Sweet Relief

Seriously, I know everyone relishes on Friday, but today y’all, I needed it to be Friday. It’s been a long work week and all I have to do is make it through today. Then I can go get in a good run to relieve my frustrations. I can not wait. Is it sad that my Friday night agenda includes a run? Whatever. I love that my boyfriend is all into the plan too. This is why I remain sane – running, and sharing my love for running with the people around me. Thank goodness.



^^ Click that link if you want to see Buzzfeed’s 40 Greatest Dog GIFs. 🙂 It sure brightened my day when the lovely Catherine sent it to me!! Thank you, pretty lady.

Yesterday I took an unexpected day off from working out. I didn’t mean to, but I stayed at work until almost 7, sat in a butt load of traffic and wound up at a much needed dinner with my boyfriend and some friends. Much needed. Beer + chips and salsa always provide stress relief, no?




I got my guac craving satisfied, finally, after Chelsea @ The Outlaw Life posted her WIAW and it included guac. This stuff hit the spot.

Head over to Leslee’s page @ Her Happy Balance today to get some more loving from me. I guest posted for her while she is bed ridden from getting her wisdom teeth out! Yikes!!!

What would you rather have – guac, salsa or cheese dip? I’m in love with salsa. For sure. Could drink it.

What’s going on this weekend with you? Surprise, surprise, I’m running a 5K tomorrow. Haha. Shocker.



33 thoughts on “Sweet Relief

  1. happy fridayyyy! good luck in your run tomorrow mamacita! i agree I lovve salsa. the thing is i always THINK i want the guac, but then when the server brings the like $7 guac and the free salsa along with the chips, i sit there eating the salsa ignoring the guac. oh well, have a great race! and as my mom used to say before my track meets in high school- run fast!

    • run fast, and MAKE GOOD DECISIONS lol. 🙂 i’m with ya, i’m normally a salsa girl but last night, man, i had to have that guac!

  2. i am a little obsessed with how many 5k’s you run. you crazy. and super awesome. beer, chips and salsa is pretty much the answer to anything. i love salsa, but i finally tried chipotle’s guac and my life has not been the same since. and cheese dip is also delightful. really, what i mean is that i embarrass myself when either option is presented. so good.

    • wahhh i’m a little obsessed with your sarcasm … so it’s even, right? mexican food embarrassment is the only way to go.

  3. I’d choose salsa!!! Running is a great therapist, and it’s free, that’s why I love it so much 🙂 Otherwise I’d be a basket case lol. Hope your run is good today!!! Good luck at your race tomorrow!!!

  4. I like your friday night plans. running with your boyfriend sounds pretty ideal to me! Have a GREAT race tomorrow!

  5. Ooh you’re yesterday sounded fantastic. I think we all just need those days. I’m glad today you get to run and that your bf is on board. It’s good to have someone that supports you in the thing that helps you remain sane haha I’m the same way. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck on your 5k!

  6. I completely believe that there are days where a beer and chips/salsa/guac are better for you mentally/ physically/emotionally etc than getting in a workout 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed yourself with some good company last night! Have a blast on your run and during your race tomorrow 🙂

  7. Um, guac. Is that even a real question? lol. I mean, I was the one who inspired the whole guac trek, after all 😉 Glad to see you finally satisfied the craving – that guac looks extra chunky and delicious! Sorry the week was long, but glad that the weekend is finally here, and good luck kicking the heck out of that race tomorrow – can’t wait to hear about it! 😀

  8. Happy Friday to you missy!!! Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from working out. When a beer is calling your name, you answer. Always!

    I can’t turn down cheese dip but I would say guac is a close second. LOVE salsa, but I’m really picky about it.

    Good luck at your 5K! And enjoy your Friday run!

  9. Good luck in your run tomorrow!!!! We will both be running and will both be very fast – I can feel it! Have a great weekend!

  10. I bought a new salsa at Trader Joe’s this week – the garlic one. Normally I buy their peach salsa. I like them both but truthfully, as weird as it sounds, I don’t really care for chips and dip/salsa/guac/cheese. lol I know I am weird. I am such a sweet tooth that chips and dips just don’t do anything for me.

    • oooo how is the garlic one? i have a phobia of mixing fruit + salsa. also a phobia of fruit + salad. creeps me out!!!

  11. It’s great that you have someone that has similar interests as you. I love that my hubby and I are both into running, hopefully one day our son will love it too. I can’t wait til we get to sign him up for his first kids race!! This weekend we are up in Northern California to visit my side of the family. It’s always nice seeing family! Have a great weekend!

  12. Good for you girl, glad you had a fun night with friends after a long day! My choice is Salsa and guac combined for me. Love love love it! I’m working the rest of the weekend, and studying, but I hope to get a good run in and go to the beach ! Have a great 5k hun!

  13. chips with spicy chuncky salsa FOR SURE. I could eat it all day every day. Breakfast included. And I have before actually….

    love that dog picture. makes me happy 🙂

    This weekend–campers, campers, campers!!! all about the kids for the next month!!!

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