I Suck, I Know


Yep. Make the letters as big and as neon as you can, just so everyone understands how bad I truly suck. Obviously this post is not one of Meghan’s. Ok, now you’re confused, so let me explain…

Once upon a time, there were two little crEATures. One was an adorable little blonde, and the other a sarcastic brunette. They were two peas in a pod (yuck, peas are gross) and the best of friends in all the land. They both loved to eat healthy foods, and exercise was one of their favorite past times. Together they became fit little crEATures, fitness crEATures if you will (and I will). So, being that these two little girls were so involved in their health, one winter morn’ they decided to share this lifestyle with all others in the land via something called “the internet.” This idea was great, they thought, and was moving along fancily…at first. But then, one of the little girls fell off the face of the land and no one on “the internet” ever heard from her again. The end. (Oh, the reason you were confused earlier is because you forgot I existed. Sometimes I forget, too.)

To recap: I suck.

I’m not making excuses, but here’s my schedule with my new job:

  • Wake up at 7:30 (more like 8:00)
  • Go to my old job (which I’m still working for about two hours each day) at 9:00
  • Get to my new job at 11:00 and stay till 10:00/midnight/5:00 am
  • Get home late and attempt to get a few hours of sleep before I do it all again

It’s a restaurant, so it’s not just Mon-Fri that I’m doing this. I’m working stupid hours (58 hours in 4 days kind of stupid) and have no time for anything, including to blog. Not that you guys would even want me to because I have LITERALLY NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT. It sucks. I have zero time to work out, so I can’t post about that. I’ve been at least trying to be diligent about eating Paleo, but even when I cook like that it’s very basic food – just so I can survive my 15 hour days – so there’s not much of a point in posting that, either. What really blows about my schedule is that my health is being drastically affected by it. I don’t sleep enough, I don’t have time to work out, and I don’t bring enough food with me for my 12-17 hour days and am then surrounded by crap food at work. It’s just not conducive to the healthy lifestyle I want to live. I’m finished ranting now.

I really want to post and be a part of this blog still. Meghan and I created this together, and she’s been carrying 100% of the load while I’ve been off in Exhaust Myself Land. She’s been doing an amazing job and she is 100% of the reason this is still going, and going strong at that. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to contribute and I’m sorry that this has become her blog (essentially) because of my absence. I’m sure she’s frustrated, even though she doesn’t tell me and is, instead, more than understanding of my schedule and other impeding factors in my life right now. She’s the most wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, supportive, caring, thoughtful, and considerate best friend that I could ever imagine having and I’m extremely grateful for her. She’s also a great roomie, Cola, and mama bird. I’m going to shout all of this from on top of a mountain. Then we’ll form a family band.

Anyway, I think this picture says it all.


I’m sorry, Cola bear. You’re the best for putting up with my crap and my lack of contribution to our blogchild. I promise to make a more concerted effort to contribute from now on.

I’ve been reading everyone’s comments, and you’re all adorable. I want to play with you like Meghan is. I really hope that I can get my schedule lightened up a bit so I can do so. This is a really great community of amazing people and I want be an active part of it.

In keeping with Meghan’s theme:

Do you ever suck? 

Do you have a best friend who you wouldn’t trade for all the Skittles in the world?

If you have a busy schedule like me, what are you doing to stay healthy?


26 thoughts on “I Suck, I Know

  1. Aww! Hang in there Rebekah! Nice to meet the other half 🙂 I had a horribly busy job before my current one and what I did was plan ahead with food. I’d find time once a week to just get fresh fruit and veggies and bring everything with me. My customers used to tease me about my healthy eating, but it made my life somewhat sane. During this time in my life I didn’t really have time to work out but I did end up training for some races (poorly), and that kept me active. Good luck and hang in there!!

    • Thank you! Good idea – I think I just need to bring more food. Yep, I know what you mean about the teasing, but I’ve gotten used to that. Hopefully it’ll ease up a bit and I’ll have more time for exercise.

  2. I suck all the time, but that is not for a family friendly blog. My best friends are not even worth a volcano full of double chocolate fudge skittles. When I get busy, I stay healthy through my diet. Juicing is a relatively easy way to keep out the foods that increase stress when we are busy. You are wonderful and, yes, your more present half is fantastic as well.

