Moving Slowly

I’m rather sluggish after my wonderful, long, extended weekend. Anyone else struggling today? Ehh… Should be a good day! At least it’s nice outside and I’m looking forward to a run and a night with some good (Cuh, that’s Y-O-U!) friends tonight! Here are a few pictures from my lovely beach vacation.

I went for a few runs and did a circuit:


It was hot.


But beautiful.


The weather could not have been better. We did our circuit on Saturday on a little pier in the bay and it made it so much more enjoyable to be on the water and working out! I’m envious of anyone who gets to do this on the regular.


It was excellent and I’m so happy I worked out while I was on vacation. It wasn’t much, but it’s probably the first time I’ve worked out on vacation, ever. Win!

There was lots of good eating and partying, too! 🙂


The whole gang had a great time, for sure.


And I indulged in my favorite things ever – sweets and seafood (duh, together, of course!).




That doesn’t look like much, but it was by far the best pan seared grouper I’ve ever had. Like, wow. << That’s a complete sentence, by the way. Between my big dinners and sweet indulgences, I’m feeling rather sluggish today and am looking forward to my eating routine coming back to life. I hardly managed to get in any nutrients (unless beer counts?) and I’m sure my body is just thrilled with me right now! 🙂

Here’s a photo dump of the pretty pictures I took this weekend to make you guys feel like you were there too (this is for you too, Erin @ Sugar Magnolia!!)




That was the Hilton we stayed at for the first night. Talk about luxurious…That hotel was phenomenal and the staff there were superior than any other hotel I’ve been in. It was a real treat to be there and I hope to return one day!



One last picture…


How was your three day weekend? What was the best part?

What’s your favorite beach activity?

When’s your next vacation?

Ever feel like you need a vacation day after your vacation? I do, today. 🙂


37 thoughts on “Moving Slowly

  1. Oh wow this looks like an amazing little getaway!! The beach is so pretty! Hopefully Eric and I manage to get our thinking caps on long enough to plan a little vacay this summer. my favorite beach activity is lying there 🙂 its also fun to go in the ocean for a bit, but yeah, “laying there” wins by a slight margin. (if theres a drink in my hand it wins by a large margin) and also i LOVE your dress in that group shot. soo cute! enjoy your day girlie!!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! So freaking beautiful! We’re actually going to DisneyWorld this summer and I’m so thrilled. I’m already preparing by buying Disney stuff to give J so we don’t have to buy it there lol That sand! I can not wait to dip my toes in. You guys are the cutest couple, love it!

    • I’m jealous! Disney is fun for anyone and everyone! 🙂 That is SO SO smart lady!! I love that idea! My mother should have done the same thing – then maybe she would be complaining less about college fees. Ha! 🙂

  3. Oh how lovely!!!! What a great vacation! I love how you still go for runs on vacation – you’re such an inspiration!! My weekend was good, stayed in the city. Did a couple miles on the Belt Line and got some new shoes from Big Peach Running Co.!! The boy and I also got matching hybrid bikes!!!!!!!! (An early birthday present!) My next vacation will be another staycation where the boy and I will ride our bikes around Piedmont Park and the Belt Line and enjoy our roof-top pool!! Perhaps also go hike up the mountain in Rome. SO EXCITED to see you tonight!

  4. Best part was jsut spending it with my boyfriend. Always need another vacation the day I get back from one 😉 No vacation for me this summer, a couple small trips here and there though! I love just walking along the beach, and going a little bit into the water (I freak out when something meaning seaweed, touches my leg). Looks like you had a great time!!! I too am jealous of anyone who gets to workout that close to the water ALL THE TIME.

    • girlfrannnn ask my man, well, you can’t, but he’d tell you this: i’m SO belligerent about things touching me in the water and i am SO scared of seaweed. it’s so so pathetic. LOL

  5. Your weekend. Oh my goodness this looks like SO MUCH FUN! The beaches, the hotels, the pools, the food, the friends, all of it. I love it. I really want that cinnamon roll looking thing. Delicious. I’m glad you had a great time! It’s always tough returning to the real world after a weekend like that.

