Bye Bye Weekend. Hello Work Week.

I hate when enjoyable and relaxing weekends are over. I’m whining about it a little bit because I never feel like they’re long enough. Wah.

Cool, so rather than continue to gripe about it, I’ll just try and share some weekend shenanigans with you fine and lovely people. 🙂

Friday night I worked out with the man in a park and we walked to dinner. I’m really enjoying sprint work lately. Afterward, we kept it classy with dinner at Moe’s.


Saturday morning, Mollie, Jeremy and I ran a 5K with quite the supportive cheer crew!


The race we ran was capped at 1,400 people so it wasn’t crowded and I was in heaven! Bobbing and weaving is too much effort. 🙂


Mollie and her boyfriend, who double as her cheerer! 🙂


My boyfriend and me! He had a beer waiting for me at the finish line. Is 8:30 am too early to drink? Whoops.


Jeremy and his girlfriend (AKA one of my besties!). The course was really hilly, per Atlanta usualness, but it was at least mostly shady. I had so much fun and I’m really impressed by the race overall. It was the opener for a weekend long art and food festival so it was an awesome way to kick off the day.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Somehow (totally 100% unintentionally) Mollie and I were matching, yet again! How does this keep happening?


Afterward, Mollie, her boyfriend, my boyfriend and I went to breakfast and then hung out at the festival. In case you don’t know what a delicious breakfast and and a festival look like, here’s a photo dump.





I loved that art. Well, who am I kidding, I love all art. It’s all so creative.


Contrary to what I was hoping for as well, this is not a human cookie. This was a dog cookie. And yes, I bought it for the Senator because he LOVES squirrels! 🙂 He’s a lucky dog.


Later on, some of us got together for the Atlanta Brave’s game. It was the beautiful Jacque’s birthday celebration, so of course, it was cause for celebration.



Sorry for choosing this picture, Catherine. I think you look stunning. 🙂



Added bonus: Run DMC playing a free concert after the Braves won in the over time 10th inning! Woo!


So awesome.

Do you like baseball games? I’m neutral – enjoy the social part but, eh, the sports? Hmm…

Do you prefer egg breakfasts or sweet, waffle-y breakfasts?

When you race, do you have a cheer squad? 🙂 I don’t normally, so this was a wonderful treat!


27 thoughts on “Bye Bye Weekend. Hello Work Week.

  1. I am so jealous of all these 5ks you are running!! I need to get on it! And you look beautiful (like always) in all of the pictures!!

  2. i’m kinda “meh” on baseball games. they’re so long and usually pretty boring. i have to be in the mood for them– aka if it’s not nice out, fuggedaboutit. i saw the 2nd picture and i was like whaatt how is she not going to comment on the fact that they have the same shorts on!! patience is not a virtue i possess.

  3. I love photo dumps! I love looking at pictures lol. That’s awesome they cheered you on! I never have a cheer squad! I’d probably be in it for social event too, the sport is just too slow for me and I’d rather just play. Waffles all the way!! At one point in my life, whenever it was humanly possible I would eat them for breakfast and try to stay away from them for dinner, had to try and get something healthy in me lol.

  4. Hhaha I hate when the weekends are over and my entire life is a weekend right now. Kind of embarrassing. I had to laugh at the beer at 8:30am. Hey, whatever motivates you 😉 I would be really sad (and tempted to eat) that cookie, not gonna lie. Sometimes dogs have all the luck. ANyways, glad you had a great weekend, girl!

  5. Congrats on the 5K, darling! Looks like you guys had an amazing time, and it looks like the weather was race-and-festival perfect 😀 I take my breakfasts very, VERY seriously and for me it’s all about the sweet, fruity carbs! I mean, don’t get me wrong – I love me some bacon or some eggs, but I’ve got to have a waffle or pancake or crepe in there somewhere or it’s not really breakfast, lol. Loved seeing your photos of this weekend – looks like a blast! 🙂

  6. What a fab weekend you had, Meg! Can you and I “accidentally” wear the same outfit for workouts? 😉 I loved how each of you had personalized cheering posters. You all have some wonderful significant others. I’d make Jim make me a poster for me…but I actually make him run with me so I don’t quit in the middle of races/to carry me to the end if I die. And I want to be a part of this park working out thing. How fun is that? Plus then you walked to dinner…and it was Mexican, both of those things deserve massive bonus points. I highly enjoyed your photo dumpage. (it’s a word, go with it) First of all I LOVE eggs and do I spy broccoli raab? DELICIOUS. And all of your ladies look GORGEOUS at the Braves game. Also, not to be a total creeper, but did the Bek get a hair cut? It looks great! 😉 Happy Monday, girly!

  7. I’m not really a huge sports fan either. If I go to any games, it’s purely for the social aspect. Seems like you had a great weekend, Hooray!! 😀

  8. What a Great weekend! Maybe next time I’ll register for the race before it fills up :(!!!
    I love the recap with the photos!

    aka “boyfriend”

  9. You are totally allowed to whine about the weekend ending…I feel the same way!
    Also, your man waiting at the finish line with a beer?!?! you’ve got yourself a keeper!

  10. Boo Monday :(. If I boo super loud do you think it will go away?!

    Your 5K looked awesome and your BF gets bonus points for the post-race beer. Half marathon up next?!?!

    Baseball is not my favorite sport – but I’ll go to a game for the fun and beer, too. College football, however, is my freaking jam.

    That squirrel cookie is amazing! Rocky loves them (and cats!).

  11. I love going to baseballs for the social part too. I could care less about the game lol if I’m at home I make healthy, egg breakfasts. But if I’m out I’m all about syrup covered carbs 🙂

  12. 8:30 is definitely not too early to drink, especially after a race, i kind of hate baseball so i’ll only go if there are fireworks afterwards or someone else is taking me and buying me lots of food to keep me busy 😛 and if I’m having a big breakfast (usually on the weekend), i like both eggs and waffles/pancakes/french toast, which was clearly displayed yesterday 😛

  13. Congrats on the race — that’s awesome! A post-race beer is totally legit, too, no matter what time of day it is. A girl’s gotta recover somehow, right?! 😉 And oh my word, those breakfast photos. I’m drooling like crazy. I love both sweet and savory breakfasts (although not together) — depending on what I feel like, I can revel in a pile either of waffles or breakfast tacos.

    Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

  14. Psh, drinking at 8:30 is totally fine. In my college days, I once started drinking around that time for a softball game. So … yeah. I hope you don’t think I’m really crazy because I swear I’m not, haha!

    And I don’t usually have a cheer squad at my races either, so when I do, I love it! Mostly because of the post-race breakfast… 🙂

  15. That squirrel cookie is adorable, and I’m glad you bought it haha.

    The baseball game alone would’ve been awesome (especially with an ending like that), but Run DMC playing after? You had a seriously great weekend!

  16. Looks like a blast of a weekend, too funny about you and Millie’s matching, cute shorts ! I am a sweet and savory brunch-er for sure, but just going out to breakfast is fun in general. You looked adorable at the baseball game, love your hair hun!

  17. Cute shorts!! I would totally be your triplet and rock those if I had them 🙂 And your boyfriend is the best cheerleader ever! Hope he had an ice cold beer waiting for you. My husband is always my cheerleader at races. He’s so fast and I’m so slow. I’d kind of sad that he’s usually done and 2 beers deep by the time I come through, ha ha.

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