Caution: High Activity Levels

My weekend was full of good eats + good activities, plus one bad thing that I’ll share at the end. Because who wants to read about my downs?

Friday, my boyfriend and I went for a run. I was feeling great and just went with it – ended up at 4 miles.


While they weren’t all negative splits, it was clear to me that I was at my perfect pace in the middle there. It was a great way to enjoy my Friday night. Then we went to see The Internship, with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Hilarious. 🙂


On Saturday morning, my 5K crew and I went to the Strong for Life Super Hero Sprint at Piedmont Park! CA and I ran two miles to the race with a fast pace of 8:45. She is SPEEDY and I was struggling to hold that pace.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the left and Spiderman on the right. Both little boy’s T shirts. Rocking!

Lots of great super hero costumes.



I also can safely say that slutty Halloween costumes are not meant to be used for running. At all. Good to note.

Mollie even PR’ed, we think. Ha!


Maybe it was because her boyfriend was there to cheer her on! NIM, NIM, NIM! 🙂


Then, CA and I ran home to make my mileage 7 for the day. I must confess, it took a lot out of me. I haven’t been doing long runs for a few months and while this isn’t really a ‘long’ run, it’s more than I’m used to doing lately. Phew! In order to fully and properly recover, my boyfriend and I went out to sushi and indulged as much as we could!


Spicy Tuna – my favorite roll ever!


That was something random they just brought us for free! It was so good. Then we went to a little local neighborhood concert. Adorable way to end the night.

Sunday I tried something new. I haven’t been on a bike in a very long time but have been itching to give it a try. Luckily I found one I can borrow until I get my own, and I must say, it is my new favorite activity.


We were at about 6 miles and decided to go a little longer because it was so enjoyable. It was slow, but it was fun! After about ten miles, a ridiculous monsoon came through and fortunately for us, we were almost home. Ah, nothing beats a bike ride in the rain. Oh wait, everything does? You’re right. Ain’t nobody got time to run/bike/whatever in the rain. Yuck.

And now for the promised negativity in my post. I feel like I may have injured myself over the past week or so. My left Achilles is aching like crazy and yesterday, I couldn’t really do much walking, hence the bike ride instead of a run. I’m not sure what to do about it other than rest it, ice it, compress it and elevate it (RICE it, baby!) and hope it heals its little self up. I think it’s maybe just a strain? Ain’t nobody got time for an injury, for reals. But seriously, I don’t want this to worsen.

Anyone have any advice for this kind of injury?

Who’s your favorite super hero? I’m all about Marvel – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor. Yummy.

Favorite sushi roll? Wasabi or not?


50 thoughts on “Caution: High Activity Levels

  1. Wait, so about how OBSESSED I am with those outfits. I have never run a race in a costume but it’s definitely on the bucket list. DEFINITELY take it easy if you’re worried about your achilles. You don’t want to get into the hassle of going to physical therapy multiple days a week. I’ve been there and it is not fun at all. A few days of RICE and you should be good to go!

    • LOL, thank you Sarah. I know you have the best advice and experience with this kind of thing, so glad you shared! 🙂

  2. Ouch, i hope your achilles heels better soon! i used to have problems with mine and as I recall I didn’t rest, I just changed sneakers to more supportive ones. (it didnt entirely fix it, but it helped. i probably should have done more resting too) and congrats on the race! way to be:) and yay for mollie’s probable PR! i lovvve sushi i could eat it every day. i load that wasabi up! have a great monday!

    • LOL, you’re so silly, you didn’t rest! 🙂 I’m going to try a combination of that + new shoes. It’s time anyway. thanks pretty, you too! wasabi FTW big time!

  3. You look adorable in your once slutty turned crazy awesome super hero costume! 🙂 Also, you are a BEAST for running to the 5k. Who does that?! Oh you and your amazing self does? You go, girl! And congrats to Mollie for the potential PR! And isn’t mountain biking the best? It is surprisingly hard at times! My first couple of rides I didn’t know what the hell I was doing with the gears and had them too high or too low at all the wrong times. It made for a very pleasent ride, NOT. I’m sure you’re much better than me though 🙂 Such a smart blogging best I have. Also, does your tush not kill you once you get off the bike? Or is that just me?

    SUSHI for the win! I love spicy tuna too, yet another marvelous similarity between the two of us! We should also go on a sushi date whilst fakecation-ing. Happy Monday, pretty lady!!! 🙂

    • Hahah thank you so much silly girl! Mountain biking is the best and I could absolutely dedicate a whole post to the pains I’m experiencing in my buttocks today. Bruised, chaffed, whatever you call it, it’s happening. Ugh. And no, yet another thing we have in common – I was too stupid to figure out the gears and was working way harder than I should have going up hills. I learned pretty quickly though, so now I know!
      Omg, I can’t wait to have sushi with you, among the millions of other things on our list of fakecation activities (IPA’s, running, all our favorite shows!). Have a fab day my lovely!

  4. Oh girl make sure you rest and don’t make it worse!!
    And how cute are you in that outfit!? And oh that sushi looks amazing..and I hope hope hope to be seeing you Sat!!

    • Thank you, girl, I’m trying. I’m so bummed that it hurts so bad. I love sushi!! Haha me toooooo! I will keep you posted!!!

