Barney in Technicolor

I’m pretty busy today and tomorrow so I just wanted to say HELLO pretty quickly and share with you guys my wonderful and exciting life tidbits today. Um, really.

According to my roomie/co-blogger/bestie, my running outfit yesterday was Barney in Technicolor. She’s so sweet.


We really do love each other, in spite of our colorful facial expressions. Rebekah and I did this circuit last night and then Mollie came over and the three of us ran a quick 5K. Oh the heat. 🙂 ❤

We cooked an adorable family dinner afterward (we are a family that is  going on a cruise in 7 weeks too!) that consisted of baked chicken, steamed veggies and sweet potatoes.


It was divine. My plate looked like that, minus the chicken and plus asparagus.

So here’s something exciting – I met up with a fellow blogger last night. Anyone want to guess who it was?

She’s reallllllllly gorgeous and loves yoga.

She’s smart and loves to travel.

She is also a part of a blog run by two bloggers.

She lives in ATL also!

Oh, did you guess Sara over at Fit.Fun.Femme? Because if you did, you’re right! I met up with her last night and am so happy I did! We made some serious life decisions together last night (more to come on that later!) and I’m so excited to have a fellow blogger friend in real life. 🙂 Yay!

Do you meet up with local bloggers? This was my first time!

What’s your favorite friend tradition? I love cooking dinner with my friends, especially when it’s healthy like last night’s!

Um, can we all agree that my running outfit is definitely Barney colors?


24 thoughts on “Barney in Technicolor

  1. LOL “barney in technicolor” hahahaha you guys are funny. for the record i think the outfit is adorable! and thats so fun you met up with sara!! i love her! i’ve never met any local bloggers. i want to. i have some life decisions that need figuring out! have a great day lovely!!

  2. LMAO!! My sisters and I give eachother that face on a regular basis. 🙂 So cool that you met a fellow blogger. I have never met any in person but maybe one day. Ooo there are so many that I would love to meet. 🙂 Hope you are having a fantabulous day!

  3. Yayyy for blogger meetups! They’re way fun and I think you should come to New England so we can have one of our own 🙂 I would be flattered if someone told me I looked like barney in technicolor. That’s like the biggest compliment anyone could give 😉

  4. Yes, I love meeting up with bloggers. It’s so fun to see how they are different in the ‘real world’ lol I’m glad you were able to meet up, and I love your outfit even if it is Barney colors haha
    That dinner looks so stinkin good! You have a fun family to be apart of and you all get to go on a cruise?? Lucky duck!

  5. Ahh meeting blog buddies in real life is the best! Can’t wait to hear what came out of that meeting 😉 you looked much better than barney….barney could use a few fashion lessons from you 😛

  6. So exciting that you met up with another blogger! I went to one blogger meet up last year when I still lived in NYC. There were a bunch of us that met for lunch- super fun!
    Also…are you seriously going on a cruise in a week? can I come? 😉

    • that is so cool!! yeah, it’s interesting meeting people from a computer screen! 🙂 cruise in 7 weeks, and yes, you may come! i’m scared the ship will burn/sink/crash… oh well.

  7. I suppose your running outfit is a bit Barney-ish. Maybe add a bit more magenta/purple and small children might flock to you 😉 But of course you look adorable as per your usual! And I am so jealous that you got to have a blogger meetup! That sounds like so much fun! What did you guys do? What did you talk about? Next time can I Skype and be there too like a total weirdo?!? Kidding (sorta). Cant wait to hear more about that! I have a close friend who blogs, but otherwise no other meetups yet. More importantly- WHEN WILL WE MEET UP LEGITIMATELY?!? We should actually consider this I think lol. And yay for cooking dinner with your little fam 🙂 happy busy next two days bestie!!!

  8. hahah whether or not that’s a barney outfit, I want one! It’s adorable. It’s so fun to have girlfriend dinners. Cooking, munching and chatting together is the best! Also that is AWESOME that you’re all cruising together, so exciting! 🙂 have a great week hun

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