So Exciting!

It’s my co blogger and best friend’s birthday today! She’s officially a quarter of a century old. Although she doesn’t blog on here lately (because of her ridiculous hours at her new job!) she’s still alive and well, and more beautiful than ever! I can’t wait to celebrate tonight with all the wonderful people in her life. Woo hoo!

Happy birthday, Rebekah!!!! May our love continue on forever and ever!! Thanks, Mollie Hannah, for the pic!


Hehe! 🙂


I feel like this is how she’s looking at me right now. Love ya COLA! << Fabulous nick name I have for her. She loves it, don’t let that face fool you.


I am trying to fit years of memories into pictures here, so um, I’ll just cut myself off with one more, because my Cola is so pretty and her unwavering and very supportive friendship is a gift that gives everyday.


That is all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLA!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was odd, work wise, and I ended up eating out for lunch and taking off a bit earlier than normal. Enter, the best pizza in the world:


I don’t typically indulge for lunch, but when I do, it’s balls to the wall indulgence. Sue me.

I followed that deliciousness with a fantastic 5K wherein it was both scalding hot and pouring down rain. Welcome to Atlanta, sigh.


Though I wasn’t feeling my best, I still had all negative splits with an 8:40 pace. I’ll take it.

Other excitement for the day:

1. Reminder, today is Rebekah’s birthday!!! Haha!

2. I’m going to the beach tomorrow. I cannot wait to soak up the sun at the gorgeous beach of Destin, Florida. I’m sure I’ll be uploading tons to Instagram so if you feel like being jealous, just follow me. You’ll enjoy lots of selfies while you’re there too.

3. The Beautiful Leslee @ Her Happy Balance is hosting a fantastic giveaway today!! I am totes a sock snob, like I confessed in my comments on her post today, but these socks may take the lead in my obsession. They look wonderful and I’m going to try a pair ASAP. Go enter, duh! Leave this page now!

Favorite pizza toppings – go!! Mine are mushrooms. And extra cheese, of course.

What’s exciting for you on this glorious hump day?


34 thoughts on “So Exciting!

  1. Happy birthday rebekah aka cola aka the 2nd part of megbek!!! i hope you get all sorts of awesome birthday presents! Those pics are ADORABLE. you guys are so cute I can’t even handle it sometimes. favorite toppings on a pizza- so glad you asked- ok mushrooms are a given, they are my all time favorite. BUT this pizza place in boston does the most amazing thing with bacon, pineapple and jalapenos- and its been my obsession for about a year. its sooo good.

    • that sounds SO weird but SO good. I’d try it, minus the bacon! Yum!!!! Haha thank you Charlotte, love your comments so much!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Rebekah!!! Ah the beach!! I’m so jealous! I’ve been craving me some beach time. Aw, your dog is so cute in that picture 🙂 He just looks so happy. Negative splits?? You go girl! I miss pizza so much! Damn my stomach and it being lactose intolerant

    • girlfriend, no wonder you eat paleo! i would too if i couldn’t have cheese – that’s the only reason i am not paleo, i think. i blame cheese.

  3. Happy birthday to Rebekah, and I never noticed that’s how she spelt it before- but Rebekah is my first name too! And I LOVEEEEE Destin!! I am going to be stalking you on Instagram- be warned!

    • hahaha can’t wait! i just requested you too so better accept and just learn to love my incessant instagramming << new word? 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Rebekah!! So much happiness in one post! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful beach pictures and pretend I’m right there with you, not in a creepy stalker way, but in a bff way, or maybe stalker lol Have fun celebrating the birthday girl!

    • Hehe, girl, no worries, leslee at her happy balance already asked if she could come in my suitcase. No shame in blog stalking, errrr, loving! 🙂 thanks beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday Rebekah! 1 – Pineapple is my favorite pizza topping; 2- I’m very jealous that you are going to the beach; 3- have a wonderful weekend!

  6. HAPPY HAPPY 25th REBEKAH!!!! 🙂 I hope your day is amazing and full of all the things you love the most 😀 And cake, lots of cake!

    Meghan, come to PA stat! You are the sweetest person on the face of the planet mentioning me in your awesome reminders 🙂 And you go right ahead and indulge in pizza. It looks glorious and you are entitled to some fun calories in the form of cheesy goodness! I’ve just decided one of our fakecation activities (yes, I am mentally creating an itinerary for you) will be homemade pizza-making with yours truly. Mushrooms will be involved as they are MY favorite topping too. #twinlife. Yes, I just hash-tagged that. No, you can’t disown me. Have a fab day, pretty lady 🙂 Enjoy the bday celebrations!

    • You’re so sweet!! 🙂 Yeah, I would be much sweeter if the link actually worked… I clicked it and it doesn’t, so epic failure. Sorry. I’m not quite intelligent enough to know how to fix it either. I think my dreams have come true – homemade pizza with her happy balance? YES please. Thanks girl!! I am planning on it! Such fun for a Wed. night! It’s almost my Friday!

  7. Happy birthday, Rebekah!

    Where did you get that pizza?

    Favorite pizza topping: all of them. Except anchovies and banana peppers.

  8. Happy birthday to Rebekah (I always wanted my name to be Rebecca and I used to say Rebecca – with a K-A-H…have such a great time and a great time in FL! As for pizza, I love mushrooms as well…my favorite place makes an amazing loaded vegetable slice with mushrooms, eggplant, asparagus, spinach, zucchini etc…so good!

    • haha that’s awesome! I love that she spells her name differently, so cute! oh wow, i’ve never had a veggie pizza like that and, um, on my list of things to do immediately. that’s like all my favorite things rolled onto one big piece of deliciousness. yes. please. 🙂

  9. A very, very righteously happy birthday to one half of my favorite blogging duo!!!!!! I hope it’s half as amazing as you guys are every day, because then it would be more amazing than the world can handle 😉
    I get what you mean about all-out indulgence when you go down that path. Three words: cream. cheese. pizza. 😀

  10. Awww happy birthday!!! You guys are awesome and hilarious and I love reading this blog so much so I’m sure you’ll have a crazy fun celebration that we’ll all be insanely jealous of when you blog about it 🙂 I need pizza. Right now.

  11. Happy birthday Rebekah! Love the pics 🙂 your pizza.omg.looks amazing! My favorite toppings are broccoli, mushrooms, caramelized onions and feta! Mmmm now I’m hungry!

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