Running Skirt!

I’m so excited I finally got a running skirt! Ask anyone, I’ve been whining about how I want one SO badly! I finally caved, and, best part – it was only $17. Win.


Of course, I had to text people to get approval, and I did! Much love to TJ Maxx and the Avia brand running skirt and moisture wicking tank.

Yesterday was full of lots of fun and shenanigans. Shopping ensued, and so did the infamous stop off at Jason’s Deli where, somehow, this wound up in my possession. I told my mom it was froyo (Mom, I thought it was!!) and she told me it was definitely not. Whoops, there I was thinking I wasn’t being that bad, but I was!


Perfect for a hot summer day.

Last night, I put off my run until about 8:15 – something I never do. I see now, why I do it as soon as I get home from work. Running that late, or some other unknown factor, caused me to really not enjoy my run. In fact, the whole time I kept thinking, “How much longer until I’m finished?” It’s annoying to have those kinds of runs, but like everyone has confirmed, it just makes the great ones all that better! I also sweat like crazy, which was odd, because I knew I was dehydrated yesterday. I neglected my beloved CamelBak. Sorry, friend.


To end the night, I cooked up some sweet potato hash browns and my boyfriend steamed some broccoli. Delish.


Ugh. I love side dishes so much, and those two foods really hit the spot. Sweet potatoes are so versatile and I eat them so much! I mean really, just stare at these for a little bit and you’ll never wonder why I am so in love.


They’re super easy to make, too, and for all my Paleo friends, they’re Paleo! 🙂

Do you have a running skirt?

Which do you prefer – chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Indecisive Meghan prefers both. 🙂

Would you rather eat sweet potatoes or broccoli? Or neither??! << Don’t hurt my feelings and tell me you hate broccoli. I love the stuff, always have, always will!


38 thoughts on “Running Skirt!

  1. Girl it is froyo!!! That’s my dad’s companies machines!!!
    And I would rather eat sweet potatoes any day- I used to love broccoli but that was one of my weird food aversions while being prego and now I am real indifferent to it!
    And LOVE that skirt!! I’ve never tried one but now want to!

    • no way!! that is so cool!!! tell him i love his ice cream!! 🙂 hahahaha! i go there constantly!
      ok ok, that’s an acceptable excuse for nixing broccoli. thank you, i love it! makes me feel so girly and athletic. and also, because of you, i bought a maxi dress last night. i got courageous and just did it. i’ll have to put it on instagram or something when i wear it!

  2. I don’t have a running skirt, but now i really want one!! it looks ADORABLE. i would wear mine everywhere. it would replace yoga pants for the summer. ok now i NEED one. i prefer chocolate ice cream, although vanilla is good too when its loaded with stuff like cookie dough. and i love broccoli! i put it in omelets, i put it in everything (as long as its cooked, i dont love it raw). have a super thursday lovely!!

    • haha it’s adorable for sure! i am thrilled you love broccoli. we can remain blogging friends peacefully now!

  3. hahaha i hate when i’m walking down the street and yummy desserts just fall right into my hands. yep, yep its the worst. i was always strictly a vanilla girl, but in my old age and wisdom i’ve found chocolate is actually delicious and everybody in the world was not actually lying about that.

    • you’re the main reason i wanted a running skirt, because of your pics of your race day outfit!!!!! from your half… 🙂

  4. I prefer vanilla! I don’t know why, but I was never a huge chocolate fan. I really like white chocolate, but pretty rarely eat milk or dark. But if you throw some oreo cookie crumbles or caramel into the mix, I am much more likely to indulge in the darker chocolates. And I am SO indecisive. I think it actually drives my friends crazy. I can never decide what I want to eat, and the hungrier I get, the more indecisive I become. I’m a real peach to be around. As for sweet potatoes or broccoli…I’d have to say sweet potatoes. Unless it’s broccoli in Chinese food. Then definitely broccoli hands down. Don’t tell my saint of a mother, but she always overcooked broccoli growing up and it got mushy, so I never was a huge fan. But it’s always nice and crunchy in Chinese food so then I like it. And there is my boring life story about my history with broccoli.

    You look ADORABLE in your running skirt! In fact, I want one really bad now. So glad you bought both. Plus – the skirt was mega cheap AKA my kind of skirt! 🙂 Okay well my beautiful blog twin, I hope you have a great Thursday!!! Lots of bloggy love, sunshine, and rainbows 🙂

    • haha, it’s like i saw on your FB page – someone posted one of those memes that’s like: girlfriend picked a place for dinner tonight… YES!!!! indecisive is the key to being a neutral group member but it makes it really hard to go out to dinner sometimes. Haha, get one so we can be twinnys even more, please. i hope you have a great day as well madam! safe bus travels this afternoon!!!