  6. YAY, you’re home!!!! (I’m sure you’re not exactly happy about this, but I had nothing to read/stalk while you were away). You took some fab pictures! The water looks so beautiful and clear, this is very unlike the water I am used to, aka the dirty yet lovely Atlantic off NJ. Also you look like such a sexy mama in that orange dress!! Your boyfriend is a lucky man 🙂 Mega kudos for you running and doing circuit work on a vacation! I’m sure it was cool to run around with a lovely island-like backdrop. I went to the beach this weekend and fried to death. I would like a vacation to recover from my sunburn. Lets boycott adult life and just go home and nap and make healthy foods (cookie butter muddy buddies) and neglect our big kid responsibilities. You in? 😛 Have a great day, pretty girl! At least it’s a short week!!!!

    • Hahaha! My bestttest bloggggy girlllyyyyy!!! < Neurotic much?? I am not too thrilled to be home, no, but it's nice to be back in blog form today! i saw your insta pic and was so jealous of your cute-sie little feet. I recall you saying you had weird toes. Um, no. You do not. Let's not start off our relationship with a foundation of lies, please. Haha!
      I am 100% in for boycotting adult life, call me when you're ready to take the plunge (I can say that because you can do that now!). Goodness, I can't control the awesomeness anymore, I must go channel it elsewhere. Haha! Have a wonderful work day! Can't wait to hear about your weekend!

  7. What a gorgeous vacation you had! And the circuit on the pier – for real? I always feel so accomplished when I workout on vacation/work trips. Go girl!!!

    We hung low this weekend. Lots of delish eats, beers, wine and margs. We went to the pool twice and hiked at Red Top Mountain. It was glorious!

  8. Hooooly crap, this looks AMAZING. I haven’t been to a beach in ages, and I’d very much like to jump through my computer screen and into those beach pics. (Let’s not dwell on the fact that this is physically impossible. A girl’s gotta have her delusions, y’know?) It’s awesome that you had such a fantastic weekend — we all need times when we cut loose and get our nutrients from beer instead of veggies, so ain’t no shame with that as far as I’m concerned. 😉

    • Haha I love the validation! Next time I go on vaca, I’m just taking all my blogging friends with me. I mean, really, it can’t cost too much more for that, right? We can both be delusional today, pretty!

  9. Always need a vacation after vacation. Always. At least a day to decompress, unpack, food shop, adjust lol. Especially after Disney World- that requires entire week to recover from lol. Glad you had a great weekend!

  10. Always haha….I need a vacation day to recover and get stuff together when I get home 😛 It looks like you guys had a phenomenal time! I love going for short runs on vacation…helps me see more of the area and gets me moving before I go out and do who knows what for the rest of the day. Nothing beats running along/near the ocean or bay, though…very jealous and happy that you got to do that this weekend 🙂

  11. So jealous! What a beautiful vacay you had! Going back to work is so hard after a weekend like that, but it makes the time away even sweeter 🙂

  12. Wow, guys! It looks like you guys had such an amazing/beautiful/relaxing weekend – the place you guys stayed looks beautiful, not to mention that I’m a TOTAL water-girl, and I think that the beach may be one of the best places in the world. It’s relaxing, beautiful, inspiring (nothing says “move that butt” like seeing an entire row of the beautifully blonde and tan) and just the best!

    I saw that picture of the cinnamon roll and drooled on my computer. I almost did the same with that dress you have on in that picture. It’s embarrassing for me, but I love them both 🙂

    • You and me both, lady! The water is my happy place! 🙂 That cinnamon roll was so decadent and perfect for a hungover morning! Ha! ahhh shucks girl, i’m blushing now! Ha!! 🙂 Ain’t nothing embarrassing between us anymore, right? Safe to say I check your blog more than most normal people. Embarrassed? No. Proud? Yes.

      • aw!
        😀 that’s the most amazing thing someone has said to me today, hands down.

  13. Haha I love you- still waiting on my sand via UPS though (;
    Yay for you working out on vacation and gahh that fish looks fabulous. I had swordfish on Sunday night that was amaaazing

  14. I am feeling EXACTLY the same way today.. just exhausted. But it’s the sign of a great weekend, so I’m totally okay with it. I had an excellent 3-day weekend driving around Florida – beach, baseball, and lots of delicious food.

  15. That place does look beautiful, wow what beautiful pictures you took! And I would’ve loved to be sluggish but today was crazy and flew by. Which is kinda nice too. 🙂

  16. Looks and sounds like a perfect vacation to me : -) sweets and seafood, sign me up! Love your pink/coral dress, you look gorgeous! My favorite thing to do on the beach is lay there and do nothing, except maybe flip over and sip a drink : -)

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