    • Haha. Wow, double chocolate fudge skilles, huh? Sounds like lots of sugar. That’s a good idea. I’ve been making more smoothies lately – they really do keep me full for a long time. Thanks!! She IS pretty fantastic.

  3. Hang in there, girl! Life happens, and sometimes you’ve just got to put your head down and stay afloat (mixed metaphors much, lol!). You’re lucky you’ve got such an amazing friend and roommate, and I’ve loved getting to know her almost as much as I’m excited about getting to know you once you get the chance to come back! Don’t beat yourself up about doing the best you can, and whenever you manage to get around to the blog more, we’re excited to get to know you even better 😀

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s a blog and the great thing about blogs is that you can take a break sometimes and it/we will still be there for you when you come back!
    We all suck sometimes 🙂 And life sucks sometimes, but hang in there…things will eventually even out and you will get back in balance!

    • That’s true. It’s just difficult to validate taking a break if it’s a joint venture in which someone else is depending on you. But you’re right – I’ll get back in balance soon enough 🙂

  5. Hang in there sister love. Work is annoying and it gets in the way of all the fun stuff…boo work! Hopefully once you’re done with your old job things will start to feel normal again? I would LOVE to hear from you more on the blog once you can fit it back into your life (and I totally know how that goes).

    To answer your questions…

    1. Yes – sometimes I suck :(.
    2. Yes – I have amazing friends and I am so thankful for them. But I don’t like skittles (don’t hate me) so I’ll say I wouldn’t trade cookies for them!
    3. Only buy good, healthy foods for your house. Buy things that are prepackaged, precut, etc. so you can throw them in a lunch box and go. And…let yourself have indulgences when you need to. Cheese fries are a necessity sometimes.

    • Boo work is right! But not when your job includes drinking wine afterward 😉 I can’t wait to come to a class! I hope they will, but not sure when that old job will be over and done with. Haha, I’ll agree on the cookies for skittles substitution. I don’t even remember the last time I ate skittles – they were really just the first thing that popped into my random/weird mind. Great, now I want cheese fries. Yum!

  6. Crazy schedules def make fitness hard. Focus first on sleep! Then you will start to be able to better prepare food and plan workouts. Without enough sleep though you will have a hard time! Do what u can when you can 🙂

    • I agree and I have to remind myself every time it’s midnight and I think I can squeeze in a workout that I’m not doing myself any favors if I haven’t had adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to a slew of health issues. Mark’s Daily Apple has a few great articles on that topic.

  7. I have friends that I would never never trade for all the skittles in the world. But speaking of skittles I use to help a friend with his math in exchange for skittles.

    Hope your schedule dies down a bit–sounds intense. Can’t wait to hear more from you {you know when you finally have time}.

    • Haha, that’s awesome. That reminds me of 7th grade math (actually where I was on September 11 – weird to think about) when my teacher used to give us Jollly Ranchers for getting an answer correct. She called them JRs. Silly. Well, I have a lot to say, so hopefully I can find the time to say it.

  8. Hang in there, Rebekah! Having worked soul-shredding, burnout-inducing hours like that before, I can tell you that you most definitely don’t suck. Not even a little bit. Be kind to yourself — your hectic schedule doesn’t allow you to do much, and that’s understandable! Know that y’all have a bunch of fans who look forward to reading more of your writing, but who totally understand why you’re not able to do much of it right now. We’ll celebrate when your schedule becomes more amenable to blogging — but until then, give yourself a big hug, drink a smoothie, and get some much-needed rest!

  9. Yikes I don’t blame you for not having much time to blog with that schedule! Just pop in when you can 🙂

  10. I was just thinking about this blog the other day and was wondering what happened to her other half. Glad to have you back!! I know, LIFE gets in the way a lot of the times. I totally understand. Hang in there! You will find a balance.

  11. Hang in there, life gets too busy sometimes, we all understand that! When I’m super busy, I just try to plan out my food and pack more than necessary to bring to work, just in case. More is better because then it’s easier to say no to the “bad” stuff at the office! You girls are clearly the best of friends and it’s so great you support each other! My best friend from growing up is my friend I wouldn’t trade for all of the skittles in the world and I so wish I lived in the same city as her!

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