Circuit Time

I’ve decided to focus on some strength and speed this week, rather than distance, because I have some distance training coming up that will probably consume me for the rest of the year (a half and a full on the calendar, only one is official, can you guess which one?). So, before I get started on all that, I’m going to enjoy sprinting and strengthening. Last night, the beautiful Mollie Hannah came over so we could hit the gym. That we did my friends, that we did.

She rocked out some treadmill stuff and I did too for a quick mile (intervals, from 7.0 to 10.0) and got started on this circuit. The plan was to go through it several times, but, um, it was too hard for that. Haha.

Cardio Countdown

The burpees man, they kill me every single time. After that, I did some more on the treadmill before joining Mollie in completing another circuit. Circuits are new to her, but you’d never know because she still completes them like they’re old news. This was probably her fourth or fifth time doing one and I did not make it easy for her. I’m actually sore this morning too!!

Mollie Circuit

Good grief, I now see why I’m so sore! We had a lot of fun though, and it’s always great to kick off the week with some sweat and burn!

Then we hit up Jason’s Deli (we have gone there every Monday for the past couple of months) and I was feeling incredibly boring with my meal. I put zero nutrients into my dinner and guess what? Fakeblondehairdon’tcare.

Yep. Just some good old fashioned plain lettuce, cheese, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. I threw in some pasta and bread because I wanted some carby goodness.


And, couldn’t forget the most hyped item from the salad bar (according to us):


Big victory points to anyone who knows what the heck that stuff is!!! We haven’t a clue – aside from the intense love we have for it, we know nothing.

What’d you do to get active/healthy last night?

What’s your favorite go to place to go out to eat when you don’t want to indulge?

What’s your least favorite cardio move?


35 thoughts on “Circuit Time

  1. I… did nothing active or healthy last night. But I plan on going to the gym right afte work, even if I don’t want to! And dang, I can see why you’re sore too… that workout makes me sore already! Yum, that salad looks delicious!

  2. awesome job last night!! lets see what did i do last night- watched dancing with the stars. favorite restaurant to go to when i dont want to indulge- hmm pizza…? but i leave off the bacon to be healthy 🙂 OR wait no, pret a manger- their salads are really good! least favorite cardio move- running (ha ha ha i kid i kid, i love it) umm, least favorite is definitely burpees- those really take it out of me too. Have a tremendous tuesday ladies!

  3. I ate some spinach last night with dinner. That’s about all I did that’s healthy! And that circuit workout made me tired just looking at it! No wonder you’re sore! I am not a huge fan of circuits because they always wear me out too quickly. That’s probably a sign I should do them more so I don’t get tired…

    • hahaha! circuits are a necessary evil to me. i don’t particularly love them (i’d rather run) but i do enjoy the workout they give me.

  4. Did some leg workouts in the gym yesterday morning, then went off to work with my mom to help her move around some heavy metal shelves, defiantly sore today lol. Made sure I got my protein and veggies too! Love to go to Togos( salad, sandwich, or wrap to go), if I’m short for time, and Panera (sandwich, salad, and soup) if I have time to sit and enjoy 🙂 Least favorite cardio is my fast runs, but hey, change in workout is always good 🙂

    • Thank you!! We really were so curious about what it was. So delicious! And I am thrilled that this is something from Israel (I am travelling there this summer.) Thank you for solving the mystery!

      • No problem! I lived in Israel for a year and used to LOVE Israeli couscous. (Back in my pre-Celiac days, I ate it all the time.) There are a lot of awesome foods in Israel — I’ll happily give you a list of things you might want to try while you’re there!

    • Me too, that place is a great go to for something yummy! Haha, well, I haven’t signed up yet, but the hotel is booked (which means nothing). We’ll see.

  5. So…I hate burpees. Times about a million. And, yeah, there’s that “hurt so good” kind of thing, but really? They just hurt, and I hate them every single time I’m doing one. But the results? I’ll take it 😉

    Yesterday I didn’t feel up to much, but I had that little exercise monster gnawing at the back of my mind so, about halfway through the day I sucked it up and decided to go ahead and fit in about 10 minutes of warm-up cardio, 10 minutes on arms, and then 10 minutes on abs. It probably wasn’t, you know, actually worth anything exercise-wise, but I got a bit of a burn in and that’s always a way to make it feel like you go something done that day!

    • Hey, no matter what, you’re better off doing something over nothing! 🙂 For sure! Good job sucking it up and getting things done. ❤
      AGREED on the burpees. The leave me feeling super sick but I guess that's good??

  6. You and Mollie, totally going hard at the gym! Powerhouses! I don’t know why, but I just never think to follow an actual circuit. I mostly have a routine for the different body groups that I just follow in my head. I would love to try your cardio circuit though…added bonus that it doesn’t really require any equipment (besides a weight or two)! I also admire your intense PicMonkey skills. It legit took me about an hour and a half yesterday to get my mason jar picture looking presentable. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. And I am always in favor of looking at pics of your food. Because let’s face it, food and reading your blog, are the two highlights of my day. Maybe my boyfriend sometimes…maybe.

    When I don’t want to indulge, I usually just get a chipotle bowl minus the tons of rice, sour cream, and cheese or occasionally a diner nearby that has a bangin’ salad bar….just me and the old people for a bluelight special. Kidding, I WISH my life allowed for bluelight specials but alas this whole adult working thing….it’s for the birds!

    Have a great day twinny! 🙂 I feel like you’re going to go for a run tonight, so good luck it you do!! I’ll be sure to give you “motivations” haha

    • I don’t go into the gym with a circuit either, but I always end up making it fun somehow. Haha! I was actually thinking about focusing on specific parts of my body per day, like everyone else. One of these days I’ll figure it all out… Haha, when I come up and visit I’ll teach you my maniac ways of PicMonkey. I love that page, though, seriously. Best. Your pic of your mason jars is the best though!!! Hahaha, our poor boyfriends. 🙂

      CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW for sure. Now i want it for lunch. MMM. Thanks twinny, I love your encouragement and motivations. Wish you lived in GA. 😦

    • I have some 5Ks, a 10K, and a half coming up in the next few months. 🙂 I’ll reveal all that good stuff as I get closer. Haha! I need all the support and motivation I can get! ❤

  7. Those are some awesome looking circuits! Nice work lady! I think my most hated circuit move is burpees…and box jump burpees. Can’t stand ’em, no matter how many times I do them! What is that stuff? Some type of corn salad? Looks fantastic, whatever it is : -) I love chipotle or Panera back home when I don’t feel like indulging. Healthy”fast food” is awesome!

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