Loosely Training

So I’m signed up for a half marathon that is on August 17 and I’m getting excited to start loosely training for it. I say loosely because I am also thinking, trying, probably going to do a full toward the end of the year and will be training for that amidst this half training. We’ll see how much fun this will be over the summer. This will be my second half (my first half was awful) and my second full (my first full was awful too and if you’re bored enough, you can find it in the blog archive!). We shall see. I’m working on consistency right now, because that was a big flaw of my marathon training before – not enough practice. I always got in my long runs, but I didn’t always do my weekly mileage that I was supposed to do. I also rarely cross trained so I’m hoping to do significantly better by changing my ways (AKA, following directions).



I went for a run last night just to get back into the swing of things post vacation and thought it was awesome that my phone case, my nails and my tank all matched! Score.


I thought you guys would want to know all about it. So there you go. Also, that tank is from Old Navy and I’m loving it (who knew?). Oh, wait, Andrea @ Morning Runner Girl already knew. I guess I’m late on that. 🙂

And, of course, what else do you do on a Tuesday night after a 5K other than hang out with friends and pretend you’re still on vacation?

She thinks I enjoy her attitude. Oh, well, I secretly do. 🙂


We went to a funky spot in downtown Atlanta for the evening to relax and catch up with each other.

As I’ve said before, I lack creativity so when I see art, I get too excited!


I can’t imagine how long that took to complete; there is so much detail!


The place we went was eclectic and it was nice to see everyone (I promise there were other people, they just didn’t want to cooperate and take pictures for the blog, JEREMY!).

So, a successful 5K and still in denial about not being at the beach was my night last night. 🙂 Oh, and mapping out training plans and goals. Yipee.

I know a lot of you are training too – any advice?

What do you do to cross train during race training?

Where do you normally buy your workout gear? I’m usually all up in Nike Outlet’s grill when it comes to workout clothes. They probably hate me because I try on 1 million things and leave with 5. It adds up, people!


37 thoughts on “Loosely Training

  1. You guys are all too cute. seriously. and thats a really cool mural. lets see where do i get my workout clothes… i feel like my mom gives me workout clothes as presents for christmas and my birthday (which is in june) so i honestly cant remember the last time i went shopping for them. (aaaand i think i just won the Least Helpful Comment award for today)

    • Girlfrannn you never win that award because you’re always 1st co comment – making you the MOST helpful comment of the day, everyday! 🙂 Lucky, I need to start asking for those kinds of things from my mama too!!

  2. I want to loosely train with you!!! When I can, of course. I’m gonna try to sign up for this. I just hate my schedule – I hope it allows me to actually do this. One day I’ll actually post on the blog again, I promise. Lourvens!

  3. Love that color!!! I wish I had advice, but I’m horrible at having a training plan, I just run what my heart desires 🙂 I’m the same way with art, except I’m always trying to figure out how they did it, I just can’t comprehend it! Under Armor and Nike are my favorite places to go for workout clothes, I go in with a few things and stay in the dressing room forever, going back and forth trying the few pieces of clothing on. I just can’t ever seem to remember what one felt or looked like lol.

  4. Loving that top and you are hardcore..I could never run a marathon OR a half. Well I prob could do a half but I would probably die. I love North Face tops and nike shorts!

  5. LOVE the matchy clothes and accessories — they look fabulous! I’ve been wanting to try Old Navy’s workout gear for a long time, and I hear great things about it. The only problem for me is actually *going* to Old Navy: there’s one not far from our place, but the shopping center parking lot has about 1/3 of the capacity it actually needs. The whole place is a sh*tshow, which isn’t helped by the fact that we have a huge truck. (Hubs is a born and bred Texan. ‘Nuff said.) I don’t even want to contemplate dealing with that place, so I keep pining away for Old Navy gear from afar. Le sigh.

  6. Woooo yayy for another half that’s hopefully going to go better than your last one! And a full?! Ahh so exciting. Anyways, I cracked a smile at fat amy’s horizontal running. Classic. If I lived near you I’d “loosely train” for a half with you 🙂 Instead I’m stuck following stupid xc training plans. Boo.

  7. Girl, i had no idea you’d run a full before!! That’s awesome (minus the fact that it didn’t feel so great)….i think it’s great that you recognize you want to do things differently this time, too. As far as my training goes, I know i’m focusing on meeting the long run length and overall weekly mileage. I’m much less concerned about doing a certain number of runs per week. For cross training, i do a lot of yoga and circuits from you and pinterest or tone it up videos. I would love to be able to use spinning, too, but no gym access for a few more months makes that not an option yet. Hopefully soon! I’m excited to see how your training goes for your races!! Nice that we can cheer/encourage each other on 🙂

    • that’s a good way to look at it – focusing on the mileage as opposed to frequency. I kind of think I might steal that from you some weeks. YES i will need all the inspiration i can draw from you these next few months!!!

  8. I want to like Old Navy but they never have my size! Seriously, I’ve been wanting a pair of capris from there for a while and every time I go there, nothing. Or the pants fit me funky. Your tank is cute too, love how you’re matching! And yay for training for a half!!

    • yes, people say that a lot about old navy! i just go with it, even if it doesn’t fit. makes for good times when my shorts are hanging off of me… umm, awkward.

  9. YES to that gif! If only horizontal running worked, I’d be all over that. And you are too cute being all matchy matchy with your nails/tank/phone. I enjoy it 🙂 I am jealous that you actually have a phone case. I am lazy and cheap and since my last one broke I have not replaced it. $40 for a piece of plastic is outrageous to me. #stillthinkI’mapoorcollegestudent Is it socially acceptable to hash tag outside of twitter/Instagram? No, probably not but I don’t care. Nerd fo’ life.