  5. I LOVE your purple tank! I actually don’t like running skirts, I’m not sure why, but I just prefer my shorts lol. HHHMmmmmmm I guess it depends on the day and my mood. But normally if there is chocolate and vanilla, I pick both, just so I don’t get sick of chocolate, don’t want that ever happening. I don’t like sweet potatoes, but that dish looks bomb! I love broccoli 🙂

    • thank you thank you purple is my favorite color! shorts are always my go to, but i just really wanted to try a skirt! i didn’t hate it….

  6. Ahhh LOVE THAT OUTFIT!! Seriously, I’m not a huge fan of running skirts (I lack the girl gene for the most part…I’ve only just gotten into wearing dresses in the summer because they’re so much easier to put on when it’s hot), but I would totally wear that ensemble and love it 🙂 You are absolutely right…sucky runs make the good ones even better, and I think it’s awesome that you remembered that so fast…usually takes me a couple hours to kick a bad run, which makes me a joy to be around 😛

    • haha i loved the outfit too, though i must confess, i didn’t quite feel like a runner in it. it seemed more cutesy than anything. lol well i’m the same way – a total debbie downer after a bad run. ugh.

  7. I have a running skirt that I LOVE. Although every time I put it on I sort of wonder if people know running skirts are a “thing”. I don’t want anyone to think I’m out and about running in a regular skirt 🙂

  8. I have to run immediately after work or I am not a happy runner. 8:15 is waaaay too late for me! I’ve never had a running skirt, but I’m not totally sold on them…sounds weird, but they feel too girly or something. haha.
    I also need the swirl ice cream- I am the most indecisive person in the world!

    • SAME ahh i guess i just discovered it! it is REALLY girly for sure… haha i almost didn’t want to run in it!

  9. Yay, I love your running skirt! I have a few but I haven’t worn them since going to the gym – for some reason it feels weird to! And I love your tank too, I like how it’s not so tight. Mmm ice cream. I like chocolate on my ice cream but I don’t like chocolate ice cream.

  10. Who cares if it’s froyo or ice cream, it just tastes GOOD to me!! Haha anyways, I like just vanilla. I’m not a big fan of chocolate based ice cream. I’m weird. But we’ve already established that.
    I haven’t made the switch to running skirts yet. I feel like I’ll be super awkward in them and that my teammates would judge me hardcore. I know they would, actually. I’m such a tomboy, I don’t wear dresses and skirts on a regular day, so wearing them to run would be totally out of character!

  11. So weird – totally saw another runner wearing one this weekend and did a double take (Is she running in a skirt?!) – LOL! P.S – Ran/mostly walked a mile this morning. I’m getting there slowly but surely

    • THAT is amazing stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to hear that kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big smiles for you!

      • 🙂 I just keep reading your blog and am so motivated. Keep on writing, you have no idea how much it helps those of us who are trying to get to where your at 😀

  12. I’m going to check out my TJ and try ti find that skirt – hope you don’t mind if I copy cat you! So adorable!

    I’m a chocolate ice cream kinda girl, but the hubs like vanilla so I’m cool with a mix :).

  13. I can’t imagine you being indecisive? I love chocolate ice cream!

    You also did a fine job sauteing the sweet potatoes. The picture does it justice!

  14. Love the running skirt! For 17 bucks how could you go wrong! I have thought about getting one, but I am afraid I would look like I’m about to play tennis or something. I don’t know, I am just weird like that 🙂 Great choice for your dinner. I love broccoli too! I have to choose sweet potatoes a little over broccoli though. I could eat those things all day long, but I don’t 🙂 You have inspired my next post for tomorrow about you asking how eating paleo and marathon training can work or not, hopefully i can finish by then. 🙂

  15. 17 buckaro’s – what a steal…I was excited when I “only” paid $49 for the last 2 I bought (each). I am very much a “twist” kinda gal. And my vote is for both…but if I had to pick only one of the two…then sweet potato

  16. Love the running skirt, and the top too, you look adorable! I have two running skirts and love them both. They don’t ride up when I run and I think they are so darn cute! I am a chocolate and vanilla twist gal too, and sweet potatoes and broccoli are two of my fave side dishes too. Steamed, roasted, or any way they’re the best!

  17. i love love love your running skirt! I’ve always wanted to run a race in one. I bought one last year and I hate how it looks on me. Now I’m tempted to go to TJ Maxx!
    I love chocolate over vanilla but I would love to have both hehe
    So excited for this weekend, lots of fun things in store, ps the purple tank is super cute too!

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