A Little Bit of This

And a little bit of that. I have several random things to cover so you fine folks can be updated on my life.

1. I signed up for my third half marathon yesterday. My second one will be in August and now I’m all signed up for this one, along with Sara at Fit.Fun.Femme! I am so excited she and I will be conquering this hilly Atlanta course in October.

image001 (1)

I’m totally pumped, especially because this is a part of a series in Atlanta and instead of getting a 13.1 medal, I will be getting a 39.3 medal because I completed the marathon this year. Yipee! Um, but also, a 7 am start time? Lame.

2. I made a delicious stir fry after the blog world was raving about them this week and last. T’was divine and totally hit the spot.


Let’s see – I used rice noodles, carrots, Bok Choy, cabbage, broccoli and an egg. Yum-ee. Of course, sriracha was in there too. 🙂


3. With the holiday yesterday, I loved seeing all the discounts and all the excitement, of course, sure, but this was my favorite thing to see on facebook yesterday:


I love him. And his hey girl images. So sexy.

4. Mollie and I went to  hot yoga last night! To say it was much needed would be an understatement. Though I didn’t run on national running day, I took care of myself so that I can continue to feel great when I run. That’s just as okay, right?


5. Lastly, I have decided that my abs need serious work. I mean, serious. I neglect them like crazy (hence my 1 minute plank time being the most I can achieve). So, I’m changing my ways. I’m a changed woman. The only part of this I couldn’t do was the 2 minute plank. More like two 1 minute planks.

Ab Circuit

What did you do to celebrate yesterday?

What’s a stir fry ingredient you can’t live without?

What are some good ab moves? Help me, help me! I am clearly not diverse in my workout above.


32 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This

  1. This is sooo ironic. I was just thinking about that race THIS morning and whether or not I want to do it. Is it a sign that you just registered for it?? Except yikes… hilly?? I’m sort of a wimp 🙂 Congrats on taking the leap!

    • Um, you should definitely sign up if you can and are going to be here. I would love to run it with you! Hilly just means we’ll have a good time, not worry about a PR. It’s supposed to be really pretty, too. DO IT DO IT DO IT (only if you can! ahaha!). I’ll love you no matter what though!

  2. I’m so jealous of your half with Sara!!! When is your marathon? Good luck with the ab workout! They are so hard to work, but it feels so good when you know they are strong.

  3. I need to work on my abs too!! And I’ve never done hot yoga but want to sooo bad! And I’m prob making a stir fry tonight and I want to go get rice noodles now!

  4. You are one super fit chica!! look at you with all your half marathons and marathons and hot yoga and planking! way. to. be. i didnt run on national running day either. instead i ate pizza. i have no justification for this decision, all i can say is that it made sense at the time. i heart hot yoga so much but i havent been in nearly a YEAR because I moved apartments and my favorite studio is now wayyy across town. i should go back. i miss it. have an excellent day girlie!

  5. Right! Have to do whatever you have to do to help stay at it! I have a ab seat thing, allows me to lean back and forward for my sit ups, I like to hold a medicine ball and go sideways as well. I think planks work wonders!! I do them all, and also will lay on my back and hold my feet up, about 3-6 inches off the ground for a 1:30. And I also will hold my feet out at 45 degrees and do sit ups like that 🙂 I remember the first time I had stir fry, it was interesting to me, not too much of a fan sadly. Yesterday…well actually I didn’t run at all lol I will be running today since yesterday was a weights day. Can’t wait to hear about the training for the half marathon 🙂

  6. Ahh yay for signing up for your next half, girl! I probably should have taken better advantage of all the discounts yesterday but we paid rent for june on monday so i’m broke till next friday…boo i know 😦 as far as core work, i like the looks of what you made! Heather has a good one that i can send you the link for if you want, and i’m a huge fan of 8 min abs in case you couldn’t tell 😉

  7. I ran yesterday morning to celebrate the holiday, I def think taking care of yourself so you can continue to run counts, way to go girlie!
    I can’t live without the broccoli in stir fry. I love steamed broccoli, so yummy!
    Abs, oh dear, i need help in that department too. I do love a good crunch with a weight on an exercise ball. You’ll feel those in the morning..

  8. That’s cool that you entered the race AND are getting a snazzy medal to go with it. Awesome! I’m still waffling on my half marathon, I think I’ve now decided it’d be better to do a local one, I just don’t know if I want to do it this year. Dangit. That stir fry looks yum btw!

  9. Yesterday to celebrate I made my muscles feel good with some intense pilates, and made my heart happy with some shredding interval training 😀 It wasn’t a run, but it still felt pretty darn good! LOVED seeing your rain-gutter pics on the instagram yesterday, mostly because I used to love playing in the rain when I was young, but also because I felt double-awesome after all that sweaty hot-yoga!

  10. Holy hills – I am so excited to run this b with you!! I didn’t run yesterday, either. I started to feel really crappy about it and then I reminded myself that my 4 runs this week are enough and I lifted and did yoga yesterday. Exercise guilt was at an all time high.

    I never make stir fry, but clearly this needs to change. It’s super fast, right?

    Doing your ab workout today after I digest my lunch. My favorite ab move is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MwKPSTSic8.

    Happy Thursday!

    • Haha, me too with excitement! So sorry about the belligerent emailing yesterday. Hopefully my state of mind is an explanation for the incessant emails. hahaha. It is super fast to make and sooo good! I want to do your treadmill HIIT workout…. maybe tonight? 🙂

  11. I’ve been slacking on the abs lately too. Time to get back into it. I’m working on planks again. My record is now 2 minutes but I want to get up to 5. One time I did broken 8 minutes of planks and couldn’t walk the next day!

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