  5. oh no, sorry to hear about the injury! Hope it gets better stat. That 5k looks fun, loving all the costumes! And yay, I want to see The Internship – glad to hear it’s good!

  6. I would say to just take off this week and do other things, but I know how hard that is, I couldn’t do that! Love your guys’ costumes!! That free sushi roll, looks like it has salsa on top, YUM! Yay for bike rides!! They are my favorite to do in the evening!

    • omg i know me too. i’m like mapping out to cope with this – swimming, cycling, anything other than running. i’m going to be a crazy woman this week.

  7. Oh no!!! Injuries like that are THE WORST, in my mind, because there is no “cure”. I mean, it sounds like you’re doing all the great stuff you need to be doing, but it’s not like a tummy ache where some pepto makes it go away… :/ that’s a bummer, man. But at least you got to rock that TOTALLY ADORABLE and ohmygodIwanttostealitfromyousobad costume before this nonsense with the Achilles popped up! Take it easy this week, m’dear, and can’t wait to hear how the rest of your week goes 😉

    • Absolutely agreed, I’m seriously hoping it just heals itself up with some love and attention. hahahahaha glad you loved the costume!!! it was fun, but totally not conducive for running. at all. thank you lovely! ❤

  8. That sushi looks amazing and now I’m hungry at 10:17 am. I think ice, rest and compression socks are good cures for that type of pain, but rest is probably most important. Congrats on your long run!

  9. That race looks like fun! My favorite super-hero is Cat Woman. 🙂

    I actually injured my Achilles a few years ago, so I know your pain. Honestly, the best thing you can do for yourself is stay off your foot and use an ice pack. I also found that a heating pad felt good too, when I had my injury. I ended up using crutches for about a week and that really helped, because it would get better and then worse again every time I walked on it. Also – supportive shoes. Always.

    • This is good advice, really, thank you. I think I’m getting new shoes and icing it all week long. And hoping that it just gets better. Thanks De!!!

  10. Sorry to hear about the achilles- I think you are doing the right thing with RICE. Hang in there! Hopefully it’s just feeling some over-use and will be back to normal and no time. BUT- YAY for biking!! You know I am a lover of the bike and I totally spent this weekend riding trails through the mountains…love it!

    • thank you!! yes, i knew you’d love this! i had so much fun on it, though im not nearly ready for anything other than nice paved roads just yet. 🙂

  11. 1. I WANT TO DO A SUPERHERO RACE! Cat woman? Yes please!
    2. Sushi is amazing – wasabi on everything for me and add the ginger, too.
    3. SHOOT! I’m bummed about your injury. I’ll ask my serious running friends (one is an Iron Woman) what they think and get back to you. RICE sounds like a good idea for now plus some googling.

    Happy Monday sweets!

  12. Batman and Thor are my favorites! But that flash costume is pretty awesome too 🙂 I love any sushi roll with tuna. Or just raw tuna on a plate, I just really like tuna!

  13. baha love the costumes! sounds so fun. sorry about yo injury though. that’s not so fun. i had sushi for the first time in october. i had no idea what i had but i know i really liked it. i also know the chopsticks experiment was a total disaster.

    • thanks lady face! hahaha dude i tried sushi for the first time about 6 months ago and I too, had NO idea i was missing out on the most delicious stuff ever. just use the chopsticks to hold your hair back as you inhale your food. using them to eat is not necessary!

  14. Ugh, hopefully/maybe it is just sore from overuse? I am hopeful you aren’t injured. Try to rest/elevate/ice and KT Tape! KT Tape was my lifesaver when my shoulder was hurt back in April. It really does what they claim it does – totally relieves pressure, makes movement easier, improves the circulation and promotes quicker healing. Get it in the pink!

    • where can i get it? i’ve heard about it and totally willing to pay for it. 100%. you’re not the first to tell me about it. ahhhhhh! clearly i’m excited.

  15. Those costumes for the 5k are so cute! I can imagine they were not very comfortable to run in. I am all about the comfort when I run. Sushi, yum! I like doing the chefs choice ad getting a sampling of a few different rolls.

  16. Just found your blog and I’m loving it! Maybe because we have the same Garmin (although mine is purple). My favorite sushi roll is Shrimp Tempura roll. I’m not a huge fan of fish (read: I don’t eat it), so the ST roll is where I meet seafood in the middle.

    • haha thanks tara! ❤ i freaking adore that garmin and wish purple had been an option when i got mine (my fave color!).

  17. you rocked that costume girly, I love it! Just proves not all halloween costumes after college go to waste! LOL! It’s always the best to refuel with great food, too. I’m just beginning to try sushi, so I’ve only had California rolls but I like them! Hope you get some rest and your injury feels better soon, have a good start to the week hun!

    • haha so so so so true!!! yay keep trying sushi, it’s SO good. california rolls are my least favorite too so keep going!

  18. I’m super late to the party, but be super careful with achilles injuries! Rest is the best thing but also:
    1) eccentric heel drops
    2) stretching your calves/working your calves out with the stick or something like that-for me it’s especially the lower calf that doesn’t stretch as much with traditional calf stretches–gotta bend my knee and then stretch
    3) ice!
    4) heel cups in your shoes can help short term, but don’t rely on them forever
    5) I haven’t done it, but active release technique is supposed to be great for it too.

    Can you tell I’ve been dealing with this? I’m running now, but it was slow building up. Hope it feels better soon. Injuries suck.

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