When It’s Good

Oh yeah – I’m talking about when it’s reallllly good. Not just fun or routine – but when it’s so good you could just burst at the seams!

How on Earth did you guys guess I was going to talk about a run? 😉

I know this blog is unpredictable (um, no.) so here’s a post to further the unknown. My run last night was aca-amazing.



Yeah. It was good. And maybe it was because I got my nails all did before!


Maybe it was because I had a new running tank that was so summery and colorful.


Or maybe it’s because I was just telling myself to take it easy and enjoy my time alone.

In any case, I was a happy, happy, happy, HAPPY, HAPPY runner girl last night.


Though it’s certainly much slower than my usual pace lately, I’m super happy with my run. I finally feel like my body is adjusting to the heat – which I know will take some time to do. I have felt a little frustrated with how hard running has been for me lately, but I am trying to remember that the heat is definitely an element to adjust to. Natalie at Fit.Fun.Femme wrote that post yesterday and it really put things in perspective for me. I loved being reminded that part of being a runner is just dealing with the elements out there.

It’s not always about pace, but it’s always about how you feel.

When I got home, I had two things to do.

1. Participate in #plankaday. I swear it hasn’t gotten any easier since last week. This is as long as I can hold it so far.


2. Harass my dog (AKA The Senator AKA Jack).


He was p-o-o-p-e-d.

What’s your favorite nail polish color? I love pinks in the summer and navy/dark purple in the winter.

What’s a funny movie you’ve seen lately? Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect!

Tell me about one of your favorite runs lately. Go!


22 thoughts on “When It’s Good

  1. CUTE new tank!! you always have the best work out clothes!! and i love that nail color- i love pinks all year round. i currently have a light pink on my hands and bright pink on my feet. and in the winter, i pretty much stick with the pinks… because then when i look at my feet it reminds me of summer 🙂 my best run was actually last week- i kinda tried a slightly different gait than i normally do, and i didnt time myself or go as far as usually do, but i tried to put my toe down first rather than my usual style of going heel first, and my body felt better… i might just keep it up.

  2. Your nails look horrendous. Your tank is fugly. Pitch Perfect is the worst movie on earth. And you can tell the Senator that if I see him lying down on the job one more time, I’ll never reconsider my position as his campaign manager. Oh, and a 9 month old baby can plank for longer than that. Get it together.

  3. I LOVE when runs just feel good. Doesn’t matter what the pace or distance is, you just feel in your element. Yesterday you were most definitely in your element and that makes me so happy for you!
    P.s. pitch perfect-aca-amazing.

  4. Okay there you go again, just inspiring me! I’m gonna take a great easy run today and just do it on feel. I think that’s so important and what it’s all about! My nails are pink right now, I too love pink in the summer and purple/red during winter.

  5. All of my runs lately have been completely based on how I feel, I have my Garmin with me but I DO NOT look at it until I am done!! Surprisingly I have been running almost a minute/mile faster than my comfortable pace. I’ve been loving it!! I love your summery outfit, you look so cute!!

    Pitch Perfect is one of the best movies ever, and the eye candy isn’t bad either!!

  6. I’m so glad you had a good run! The heat is tough and it definitely takes time to adjust, but wearing lots of pink definitely helps! Good job with the planks!!!

  7. Love your nails!!! My favorite color is pinks, corals, nudes, and light pinks. Or at least that’s what I lean towards lol. Nice run!! Still a good time to me. I honestly never thought of that. But it’s so true, we do have to learn how to deal with all the elements. Yesterday’s run was pretty good! Short and sweet, sometimes that’s the way it should be 🙂

  8. I love coral, gold, turquoise, and good ole’ fashioned glitter when it comes to my nails, usually in some kind of combination (right now I can’t enough navy and yellow, though, in my nails, clothes, accessories, you name it!) I love that summer tank top, and I love how much getting new workout clothes can make a workout just feel SO much better. My best run was actually my last run because the local rain finally let up long enough for me to get outside. We’ve got more rain today, so fingers crossed it’s gone by tomorrow! 😀

  9. Don’t you just live for the great runs? Today’s 10 mile run for me was not as fab as the two amazing runs I had over the weekend but I will take it! I am also adjusting to the heat/humidity. I have been on a purple/plum nail polish kick but chose a new bright pink Essie today. I think it is called Boom Boom Boom…

  10. I love the idea that it’s not about your pace, it’s about how you feel — that makes things soooooo much more enjoyable! 🙂

    I love the nails and your new running tank, too. They’re adorable! I love getting my nails done, but the polish never lasts more than about 3 hours on my fingernails. Polish lasts forever on my toes (I have no idea why this is the case), but painting my fingernails is a huuuuuge exercise in futility. As for a funny movie, I LOOOOOOOOOVED Pitch Perfect. It’s awesome!

  11. Love the tank pretty lady! I swear a new piece of work-out clothing helps my workouts tremendously 😉 Running for no time, just for yourself, is the best. It really is all about how you feel…yay for a great run, you go girl!

    I love hot pink nails pretty much all the time, but lately I’ve loved violet and white, too! Best movie I saw lately was Identity Theft. So funny! But I do love Pitch Perfect 🙂

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