    Yay for a staged dinner pic for the blog. I understand the need to do that. It just means you’re an excellent blogger and you have excellent friends willing to pose for you and have their faces all over the web 🙂 As for workout clothes, I am with you. Outlets all the way! I really like UA tops and Nike shorts. I’ve heard that Old Navy is affordable and nice, but I’ve never actually ventured over there. Perhaps I will seeing as how your coral tank is adorbz. ❤ Happy Hump day, twinny!

    • You have my full permission to hash tag anything and everything on my blog page. I am all about it, if you see my instagram. I think it’s because I don’t use my Twitter but I still feel the need to hash tag. Bring it on lady girlfrannn.

  10. Strength training has totally rocked my otherwise semi-acceptable training plan. Find something that you love to do, so that you stick with it and I promise your training will be easier! You should convince Sara to run a Half with you 🙂 She’s a great running partner!

    • Omgosh, that’s a great idea!!! I will harass her (once I meet her, ha) until she just gives in! Yay! But I will blame you… 🙂

  11. You guys are so cute, I almost can’t take it! lol. I love that mural, by the way – I spent about five minutes just kind of staring at the picture. very cool.

    I get basically all the clothes I wear at Old Navy, period! Also Target and Costco, usually clearance, and primarily for work-out gear. What I actually wear just depends on whether I want all my running clothes to look put together, or whether or not I’m feeling more of the Rainbow Brite vibe for the day 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your half/full marathon training – I’m spending the summer working up for a 10K, so I’m MUCHO impressed by those distances and how bad ass you are to take them on! My favorite ways to cross-train are usually the elliptical and the pool, but a good Zumba and yoga class always find their way in to the rotation 😉 Can’t wait to follow along this summer!

    • Isn’t it supaaa cool? ha, I agree!! The colors are so vibrant!
      You and me both, Old Navy is a winner on all counts with me lately! I even have their credit card so I can get out of control there sometimes… Ugh.
      I am looking forward to your 10K training! You are being so smart in your method of getting there so I’m ready to see you take it on! 🙂
      If I could do Zumba, I would. Sadly, I SUCK at it and I hate it, too. LOL! So everyone has told me it’s all about yoga and I think I’ll take that advice.

  12. I’ve been hitting up Old Navy for workout gear lately, too – the shorts/pants more than the tops though. The tops just don’t seem to fit me properly. Nike Outlet is pretty sweet when they have their ridiculous sales going on, too. Good luck with your training! 🙂

  13. Congrats on signing up for the half!!!! I’ve got my eye on an October race in Brookhaven…it’s time for me to get serious about my running again now that Yoga Teacher Training is almost over. YIPEE!

    Workout clothes – I’m a big sucker for Lululemon even though I know their sh*t is insanely expensive. The fit is always amazing and their colors are awesome. Apparently I get 15% off for being a yoga teacher…another reason to shop there! I’ve also found lots of great sale scores at the Nordstrom Rack in Buckhead off 400. My favorite pair of Nike running crops are from there and I think they were something crazy like $25. SWEET!

    Cross training – girl we’ve got to get you into a yoga class. It’s the reason I have been injury free for so long I am convinced. Also, on my non-run days I’ve been doing HIIT Circuits.

    P.S. Did you do to Sister Louisa’s last night?

    • Is it the Allstate one? I want to do that one too, I think my boyfriend is signing up for it… I think. Girl, I was just at the Rack last night and found some great stuff. That TJMaxx there is also awesome.
      Yes that was Sister Louisa’s. Have you been there? What do you think? Also, your co blogger told me to convince you about this half situation, so, I will nag until we register for it!

  14. Awe so exciting for you! I love reading about training and what works for everyone. I have to stick to the plan because I’m a planner lol I’m looking into some fulls towards the end of summer too! We can cyber train together lol

    • If you can travel in December, the Seattle Marathon is December 1, that’s the one I’m looking to do… 🙂 🙂 Check it out, it looks wonderful! And you could pace me! Rather, I could chase you for 4 hours straight!

      • yes please see if you can!!! i know you did – what part exactly? i’m from mercer island and the race goes out to that island and turns back. plus, it looks like a relatively flat course.

  15. Yayyyy for another half! I’m planning on doing another in September. We can be virtual training buddies 🙂

    • YES! Awesome!!!! 🙂 I am in – haha, I kind of want to do some sort of half training thing with all you guys – since it seems like a lot of people are training.

      • That would be cool. Maybe like a virtual check-in or something? Or a post link-up detailing our training?

      • Definitely! Shoot me an email or something, and we can bounce some ideas back and forth. 🙂

  16. Congrats on signing up for your next half!! Just this year I started to actually cross train while training for a race. I used to just run 3x a week and that was it. I feel I am much stronger and have built up my endurance since incorporating cardio/pilates/yoga/HIIT. Good luck on your training! Keep us updated on how your training is going! I am currently on week 3 of my Full marathon training..yikes :/

  17. you are spot on with your matching, love it! Whenever I’ve trained for races, I usually try to incorporate spinning into my training. It’s a great form of cardio that is low impact, and it really gets my heart rate up! I’m totally with you on buying work out clothes at outlets. Nike outlet, under armour outlet, and sale racks at Dick’s sporting goods are usually great too!

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