great that you were able to get in some other cardio…I go crazy when I can’t get my heart pumping a little bit each day. I despise rowing! seriously…do not make me do it…
    When I get a new pair of running shoes, I bump down my old ones for gym and spinning. After that they bump down to being my skydiving shoes…then eventually they are caked in mud and need to be thrown away…circle of life- haha.

    • Hahaha rowing is so much harder than it looks. i love your circle of life!! that’s what i’ll be doing now too. my new shoes come tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 🙂 eeeek!

  4. The fitness studio I love has bikes that move side to side and really feel like a road bike. I loooovveee them! Good job switching up the workouts! Hopefully you’ll be running soon 🙂

    • omg that sounds even better! i want to do one of those! i bet it’s just like the kind in the arcade… 🙂 thanks girl!

  5. That cycle machine looks so fun! nothing gets me motivated like a little competition in a virtual setting! i love that stuff. that photo of your boo on the machine not smiling while you stand there taking the photo also not smiling is making me CRACK UP. thats so funny. you should have that framed 🙂 have a wonnderfullll wednesday my dear! and ps i.heart.those.socks!!

  6. Matching compression socks twins! I don’t like that rowing machine at all. I had to row my boat in this morning and it was rough. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. I like to stick to the easy stuff- like running 😉

  7. Love your pink socks and that view! And I’m so glad you are finding a way to keep moving without hurting yourself! I finally made it back to Bar Method this morning, after almost a week off, and it felt awful and amazing all at the same time.

    • hahaha i love that awful amazing feeling… 🙂 glad you gave yourself some time to recover from your awesome half!

  8. Those socks are amazing…must purchase hot pink socks!

    Glad you can still get in a nice sweaty workout while staying off your achilles. Yes – I do have separate shoes for running and gym-ing. Gym shoes are usually old running shoes that are past their prime but I feel guilty throwing out.

    Happy Hump Day!

  9. Nice workout! When I’m injured I just continue what I’m doing, I have a hard time giving up my regular workouts lol. I’ve never used a row machine, they look like fun though!!! When I grow up (if I’m not a bum) I totally want one of those bikes!!!

  10. whaaaaaaaaaat is that cycle machine? i want to use it! love your pink socks. and that view. ATL is only my list of places i want to visit. hmmmmm……..:) have the greatest of days!

  11. I’m obsessed with cycling. I go to spin class at least 2-3 times a week. I just can’t get enough. I enjoy running, but dare I say I love to spin more!?! AH! haha. That cycle machine is AWESOME!! Technology I tell ya!

    I happen to love your creepy photo taking self bahaha. Great job on all these workouts! Especially that plank, I haven’t tried to get over a minute yet. By the time I get to one minute my abs are ready to stop!

    • yea, i’m definitely looking into doing spin at my gym after discovering how much it makes me sweat. haha, technology is A OK in my book if this is how i get to workout! i was quivering at the end of my plank. ugh. tough stuff!

  12. I’m glad that you’re still kicking butt, even with a pesky injury getting you down! I’m SO JEALOUS of that workout room – what a view!!! I would just go up there all the time just to be able to look out, not to mention adding a video-game type bike ride in to the mix. Looks like all in all it was definitely a good choice for you to get out and about ;D Hope your Wednesday is a lovely one, m’dear!

    • thanks beautiful face. no kidding, my friends are always like come over and use it whenever! and i’m like, you guys, i really will take advantage of that offer. seriously! 🙂 thank you pretty, good luck with your computer!!! AHHH!

    • please come workout with me and come share your fashion/awesome/stylish ways with me. thanks. 🙂 oh yea, and you can come cook for me too!

  13. You got to play a video game with on the cycling machine (kinda)?? That is so cool!!! I wanna come to your gym! And yeah, rowing is hard. Boo. I think it’s a decent workout tho so yay?

  14. I want to try that bike! I would be much more likely to use the bikes at my gym if they had a fun game going on with them. As it is now, I end up reading and don’t cycle very fast as a result haha.

  15. You are rocking those non running workouts! Seriously, way to go! Don’t feel bad that you’re talking about your achilles, we want to know! Your bf is so good to take pics with you, my husband hates it lol
    I wear non running shoes when I’m cross training and save my running shoes just for running.

  16. That is really cool with the video game like cycling machine! I think I would even take up cycling with a video game like that 🙂 I wear my running shoes for everything, but I am not part of a gym or anything like that. I know I should get a separate pair of running shoes for non-running activities. Maybe I’ll use that logic with my hubby to get another pair 🙂

    • It was SO cool! Haha, that’s how I justify it to myself, treat my running shoes as if that’s the only thing they can do. Helps me sleep at night. 🙂

  17. Love this! So sorry about your injury, but it’s great to stay positive and enjoy some other forms of exercise in the mean time! Cycling is super hard I agree. It’s like there’s no escaping how much your quads burn. And yayyy plankaday! Haha. I haven’t tried to hold one for very long yet at all, I should time myself for fun one of these days. I’m willing to bet I’d be on the side of pathetic lol

    • Thanks girl! Yes, my QUADS AHHH!!! Planks are too hard for me. Which, I think, makes me want to get to my goal even harder. Ugh. 🙂 Mine are very pathetic, as you can see. ❤

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